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Rash on My Toddler's Chin/ Mouth

My 2 year old has had a rash that worsens after he eats. I've searched for what is causing it and have been thinking that acidic foods- ketchup, tomato sauce is the culprit. After eating some foods it reddens up and looks inflammed and calms with cortaid. But always reoccurs. Has anyone else expirenced this too? The other day after eating ranch dressing it reddened too...Just want to know if anyone knows anything about it or if there are ingredients that will cause it?

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Thank you for all the responses- I will keep you posted on whatever else I figure out...

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I just went to the dr. yesterday because my son has a rash under his bottom lip. He is 16 months old. She said it is yeast (thrush). You might want to take him to the doc.

My 21 month old son gets this on his cheeks after eating strawberries or blueberries. In the past he has also had a reaction to hummus when it contacted his skin. Since it went away within a few hrs, my pediatrician said he will most likely grow out of it, and to either just give him really small amounts or none at all and try again in a few months. Good luck!

My mouth breaks out in blisters when I have certain foods: some ketchup, BBQ sauce, some ranch dressings, "southwesstern" sauces and dips. I haven't yet isolated the ingredient that causes it, but my guess is you were right on with the acid content. Another thing I've looked into is citric acid? This is a recently developed allergy for me, so I'm still sorting through it- how is the inside of his mouth?

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I had that happen to my daughter when she was 2 as well. It seemed to happen worse when she ate ranch dressing. We took her to the doctor to get an allergy test done. While it wasn't an allergy perse, we did find that one of the ingredients in the ranch dressing was causing the inflammation. It's not life threatening or anything like that, but it's good to know that something was wrong. I would say, take him in and have him checked for allergic reactions to the foods you see are causing it. Or at leat explain the symptoms he's having after eating and they might be able to tell you better what's causing it.
Best of luck :)

It's an allergy to MSG. It's in all those things. Read labels before you buy. A reg. grocery store is full our artificial ingrediants. Buy from Trader Joes, Henrys, Whole foods if available. That's what I do with my 3 girls. Your still going to run into this when you eat out but just wipe his face as soon as he makes contact with the food and just really limit them in your family's lives.
W., RN, Lactation consultant, mother of 3 girls under the age of 8

i would say that he has a food allergy. you may look into getting him an allergy test with his pediatrician (all they need is a blood sample). good luck!

My daughter used to have the same type of reaction when ever she ate ketchup or ranch dressing. You're on the right track with the acidic foods. We discovered that for her it was the vinegar in both that was irrtating her skin. She's close to 3 now and she doesn't seem to react to it as much anymore. We never stopped letting her eat ketchup and ranch dressing because she never became sick from it and the rash never spread or got any worse. It would usually be gone in less than a day. Plus, sometimes ranch is the only way I can get any vegetables in the kid! I just in the last 6 months or so started using more natural soaps and detergents and the eczema on my daughter's arms had gotten better. Also we're trying to eat more organic foods, so maybe that had an effect as well. My daughter loves the Simple Harvest organic ketchup from Albertsons and doesn't get a rash from it. I hope that helps! Maybe they just all grow out of it as their skin becomes less sensitive.

Yes I have experienced this with 1 of my 3 children when she was a baby (she is 8 now). I suspect she is allergic to something(s) but have never been able to identify exactly what. I find she avoids all acidic foods (citrus, tomatoes, vinegar etc.) but when she had the rash it seemed to be in response to oil (pasta w/ olive oil would cause it but not plain pasta). I figured that if whatever food was causing this on the outside of her body, was doing even worse inside, so we avoided those foods but after a year it was no longer an issue. Sorry I can't help, only give personal experience.

hi there,
there TOO many ingredients in those sauces fro your to pin point it, so best not to give it to him at all. it is likely a food additive that is the culprit, but since it is hard to tell, just lay off the sauces.

after you get him clear of the sauces and he still gets a rash, then think about taking him off dairy, wheat, corn and soy, one at a time to pin point which one.

But my money is on a food additive and corn. I would stay away from enriched and/or bromated flour just to be safe.

