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Rash - Palmerton,PA

My 3 year old has a rash today. There are pink spots on her tummy, legs and arms which don't seem to be itching. She doesn't have a sore throat, fever, or any other symptoms, except perhaps the beginnings of a runny nose. She says nothing hurts. She is a little cranky today -- generally playful but fussing more than usual if she doesn't get her way. We are not sure if she is getting sick or if it's an allergic reaction to sun block or insect repellant. But if she is getting sick, wouldn't she get the rash after or along with other symptoms, not before? I had a rash myself last week but I had been ill with viral and sinus infection for weeks. Any ideas?

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Our pediatrician says it's a virus, AND she has eczema as well. As she has no fever or other symptoms and is no longer cranky, she seems to be getting better (from the virus) and she gave us a cream for the eczema.

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You may have given the child your sickness, or It sounds just like what my son had a few weeks ago, Hand, foot and mouth disease. He said that nothing hurt, that he felt fine. But the rash was found when he awoke one morning from head to toe. It was on his face, belly, knees, and knuckles,etc. I took him to the Dr.s and she told me what is was and I couldn't believe it. I thought it was an allergy to soap. She told me that there wasn't anything that I could do, to let it run it's course and that it is extremely contagious, to keep him home. He later got a low fever and his voice changed from his glands being swollen. You might want to take the little one to the Doc. It might be something else...?

Call your pediatrician if you have questions. They should be able to guide you with this...

If she has been unwell in previous weeks (with fever , cold etc) then the rash could be the tail end of that. My 2 yr old had a cold and then 2 weeks later had a red lace effect rash over her torso , arms and legs , plus her face cheeks were very red , I took her to the Dr because I really was unsure what it was and it was slapped cheek (also known as fifths disease) , the rash itself was not bothering her in any way it just didn't look good. If she still has the rash monday then speak to her ped and they may ask to see her to take a look.

Definitely reach out to your pediatrician. Both my sons had Roseola and Fifths Disease prior to two years of age with no other symptoms at first other than a rash. It really could be anything, so I would go to the doctor. It may also help to take pictures of the rash and take with you to the doctor in case the rash fades. Good luck and hope everyone feels better real soon.

See your Pediatrician. When my son got a runny nose and started coughing plus a slight fever for one day, I took him in. The first thing the doctor did is check the tummy for a rash. I forgot why, but it would of been something more serious than just a cold. Have her checked.

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