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Rash Under Wedding Ring

I have gotten a rash under my wedding ring....very red/itchy/burning. I thought maybe it was just on my left hand, so I tried switching it to my right, where the rash appeared again. I'm guessing it is an allergic reaction to something in my ring. We've been happily married for the past 18 years, and about 2 years ago upgraded my ring after I had lost the diamond from my first one. I wore it for just less than a year when the rash started. Has anyone out there had this problem, what did you do? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Thanks for all the great advice. I think that it is an allergic reaction due to the fact that when I swtiched to my right hand that finger broke out in the rash as well. I also looked up my appraisal info to find out the gold content, which is 14 karat, so most likely there is nickel in the ring which seems to have a high allergy rate. I googled my problem as well and found a site that said to soak my ring in a 2 part vinegar and 1 part peroxide mixture and then to boil the ring for 15 minutes. I was a bit hesitant to boil my ring, but boiled water in the microwave and dropped my ring into the cup (I did this twice). I put the ring back on last night....just as an experiment, so far so good. So, if I don't break out again it my ring must've just needed a deep cleaning, if I do I might try painting the inside w/ clear polish or make an appointment to see a dermatologist. I do work at a school caferia so I am also thinking it would be in my best interest to not wear my ring there.

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My sil had a similar problem even went to the dermatologist. She ended up just having to dry really, really well under her rings and between them after she washed her hands. having the water trapped was irritating to her finger.

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I break out in a rash any time I wash my hands with soft soap products. The soap doesn't rinse off under jewelry. It could easily be the soap or lotion you are using.

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My sil had a similar problem even went to the dermatologist. She ended up just having to dry really, really well under her rings and between them after she washed her hands. having the water trapped was irritating to her finger.

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I had this problem during my first pregnancy so I am guessing it may be a hormonal change that is causing the reaction. I wore my ring on a necklace until after my baby was born and had no problem when I put the ring back on. I have had 2 more children since then and never had the problem again. I would suggest a little Neosporin and wearing it on a necklace for a little while and try again in a few months.

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I second the clear nail polish idea. I had a reaction to my watch, and after painting it with clear nail polish I had no more problems.

I've had this a couple times. As has been said, I washed and dried the area thoroughly and didn't wear the ring at night (I did still during the day) I put hydrocortisone (sp?) cream on it twice a day. I tried to avoid things that would irritate or dry my skin (cleaning products, etc.). It got better soon and I didn't have problems again for quite a while. Basically, it happens when I get stuffed trapped under my ring or have swelling so that the skin gets irritated. Good luck.

I had this happen about a year ago. Skin itched, peeled and was red. Nothing made it go away until I got a cream from my doctor. I then took my ring to the jeweler and got it resized because I guess my fingers have gotten bigger. I think water was getting trapped under the ring and the ring was too tight, keeping the skin moist and it turned into a fungal infection. Anyway, now I take my ring off whenever I wash my hands, and I no longer sleep w/ my ring on. Haven't had any problems since.

I have had this happen typically after the birth of my kids for some reason but after a trip to the doctor I was given samples of Taclonex. It worked wonders

I had this too and took my ring to get it deep cleaned at the jeweler. Then left it off and put Hydrocortisone on my finger to help it heal. Went away in a couple days. Even the jeweler said it was common. Keep the ring clean and your hands dry if your ring is on.

I realize you've had a lot of responses to this question, but I didn't see this answer. I had this problem a few years ago, after 17 years of marriage and again last year. The jeweler I took the ring to told me that bacteria from an infection can bond with the metal in the ring (mine is 24 karat) and you must have it buffed off to get rid of it. The original rash was just from moisture being trapped under the ring and some dirt or gunk behind my diamond. However after having him polish the rings on the inside I've been just fine. I just have to make sure to keep them clean of dirt and grime. I'm a baker so I most often just take them off and put them in my pocket. However, my mom gave me her wedding ring after 30 years of marriage for the exact same reason....she didn't know you could buff off the bacteria and thought her ring was just the wrong one for her. After sizing it to my finger I realized she could have probably kept it! Please try to have the metal buffed before you paint it with nail polish! I forgot to tell you that I am allergic to all metals except 18 karat and up gold and sterling silver...so I know it wasn't just an allergy.

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