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Rash All over Body of 19 Month Old...

My son has got this rash that suddenly showed up on his back, thighs, belly, part of his face and arms. I believe it may be Hives but not positive. It does'nt bother him what so ever,and seems to go away in an hour or so .... anyone have any ideas?

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Sounds like an allergic reaction...maybe to something he's eaten or mabye to something he's been exposed to! My 3 year old has suddenly become allergic to cats & dogs ~ he was fine & then it was like day & night- he was allergic!!!!

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Hives are always itchy and bothersome. If it were me, I would call the doc's nurse and run it by him/her. It sounds like it's just an allergy induced dermatitis, but you should check with the professionals just to be sure.
(FYI I worked in pediatrics for many years and rashes are so hard to determine over the phone. We almost always instructed patients to come in when the rash was present, so plan for a possible visit to the doctors office.)
Better safe than sorry when it comes to our little ones! :) Good luck!

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Sounds like yes it could be hives due to an allergic reaction. Have you been giving him anything new lately? My son got hives after I gave him milk-based formula at 6 months and then after a peanut butter cookie at 1 year. There are lots of things babies are allergic too, luckily it sounds like a mild reaction. But you should figure out what's causing and stop giving it to him for awhile. Try again in 6 months or more - they often outgrow mild allergies, but be careful and always have Infant Benadryl on hand.

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Sounds like an allergic reaction...maybe to something he's eaten or mabye to something he's been exposed to! My 3 year old has suddenly become allergic to cats & dogs ~ he was fine & then it was like day & night- he was allergic!!!!

It does sound like hives, or a allergic reaction to something, maybe a food that he's eating?? Nuts is a common allergen. You might want to see if you can make a connection between what he ate in the last 24 hours and when the rash appears. Keep a journal on what he eats and when he eats it. Try to find a pattern. Soy, wheat and dairy are other common allergens as well. Check the ingredients on the foods he eats. ~ K.

This happened to my son a couple of weeks ago. I took him to the doctor and he told me about the kind of rash they would be concerned about. He said that if you rib the area and the red disapears (blanches out were his words) then it's not a concern. If the red stays then the doctor should see it. In my sons case he was also fighting a cold and it was a viral rash. I have allergies and have gotten hives. Hives are very itchy and if he were getting hives it would bother him. Hives are perfectly round, raised, and typically have white dots in the middle of them. I hope this helps. babycenter.com has a lot of helpful information on medical stuff too. I use that site a lot.

My daughter got what was called Fifth's Disease. It is a viral infection which causes red blotchy looking marks on the skin. Almost lacy. Talk to your Dr. about. Here is a link of information I found about it :) Good luck.



My son had the exact same thing. As I was putting him down one day all these white lumps started appearing *all* over his face and neck. It freaked me out so I RUSHED him to where my husband was to show him, but by the time I got to him the bumps were gone!I was seriously going to take him to the ER :) I called the dr though( or maybe I went in) and they said its just a reaction to a virus that they have... After the initial face bumps they showed up all over his body in different areas, small patches, but always disapeared within an hour or so~ If your worried I would maybe call your dr and ask, as Im not sure the bumps are the same as my son had. :)They were definately hives in our case..

Hope this helps

Have you changed detergents or fabric softners lately I add fab. softeners once and my daughter got a bumpy rash all over that was sometimes really red and others just bumpy but if it really worries you I would call his dr.

My name is J.. I am a single mother of a 8 month old beautiful baby girl. I have noticed the same thing on her but it seems only to be on her head and back....The conclusion I have come up with is she gets to hot when she sleeps and its like a heat rash because like you said it doesnt bother her and goes away in about an hour. What Madisons looks like is little red dots. I have taken her to the doctor for it when she was younger and they of course had no clue. She got it again yesterday and I realized the heat was to high when I went in her room...Hope this helps C....Good luck...


Hello C.. My son had what appeared to be a rash too. At times it seemed really bad. Especially after baths. Then sometimes it was just faint. He mostly had it on his chest and back. Then a few days later, the rashy areas got rough. At one of his check-ups we found out he had a mild case of eczema. It's pretty much gone now. I just have to make sure to slather him with lotion after his baths to keep his skin moist. I don't use anything scented on him either.

It could be an allergic reaction too. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to call the pediatrican and get it checked out.


My son had that when he ate chocolate. My daughter gets the itchies when she eats sugar. Figure out if you have used a new brand of soap, or if the brand you got changed its formula, or if you have given him something new to eat that wasn't there before, and avoid that.

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