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Rash on Arms and Legs

Hi Mammas-
My almost four year old has had a variety of skin issues...molluscum on his legs and pyloris keratosis (sp?) on his arms. Anyway, over the last 2 days, he has developed a nasty rash over the backs of his arms and legs. It's spreading a little onto his forearms and calves, but not too bad. I haven't changed anything about his skin care regimen, just wondering if nay of you have any suggestions on how to treat it. He's itching like crazy, so I've been putting hydrocortisone cream on and giving him some Zyrtec at night to keep him from scratching in his sleep. Any other suggestions? Maybe I'm just a little vain, but it looks AWFUL!!! HELP!!!!

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Well, it hasn't gone away yet, although it looks a little better. I'm going to try to schedule an appointment with a pediatric dermatologist today. In regards to the hydrocrtisone cream...Yes, not only did I check with the doctor, it was her idea (as was the zyrtec). Not to mention it clearly states on the label not to be used on children under 2. My son will be 4 in a month. Do I love the idea, no, but it's better than him having scars because he's scratching his skin raw, even though I have his nails trimmed and filed as short as I can get them. My doctor said that I could do either with the molluscum. She said that lots of families get discouraged with having them removed because they come back. And I guess they aren't really burned off, they use some sort of beetle juice that doesn't burn the skin but does cause a blister. They are maily spread by scratching, which is why I was trying so hard to get that under control. I'll keep you ladies posted on what I learn and if it clears up! Thanks for all of the suggestions!

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What does it look like? Is it a bunch of little red dots? Are they primarily concentrated in the folds/bends of the elbows and knees? Has he had a sore throat or other symptoms of illness? This could be a stretch, but if he has been sick lately (especially with a sore throat) it could be related to that. Perhaps check with his pediatrician to see what's up. Good luck!

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My 3 1/2 yr old had both molluscum and and Keratosis pilaris on his body (trunk, limbs) last year and they have both gone away. Yay! Now my older son who has multiple food allergies developed an itchy rash like you described when I swiitched to Arm & Hammer laundry detergent. He also reacts badly to kitty litter that contains Arm & Hammer. Not quite sure what it is about that product. Just a thought since it sounds like a contact dermatitis situation. Hope you find the cause!

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I would hope that you would consult with your doctor regarding the over-use of hydrocortisone cream on your child. If the rash just started the past couple of days, it could be prickly heat. However, I would still suggest checking in with the doctor. there are just too many other issues that could come into play.

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could it be psoriasis? Ask a doctor, if it looks bad, it sure feels bad! Poor little honey, go ahead and find out what it is, you are not vain, you are a good mommy.

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Do you see a dermatologist? I would take pictures incase it goes away before you get there but get him in if you can right away. Also I am curious to what they tel lyou about the molluscum, becasue so many people tell mey you have to have them taken out burnned off etc and other drs say to leave them on and the virus will go away in a few years however it is so contageous in the mean time. What did you do or your dr suggest?

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It could be from heat? I have the same issue with my son right now so I am also trying to narrow it down :) I thought it was a heat rash from being sweaty behind his knees and in the bend of his arms. Good luck!

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I would take him to a pediatric dermatologist. I have skin issues which I HATE and would have liked my Mom to have learned what to do with them when I was younger.

It is worth the drive to Children's to get it figured out. My daughter sees Dr Mancini. Look him up on their website and get a location and phone number! I have contact dermatitis...I have allergic reactions to things. It stinks but at least now I know why...

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