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Rash: Bumpy Skin

Ladies, My daughter is 14 months old and she went swimming in a pool last saturday. It was her first time to swim in a pool and that evening I noticed she had a red rash on her body, mostly where her swim suit covered, not on her arms or legs. Thinking she may have had a reaction to a chemicals in the pool because of the wet suit she wore most of the day I gave her a bath and then put lotion on her. All of the red rash was gone by morning but a small patch on her right side that is now bumpy but not red. We have her 15 month appt soon but would like to hear what you think it might be? What would you suggest I try to get it to go away?

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I am 39 yrs old and I still get the same reaction from the chemicals in the pool! Give her a bath as soon as you can after swimming and then I apply hydrocortizone and the rash goes away.

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My daughter gets this from hot tubs, and her doctor calls it "hot tub folliculitis". Yes, he gave it a name!! :-) She gets red bumps every time she goes into my parent's hot tub. It starts where her suit covers her, but then moves to her entire body. The first time it happened we took her to her doctor and without doing a culture we all thought it was chicken pox. BUT, when it happened again we figured it out by putting two and two together.

Her doctor said there are certain types of chemicals used in pools and hot tubs that people simply react in this way to. I took the name of the chemical in to him and he validated this reasoning. She's fine with straight chlorine, but there is another popular chemical out there that is non-chlorinated that is too chemical for her system. My friend gets it, too, and so does her daughter.

What to do? Wash her off with soap and water immediately upon finishing swimming. Apply hydrocortisone. Let her wear loose clothing, like sun dresses. Wash the bathing suit out after each use. The itching and bumps will go away after a few days.

Hope this helps!! Poor little thing, itchy in this heat. Take care!! :-)

was it a brand new swimsuit? new clothes are coated with fermaldehyde, so i always prewash them before putting them on my kids...

Can you please let me know what you find out? My five yr old daughter gets the same rash when she swims in our inground pool. I thought chemicals as well, but just don't know.

Try some desitin creamy. I use that stuff on just about everything. Shannon G.

I recently had my daughter in for her 6 month check up. He informed me that when we go swimming she may develope a rash do to the chlorine in the water. He said to just wash her off after and she will be fine. Hope this helps. A.

We just got our poollast year, had it for about a month. I was swimming with about 5 people and I was the only one that got red bumps. They were VERY ITCHY so I went in took a shower and put lotion on and they went away. It never happened again and the chemicals were fine. I do not have sensitive skin, I just think that there was something in it that day that irritated my skin but nobody's else.

My daughter has very sensitive skin and also excema. My daughters excema always gets worse in the sun and sunblock will flare it up very bad. I am not sure if the area had sunblock on it but it could have been to do with that?

I am 39 yrs old and I still get the same reaction from the chemicals in the pool! Give her a bath as soon as you can after swimming and then I apply hydrocortizone and the rash goes away.

It could be possible that she is allergic to the material that's in the bathing suit. Calomine lotion or neosporin are always good to use for most anything like that. Still check with your doctor about the possibility of it being that. When I was younger, I was allergic to polyester. Have you ever, in the 70's and 80's, tried to find pure cotton? It was that way for about 5 or 6 years. I can wear most anything now, but it was a fun time. At first, I thought it was the soap, lotion, or most anything else I was using, eating, or wearing, but it was polyester.

Not to alarm anyone but I just found out about a virus that can be transmitted in the water. Its called Molluscum. Its a viral skin infection that can show up anywhere in single bumps or clusters. They are small white or fleshed colored bumps. They say the bumps are painless.
They say don't touch someone that has it. That you can also get it from sharing a pool toy, float or towel.

This is most likely not what your daughter has but I took this opportunity to share with everyone since I just read a report about it and its on the rise.

Chlorine and other pool chemicals can make the skin very itchy and sensitive. Always give her a bath after a swim and dry her off completely. That should help reduce the rash.

Hope this helps!

After my recent bout with parvo virus,, ( yes, humans can get it too,, and it's going around... FAST & HARD ) ANY rash I would get checked out.. Usually parvo in humans starts as a temporary red rash. Just tiny little bumps al over an area.. Until the area is washed and aired out, the rash will remain. Followed by a low-grade fever, and pain in joints. Me, three nurses who took care of me in the hospital, my friend in Cincinnai, and three neighbors here in Cleveland have had it thus far that I know of. It HURTS.. and literally attacks the joints.. I'd get it checked out if I were you.

I don't think it was due to the pool. What was the swim suit made of? Was there latex in it? Many people have latex allergies. My mother was born with the allergy and I didn't develop the allergy until after I had my second son. Often latex is used in elastic in bathing suits, under clothing, surgical gloves, cleaning gloves, etc.

She may also be allergic to spandex. Perhaps she is allergic to clorine in the water. She may also have heat rash which may show up in areas she's hot and has fabric being abrasive to the area. Try looser clothing.

If it's an allergic reaction, try any medicine with an anti-histamine in it such as benedryl. You can also try a topical anti-histamine like an ointment.

Was it a new bathing suit? She could be allergic to latex. Some suits have it, others don't.

Sounds like a prickly heat rash but it could be the chemicals in the pool or possibly the material the swim suit is made of.Try putting some Caladryl on it, if it is a rash it should clear it up. We always had the kids hosed off after swimming in the pool because of the chemicals in the pool.

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