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Rash on My Toddler's Chin/ Mouth

My 2 year old has had a rash that worsens after he eats. I've searched for what is causing it and have been thinking that acidic foods- ketchup, tomato sauce is the culprit. After eating some foods it reddens up and looks inflammed and calms with cortaid. But always reoccurs. Has anyone else expirenced this too? The other day after eating ranch dressing it reddened too...Just want to know if anyone knows anything about it or if there are ingredients that will cause it?

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Thank you for all the responses- I will keep you posted on whatever else I figure out...

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I just went to the dr. yesterday because my son has a rash under his bottom lip. He is 16 months old. She said it is yeast (thrush). You might want to take him to the doc.

My 21 month old son gets this on his cheeks after eating strawberries or blueberries. In the past he has also had a reaction to hummus when it contacted his skin. Since it went away within a few hrs, my pediatrician said he will most likely grow out of it, and to either just give him really small amounts or none at all and try again in a few months. Good luck!

My mouth breaks out in blisters when I have certain foods: some ketchup, BBQ sauce, some ranch dressings, "southwesstern" sauces and dips. I haven't yet isolated the ingredient that causes it, but my guess is you were right on with the acid content. Another thing I've looked into is citric acid? This is a recently developed allergy for me, so I'm still sorting through it- how is the inside of his mouth?

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I had that happen to my daughter when she was 2 as well. It seemed to happen worse when she ate ranch dressing. We took her to the doctor to get an allergy test done. While it wasn't an allergy perse, we did find that one of the ingredients in the ranch dressing was causing the inflammation. It's not life threatening or anything like that, but it's good to know that something was wrong. I would say, take him in and have him checked for allergic reactions to the foods you see are causing it. Or at leat explain the symptoms he's having after eating and they might be able to tell you better what's causing it.
Best of luck :)

It's an allergy to MSG. It's in all those things. Read labels before you buy. A reg. grocery store is full our artificial ingrediants. Buy from Trader Joes, Henrys, Whole foods if available. That's what I do with my 3 girls. Your still going to run into this when you eat out but just wipe his face as soon as he makes contact with the food and just really limit them in your family's lives.
W., RN, Lactation consultant, mother of 3 girls under the age of 8

i would say that he has a food allergy. you may look into getting him an allergy test with his pediatrician (all they need is a blood sample). good luck!

My daughter used to have the same type of reaction when ever she ate ketchup or ranch dressing. You're on the right track with the acidic foods. We discovered that for her it was the vinegar in both that was irrtating her skin. She's close to 3 now and she doesn't seem to react to it as much anymore. We never stopped letting her eat ketchup and ranch dressing because she never became sick from it and the rash never spread or got any worse. It would usually be gone in less than a day. Plus, sometimes ranch is the only way I can get any vegetables in the kid! I just in the last 6 months or so started using more natural soaps and detergents and the eczema on my daughter's arms had gotten better. Also we're trying to eat more organic foods, so maybe that had an effect as well. My daughter loves the Simple Harvest organic ketchup from Albertsons and doesn't get a rash from it. I hope that helps! Maybe they just all grow out of it as their skin becomes less sensitive.

Yes I have experienced this with 1 of my 3 children when she was a baby (she is 8 now). I suspect she is allergic to something(s) but have never been able to identify exactly what. I find she avoids all acidic foods (citrus, tomatoes, vinegar etc.) but when she had the rash it seemed to be in response to oil (pasta w/ olive oil would cause it but not plain pasta). I figured that if whatever food was causing this on the outside of her body, was doing even worse inside, so we avoided those foods but after a year it was no longer an issue. Sorry I can't help, only give personal experience.

hi there,
there TOO many ingredients in those sauces fro your to pin point it, so best not to give it to him at all. it is likely a food additive that is the culprit, but since it is hard to tell, just lay off the sauces.

after you get him clear of the sauces and he still gets a rash, then think about taking him off dairy, wheat, corn and soy, one at a time to pin point which one.

But my money is on a food additive and corn. I would stay away from enriched and/or bromated flour just to be safe.

My youngest daughter has the same thing. She has seen an Allergy DR and they said it was nothing to be concerned about. It's just a skin sensitivity to acidic foods. This happens to her after ketchup, ranch, frosting, yogurt, jelly, and so on. There's no need to put anything on it, it will go away within an hour.

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