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Rash and Diarrhea Related to Teething?

My 10.5 mo. old son started at the babysitter's house two weeks ago when I went back to teaching. He developed a diaper rash and diarrhea during the first week that seems to come and go. At first we thought it was just the change of environment but he is still having issues. The doctor said that it is not from changing the brand of diaper and that it is probably a stomach bug but it has continued to be a problem longer than it should. She is following all of my instructions and uses the water, food, creams, etc that we supply. She says that teething could be the culprit. He responds well to cortisone cream but I don't want to have to resort to this long term. Could this diarrhea be from teething?

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Thank you all very much for your kind words of encouragement and terrific advice. It is greatly appreciated. He is doing much better and the rash has pretty much gone away at this point. Now I'm just waiting for a tooth to pop through at any time!

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Oh my! I know what you are going through my daughter got a terrible diaper rash with every tooth she cut. I had never heard of it. But it seems that my husbands side of the family it happened to there kids too. My daughters ped. said it was possible. So he gave me steroid cream too. But he also told me i could mix aquaphor lotion and malox together. It is wonderful soothed her asap! The malox takes the acid away. I always have it on hand. I use it all the time for her butt rash.
hope it helps!
H. F

I don't remember my girls having this problem, but my baby boy had diarrhea for about 4 days and then his first tooth popped out. After that the runny poops tapered off. He got one tooth a week for a month and then a break. A couple of weeks later the diarrhea came back but wasn't as bad as the first bout. The next day two more teeth were showing through his gums. Hope you can keep him comfortable while going through this- good luck.

Teething does strange things. My oldest son, now almost 27, always got a very runny nose and congestion with teething. Diarrhea is possible, but I'd think a stomach bug more likely.

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Hi R.,
I am a mother of three (8, 4 and 1) and all of my children had diarrhea and a rash while teething. For the most part it was after they were 6 months old. I just made sure not to give them any juice and lay low on fruits during this time,while giving them as much water or hydrating drinks as possible. I have also experienced with my kids long boughts of diarrhea due to a flu bug. Starting daycare can bring on all kinds of bugs, but the good thing is he will get immune to a lot more bugs being in daycare then if she wasn't. As long as he is still eating, drinking and not running a high fever I wouldn't worry. Just keep him hydrated and his bottom clean. Good luck!

Hi R.! I would call your docter. My Daughter had the same thing and it lasted for two weeks in our house and she did have four mollers coming in but, the docter said, it was a stomach virus. My daughter is 14 months and my other daughter who is 6 years old got the same thing the week after! I have used a cream called "boudeaux's butt paste" Its the best. and then I would but, a powder called " amnens" My daughter lucy who is 14 months had it really bad that she would scream when I changed her diaper! My sure the sitter pats is butt instead of wiping! I am a mother of three. 8,6, and 14 months. I have been married for 11 years and stay at home. Thanks H. H.

Yup! All that extra saliva can cause stomach irritation, diaper rash, and the runs. If it doesn't clear up once his teeth come in, have the doc check it again.

It sounds like your little one is going through what my little is just getting over. I too thought that my 11mo old had diarrhea from teething but it has been two weeks now and she is just now getting over it. I have talked to the doctors office twice and they told me that there is a yucky stomach virus going around. The only advice I have is too keep your baby on the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) and lots of pedialyte. As far as the rash I put A&D ointment on first and then zinc oxide cream(paste) sometimes I even put plan vasaline on just to keep a good barrier. Good Luck

My kids got diarrhea when they were teething. I always thought that it might be because they were swallowing extra mucus.

Hi R.,
I've heard so many times that they're not related, but I disagree. Our older one didn't have many problems ~ just the usual ones. Our 18 mo. old has problems every time she cuts a tooth. Diarhea, runny nose (clear), & sometimes a slight cough from the drainage. Our sitter (who has been watching kids for 17 years) agrees that they are related. Our little one just got over all that stuff at the end of last week & low & behold ~ there was a new tooth when she was done! Hang in there, I know it's so hard to see a little one suffer.

My daughter always gets diarrhea and diaper rash when she cuts teeth. We just use lots and lots of the thick white Desitin. It helps a lot. Also, if the rash is really bad, we use warm water and a washcloth to clean her instead of wipes. The wipes seem to hurt when her bottom is really raw.

Doctors will tell you that teething does not cause fever, diarrhea/diaper rash, runny nose, etc.... but it's funny that each of my kids have had some or all of these symptoms while teething. I would look into his mouth and see if you see swollen gums or any teeth starting to poke through. :)

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