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Rash Around Mouth

My daughter has developed some red bumps around her mouth. They almost look like zits but seem to get darker and lighter depending on something. I was her face daily. The rash seems to be better if I use adult soap. But I can not link it to anything. I am not sure if it is acne or an allergy. Has anyone experienced this any suggestions.

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My niece used to get a rash around her mouth like that when playing with bubbles in the driveway - she held the bubble wand against her face & the soap used for that really made a mess of her mouth area.

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Hi! I would check with your doctor. Around that age, my daughter developed excema around her mouth and it just looked like red bumps at first. It got worse depending on what she ate and the weather. I'm glad we caught it before it got really bad. The doctor said it can be really painful. Good luck!

My niece used to get a rash around her mouth like that when playing with bubbles in the driveway - she held the bubble wand against her face & the soap used for that really made a mess of her mouth area.

I had a similar problem with my daughter as well. I am not sure if it is the same, but we figured out that it was us wiping her mouth with baby wipes after she ate. We started using a damp paper towel instead and the rash cleared up in a bout a week. Good Luck!

It sounds like you have a lot of good suggestions! My daughter also had a reaction to citrus and some acidic foods, plus strawberries. For a while, she had a reaction wherever the food touched her skin, so it would even appear on her nose or cheek where the food might have made it.
You might want to do a food diary and see if you can narrow it down to a particular item as well as following some of the other suggestions given. Eczema can be an allergy reaction too, so if you take her to a doctor and they say that's what it is, then you should REALLY look at what she's exposed to!
Good luck! Hope you find the cause soon!

Watch what she eats and drinks. My children developed rashes when they drank a lot of orange juice when they were young. Anything with a high acid level will give them a reaction. Hope this helps!

Hi! Sorry to hear about that, does she take a "bo bo"? My neise took one and she has yeast around the mouth. The doctor had to giver her a medication to get rid of it. Hope that helps, if that is what it is then it's not contagis.
Good luck
T. G

My daughter used to lick her lips alot and actually sucked on her bottom lip. The moisture caused a rash around her lips. She is 7 now and when she stopped sucking her thumb last year she went back to licking her lips and sucking her bottom lip and got a rash again. Once she realized that it was causing that rash she did her best to stop doing it.

My son has similar bumps from constantly having his hands in his mouth. Also, acidic food will also cause similar bumps , this incudes tomatos and citris, etc. Keeping it as clean as possible and put cream on it if it get dry looking. I sometimes use a touch of hydrocortosone cream but only when he's going to bed. Of course of non of those sould like your child than a trip to the Dr would ease your mind.

Good Luck


Sounds like a allergy. Use Cetafil cleanser. You can find it in the drug store its a soap free facial cleaner. Do you use toothpaste on her? Some people are allergic to the Sodium Laural Sulfate in toothpastes and soaps. Hope that helps. J.

my son is 14 months old. he has some little rashes too, but nothing I should worry about. a lot of babies get these and these will eventually go away with no harm done to your litte one. hope this helps.


A child in my care had this, and we actually used A&D ointment around her lips. It healed in like 24 hours.
Good luck!

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