My youngest daughter has the same thing. She has seen an Allergy DR and they said it was nothing to be concerned about. It's just a skin sensitivity to acidic foods. This happens to her after ketchup, ranch, frosting, yogurt, jelly, and so on. There's no need to put anything on it, it will go away within an hour.

My son was having something similar while he was teething, and the dr. said it was from the saliva. Perhaps the reaction on your son has to do with the saliva that gets on his skin when he eats? Our dr. recommended Aquaphor Ointment, and it clears it right up.

Good luck!

Keep a food journal so you can see what he eats and track reactions he has. You might see a pattern. My children have Celiac disease - an autoimmune response to wheat. Before we found out about this, they had rashes and red ears (among other things) after they would eat toast or anything with wheat/rye/barley (it's in everything...cereals, etc). It's important to find out if he's simply allergic to something, or if it is an autoimmune response. If it's the latter, it interferes with nutrient absorption which in turn can result in stunted growth and a whole host of problems. You can read about this at www.celiac.com. To do an at home test go to www.enterolab.com.

Bye the way, some ketchups use vinegar that contains wheat gluten. Switch to Heinz Ketchup that uses distilled vinegar, and see if the reaction stops.

My daughter gets hives whenever she has milk. Alot of food contains milk so maybe that could be the culprit.

Sounds exactly like my son. Ranch dressing, frosting, yogurt, granola bars, cereal bars, and other things cause it. I started making ranch dressing at home from the packet where I mix the ingredients together and don't get the same reaction. So, I wonder if it has something to do with the preservatives. Our pediatrician says it is just sensitive skin. We had food allergy blood work done and all came back negative. Our dermatologist says we might want to visit and allergist, but haven't yet. The rashes don't seem to bother him. But if the rashes ever last longer than a few hours or a day or two take him to a dermatologist. One time our pediatrician prescribed a cream with steroid in it and the rash became inflamed and lasted a long time. The dermatologist also misdiagnosed the rash and prescribed something that made it sting on my sons skin. He would scream when I applied it. Then finally we went back in and she said the rash had changed (it hadn't changed, it was the same) and she prescribed something that worked like a dream... and a rash that had lasted for weeks was gone in less than 24 hours. Good luck to you! FYI: My son is now 2.5 and has been showing a lot less rashes on his face. I don't know if his skin is no longer as sensitive or if he is just getting to be a bit of a less messy eater.

My mouth breaks out in blisters when I have certain foods: some ketchup, BBQ sauce, some ranch dressings, "southwesstern" sauces and dips. I haven't yet isolated the ingredient that causes it, but my guess is you were right on with the acid content. Another thing I've looked into is citric acid? This is a recently developed allergy for me, so I'm still sorting through it- how is the inside of his mouth?

I would call your pediatrician. They may want to test him for allergies or simply have you start avoiding certain foods. Good luck!

I just went to the dr. yesterday because my son has a rash under his bottom lip. He is 16 months old. She said it is yeast (thrush). You might want to take him to the doc.

My now 3-year old went through this when she was about 1 year old. It seemed to occur with the tomato-based foods. I used aquafor on her every night and it would disappear until the next time that she ate something to start it up again. She outgrew it after about 6 months or so. I never had it checked out, but it wouldn't hurt to do so! She is fine now.

Ok for one the reddening from ranch happens to most kids its something to do with the ranch my kid will look all red when shes done and I freaked 3 times tell I figured its actually ranch take some and rub it on his skin it you see what I am talking about then dont worry its normal but if its a scarlet red maybe take him to peds for an allergy test do blood first (come on so much better then poking kids!) and if you wanna be 100 % sure do a scratch test which will take a good hr & 1/2 to do. And the kid will need his cars a coloring book some crayons a toy and maybe a card game.

As for the current rash just put a large fabric band aid (so it can breathe) and apply some antibiotic ointment and try and tell people not to mess with it and him too. Let it heal and also you can use some Lidocaine(its a spray in the first aid section (its used to numb burns and such.) and spray it if hes says it hurts or iches so its numb so he wont want to mess with it. Also let air over night and repeat until all gone, and wash all his sheets daily and pillow case and see if that helps.

