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Rash Around Mouth That Looks like Impetigo but Isn't

My 11 month old daughter has had a rash around her mouth that has spread to under her nose. It initially looked like Impetigo and her ped put her a topical antiobiotic. This didn't do anything for her so now he thinks that it could be casued by yeast or enzymes not breaking down in her mouth, tummy and since she does slobber quite a bit sometimes, that might be what is causing the pimple like rash. The ped recommended Aquaphor cream which is like vasoline to basically form a protective layer around her mouth so that when she slobbers it doesn't cause the rash to get worse. However, I am still not seeing very much improvement. Has this happened to anyone else and was it related to a food allergy of any kind? Any homeopathic remedies to try or other "organic" methods? I don't want to keep putting a bunch of chemicals on her face. PS - I have been using California baby cream for eczema and that wasn't helping either. It just wont' go away.

THanks! T.

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Hi T.,

Coconut oil works well on skin issues.

K. Loidolt
Author, Shopper's Guide to Healthy Living

Hi T., My youngest had horrible skin problems and eventually got eczema really bad. It started on his face then ended up in several places on his body. I tried everything from prescriptions to weird stuff my mom-in-law gave me to try. What finally worked for him was Bag Balm, it comes in a green tin at any grocery or pharmacy type stores. Eventually I narrowed his skin reactions down to an allergy berries! The Bag Balm helped him so much, it was almost like instant relief. I wish you the best of luck! J.

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It may be a bacterial infection called perioral dermatitis. A dermatologist would know for sure but it sure sounds like it. It can be cured with a topical antibiotic.

My 2 yr old daughter has this too. It comes and goes; depending on what she eats. It gets when she eats tomatoes or anything w a lot of acid like that. She also gets it when she has a lot of drool w teething. Or sometimes she has it in the am after she gets up. Her spit get caught in between her chin and the binky. I've noticed that if I use a special kind of wipe, etc it gets worse. So I just use washcloth and Cedaphil. It takes a while to go away. I've been to a lot of drs about it and they all have different opinions about what it is.....

Is your child just learning to brush their teeth? I am allergic to toothpaste. If it touches my skin and I don't wash it off immediately it turns into a horrible rash and looks like Impetigo. I had it for years before I noticed what caused it and now I never have to worry about it. I use less tooth paste, don't leave any residue on my face what so ever.

Just an out of the ordinary thought...

Hi, we are basically a naturopathic family except for the rare visit to a Medical Doctor... I have heard that a rash around the mouth is related to the stomach... sorry I can't be more specific, maybe that is a direction that you want to explore before. Good luck

My duaghter has gotten this for years and just last year she had allery testing done and we found out she is allergic to almost everything.

Now we know it is a reaction to something she ate. ( she is allergic to all nuts and when she trys to sneak a peanut MMNM, we know!! lol)

If it is caused by yeast you may want to try probiotics. If you are still nursing you can take the acidophilus and she'll get it through your breastmilk. If not Nature's Way has a Primadopilus for Kids that you can pick up at a health food store.

If I wasn't sure if that was the cause I'd find some sugar-free cultured yoghurt and put it on topically (she can eat it too) and see if that makes a difference.

My son has the same thing and his doctor doesn't seem to really know what is causing it either. He mentioned the yeast and a food allergy, and that it could also be from the proteins in the milk he drinks from a bottle. He gave me a steroid cream to put on the rash and it clears it up like magic, which tells you the rash is not from bacteria. Also I tried other things like you did and nothing worked. My son's doctor told me to stop the steroid cream when his rash clears up and every time I do it comes back in a day. I really wish someone could tell me specifically what is causing the rash so I could fix the problem!

This happened to my son when he was teething. I started using Aveno baby wash in his bath, and putting Aquaphor around his mouth also. This did help, it took almost a week to see results. I would give it a few more days, if nothing then maybe you should consult your doctor again, hope this helps.

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