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Rash on My 3 Year Old

Hi ladies;
I have received such good advice in the past with questions I have had, I hope you can help me with this.

My 3 year old daughter has a rash all over her lower back, on her butt , and on her belly, it looks like diaper rash doesnt itch her, she has no fever, but has had liquid diareah (spelled wrong) for the past 3 days. It started this afternoon & seems to be spreading.

I have not changed detergent or her soap or shampoo, she hasnt eaten anything new but hasnt really had an appetite for the last 3 days. Any ideas what this may be, I thought possibly chicken pox but she has had her shots for that so I dont think that is what it is. I put some zinc oxide on it but it didnt seem to help. It does seem to burn her though she cries when I try to clean her poopy (she is still in diapers she has some delays and is in a preschool for children with disabilities due to a speech delay on other problems) Also her poop is almost white, I am guessing that is due to the fact that she hasnt eaten much in the last couple of days

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Well when she woke up this morning the rash was gone off her back & belly but still on her behind, She still has the diareah. I called the dr & she feels she may still be fighting a flu that she had 2 weeks ago. She said to keep her on the brat diet & if she isnt any better by monday to bring her in, she is drinking lots of fluids & is peeing (and cries tears when she cries ) so she isnt dehydrated. I will let you all know if she is better by monday, thank you for all your responses

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Does it seem to be affected by heat? My son gets a rash whenever he wears the blanket sleepers to bed. I think he just gets too warm. But his does go away.

She seems to have several symptoms you probably should get her into see a doctor.

Good luck

There are so many viruses these days that cause rashes it is hard to say. As far at the white stools I would go to the doctor asap and have her looked at. Hope she feels better soon!!

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What alarmed me the most was the fact that she has white bowel movements. She needs to be seen by her dr. ASAP. Please don't hesitate. I wish you the best.

Is is at all possible that she has developed an allergy to milk, does she drink a lot of milk? That sounds an awful lot like the kind of allergy she has. I would consult a doctor or maybe try taking her off of milk products for awhile, just make sure to give her pedialyte or something similar so she doesn't get dehydrated. This happened to both of my kids, but they were infants when it happened, but the doctor took them off of milk based formula and I gave them both pedialyte for a week to settle their stomachs. The problem cleared up for both of them. If it is something that simple, I would still consult a doctor to make sure. Good Luck. K.

Did you talk to your pediatrician? It sounds like more is going on than just the diaper rash, especially since she's not eating well and her poop discoloration. It sounds like the rash could be a sign of some greater infection inside her body -- often times, that's the case. Also, even though she had her shots doesn't mean she can't get the desease. The shots do not create 100% immunity. So go check with the pediatrician, sorry I can't be of more help.


Take her to the doctor today.

Hope she feels better soon!

Hi L., The rash you speak of and it's location sounds like roseola. On the trunk of the body but sometimes includes the face. This generally happens to children younger. The other issues I'm not sure of and I would suggest taking her to her doctor. Grandma Mary

My advice is to call the pediatrician. He/she will probably want to see her just to make sure. I know she doesn't have a fever but scarlet fever can start as a rash on the stomach if I remember correctly. Also, it could still be pox. At 3 she has only gotten one dose of the vaccine. They are 85% covered with that one. The second dose at 4 is what takes them to virtually 100% covered. It could also be a yeast infection. No matter how you look at it, she needs to be seen.

I hope you update us. I'd love to know what it was and that she is feeling better sweet girl.


Buy some cornstarch. Spread it all over her body. Buy some ensure. Make sure the baby has plenty of liquid.

Hi L.,

I had the same problem with my son when he was about 3. It turned out to be strep. He had his on his buttocks. I would advise taking him to the pediatrician.

The poop issue is more concerning to me since it's been three days and she might be getting dehydrated. Definitely call the doc. I'm sure it's viral--and probably all part of one virus--but you should certainly have her checked.

There are so many viruses these days that cause rashes it is hard to say. As far at the white stools I would go to the doctor asap and have her looked at. Hope she feels better soon!!

There is a website called Baby 411 which has photos and descriptions of a bunch of different rashes.

I would definitely call your pediatrician ASAP, and make sure she is getting enough fluids since she has had diarrhea for so long. White poop can be just from the stomach virus, but it could be something more serious.


From what you're describing, it sounds as if she may have a yeast infection (yes, babies and toddlers can get them too!), especially in light of the fact that she's had frequent diarrhea recently.

If this is a yeast infection, it will continue to spread without prescription medication for it, so I would get her an appointment with your pediatrician as soon as you possibly can!

Hi L.-
Did you change the brand of diaper you use? My son had something similar when I brought him to the pediatrician he asked me if I changed diaper brands (which I did)
As far as her poop, you should call your pediatrician it may be a virus.
Hope this helps

I am on a 'rash' rampage! My dgtr has a rash right now - doesn't sound the same 0 but no itching - just horrifying hive like things that the MD termed Urticariel Multiforme (?? I have no info on it!) Apparently benign - but it's just crazy looking...

But - my friend (I have 2-3 w/ children ages 2-4 w/ rashes right now - none of the kids see each other!). Her 4yo has a rash like you describe I think and it is Pytoriasis Rosea. Look that up - I guess it is just a rash that has no tx, is viral in nature and could take weeks to go away.

As for the diarrhea - that is a little disconcerting. Has she had any antibiotics recently? She really should be seen by the pediatrician tomorrow (Friday) for that at least. It can quickly be dehydrating and you don't want to work on rehydrating.

Hope she feels better.

Does it seem to be affected by heat? My son gets a rash whenever he wears the blanket sleepers to bed. I think he just gets too warm. But his does go away.

She seems to have several symptoms you probably should get her into see a doctor.

Good luck

Hi L.,
I would report a rash to the doctor, same for the white bowel movements - why not find out exactly what the problem is?
Good luck and I hope the rash clears up soon!

Hi L.,

It could be a viral rash. My kids all got them when they were young. When the body is trying to clear a virus, they can get a rash (really evil looking) that can come and go for several weeks. There's really nothing to do for it but wait (and give an antihistamine if it itches). In any case, I would take her to her doctor to be sure, especially if she's never had anything like it before. Hope she feels better soon!

The rash can be anything these days but one hing come to mind is yeast infection which my last two boys had but I don't recall it going up the back and I used Desititin and that is the only thing out of all I have tried to work. Also, if no appetite could be a nujmkber of reasons and the poop being white scares me more. Put it all together that scares me even greater!!! Please take her to the doctors immedaitely and have her checked out and I will pray for you both and for Jesus's Wisdom and let us know how it turned out and what they think may be. Okay...

it could be chicken pox, but they are pus like.
it could also be a yeast infection.
i'd check it out at the dr.

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