Also it could be an allergic reaction to a food so I would call peds to be safe. Some kids show in different ways.

Also my daughter gets this - heat rash (http://www.medicinenet.com/heat_rash/article.htm)

I hope this helps and good luck.

Reddening around the mouth is usually the sign of a food intolerance of some sort. Things to look out for Eggs, wheat, sugar and colourings or additives. My son went red any time he ate either eggs or hummus (it was the sesame tahini). But because I was very diligent about figuring out what it was and then not giving them to him he is now fine with both. Whereas I also know mothers who ignored the signs and kept on going and sadly their children developed "proper" allergies.

Try not to give him anything processed so that it is easier to track the ingredients. Much easier to spot the culprit when you are slowly adding things on rather than having to eliminate things.

Also, and this is pretty simple... sometimes a case of very crusty bread or hard cracker can cause skin irritation especially if your son, like mine shoves the whole thing against his face to get to the bit he likes!

best of luck.

Hi E.-
Wow, this exact thing happened to my daughter when she was two. She got the rash after eating a ton of grape tomatoes. You know how the juice just flows everywhere when you eat these things.
I lingered for quite some time and would worsen after eating acidic foods, especially anything tomato-like. We also found out that her school was wiping her face with "wipes" and this seemed to make it linger...once that stopped, it did get better. The doctor gave us a clear gel ointment and a lotion one as well, probably similar to cortaid. You should check with the doctor to see if they can recommend something. What was so odd about it was it would go away, come back, but when it finally disappeared altogether (a couple of months or more), it never came back...she's 4 next month. Hope this helps! P.

You may look into an allergy test...my daughter turned out to be severely allergic to soy, peanuts, strawberries & tuna. She also had a rash on her face.

try giving your child children's benadryl, because if he is breaking out in a rash he might be allergic to an ingredient of the ketchup or another food. You should also take your child to an allergist so they may run the correct studies ( usually blood work ) to see what he or she is allergic to to avoid a severe allergic reaction sometimes when that happens they will have difficulty breathing and may end up in the hopsital,I used to work in the medical field so that would be my suggestion.

My 21 month old son gets this on his cheeks after eating strawberries or blueberries. In the past he has also had a reaction to hummus when it contacted his skin. Since it went away within a few hrs, my pediatrician said he will most likely grow out of it, and to either just give him really small amounts or none at all and try again in a few months. Good luck!

All three of my kids do this, not sure why, but its with the same food that you are talking about. I mention to doc and he claims it is common, so I just make sure to use alot of napkins in between bites with the above items. Good luck and I will be watching to see what other responses you get on this :) One more thing, my oldest is now 9 and seems to have outgrown this and my second is 4 and he is not so bad any more either, now the baby is 3 and he still has some issues, but he not as good with the napkin yet.

I agree with Wendy C, it's probably the MSG or some other additive. Try organic or I found a wonderful company called Wildtree. A young mother who's child was ADHD founded the company with help from her chef parents. They are all natural with no preservitives or artificial anything you can check them out at www.wildtree.com. I love them so much I signed up to be a Rep for them to pass the word along and to give my family a healthy way of eating.

Any questions let me know.

L. A.

My son had this too. I think it is just sensitive skin. Keep a wet washcloth or some wipes nearby, and wipe regularly, and really well after each meal
Good luck


My son is 3 1/2 and just started getting this also. It is frustrating because it comes and goes and sometimes it gets really red. My sons sometimes gets really dry and patchy too. The Dr said it's eczema. It could be an allergic reaction to something he's eating or it could be from something else causing him an allergy. I have tried almost everything with my son to get rid of it. I wash all his clothes in all free and clear and no fabric softener because it can be an irritant. I would use a mild babywash on him and just a tiny bit. Our pediatrician also said to keep vasoline on it. We tried the cortaid too and it came back. He was on a perscription steriod cream and it came back as soon as we stopped it. Now we are using something called elidel (also perscription) and it seems to help. Once it is completely gone I will stop the cream and hope it doesn't come back. I also was told to give my son either benedryl or zyrtec. You can also use a little bit of benedryl cream on it if it itches is what our pediatrician said. Sorry for the information overload, but we've been struggling with this for the last 2 months and trying different things. I also noticed that my sons gets worse with citrus our sour things. He loves sour yogos, but he breaks our horribly from them! I would not use wipes because the chemicals in them can be an irritant. I use a wet papertowel and pat his skin dry. If I can't get his to go away with this new perscription I may look into homeopathic remedies. Good luck and if you find anything that seems to completely clear it up let me know!


This happened to our daughter and she had an allergy to cow's milk. I have a friend who just had the same thing happen to her son and he also has a mild milk allergy. You may want to visit the allergist to get her tested. If you elimate the food she is allergic to then they can outgrow it. Good luck!

It sounds like he is alergic...you should tell your pediatrician and have them run some tests..

Hello, E.,

Perhaps he has an extremely wise little body that has a reaction when it comes in contact with excitotoxins, a dangerous group of neurotoxins that are in many processed, frozen, and fast foods. Also soft drinks, sugar-free drinks and foods, most chips, etc. Many, many foods that most people unknowingly eat and give their children every day. They are associated later in life with Alzheimer's, MS, Leukemia, Huntington's Chorea, Parkinson's Disease, etc.

Look for the book by Dr. Russell Blaylock called, "Excitotoxins, The Taste That Kills". Very important for everyone.

The Cortaid just deals with the symptoms and creates another set of concerns down the line.

My very best,



If you would like a great collection of simple, tasty, living foods, I would be happy to email you "88 Recipes That Heal".

My son is four and has the same problem. It is caused by acidic food/juices but it doesn't hurt them so his doctor said just rinse it with water to make sure it's all off when he's done.

Hi E., I have a son who is 2 1/2 and he has Eczema. Sometimes, eczema can be cause by foods that are acidic or your son can be allergic to something. I know that my son gets a red rash after he has something acidic and it has been happening to him since he was about 6 weeks old so I don't give him very acidic things anymore. My son is also allergic to eggs and we found that out right after he turned one because after he ate one, his face broke out terribly and he had big bumps ( hives)all around his mouth. You can also take a picture when he is done eating and bring it into the dr., that way they can look at it and tell you what it is. I do agree with the lady who posted advice under mine, I would lay off the sauce and see if that is what it is. It takes a while but you might have to eliminate stuff one by one until you find out if that is what it is. That is what we had to do with our son. Good Luck and God Bless you and your little one!

Is the rash covered with a yellowish-brown crusty covering? If it is then the rash maybe impetigo since it is mainly on the chin or mouth. My brother had this while he was young due to excessive drooling. This is contagious since it is a form of Strep but with keeping the area clean & dry will increase the healing. Either antibiotic ointment or antibiotics will usually clear it up. Otherwise your 2 yr old maybe sensitive to acidic foods. I know tomato sauce & ketchup are acidic but even ranch dressing had acidic additives in it. Maybe something to look into.

Your baby is not used to the salt in the food.

Hi there,
No need to worry.My daughter, now 7, had the same problems...
She had ECZEMA which is not a big deal in infancy. She may be allergic to certain foods. Mine was allergic to whole milk so I just gave her soy instead. Cheese, ketchup, eggs are usually the top of the list of things that sometimes cause this. No medication that the doctors will give except it's really extreme which sounds like its not... Johnson's and Johnson's ECZEMA cream worked for us. since 2 she has outgrown it and can eat everthign and anything even whole milk.

Hope this helps
Single Mom of and 14 and 7 year old...

have you taken her to the doctor for ecema? My daughter has a reaction to almost everything! And shes almost 3! We even went to an allergist-who put her back on the same meds the ped had her on- good luck!cc

My son is two and every time he eats around his month and chin get red like a rash or really bad breakout . Its every time he eat or drinks anything dissent matter what it is my son was diagnosed with esma . but now I think its so much more .

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