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Rash - Washington, MO

My 3 year old has had a virual infection this week. Every day she has had a fever until this morning shes finally acting herself but now has a rash on her chest, belly, and back. Its just slightly raised and shes not scratching at it, is it normal to develop this rash after being sick all week?

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Sorry this is late, I was on vacation last week, but this sounds like Roseola, they run a fever for about 5 days with no other symptoms, then once the fever breaks, they break out into a rash. Hope this helps!

It could be from the virus she had depending on which on she had.If she is not getting better I would take her to the Doc.They can get strep rash,2 of my kids had it this year and it's exactly what you described.The rash never seemed to bother them and it never spread.

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Hi J....my 1 year old just had something similiar. If she seems to have trouble eating or drinking look in her mouth for blisters. Mine had fever, rash, and then blisters....some form of hand, foot and mouth, but only in the mouth. The doctor said to just wait it out and make sure they stay hydrated. Hope she feels better soon.

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You might call your dr. to double check, but everytime my daughter has done it after a virus, I've been told it's actually a good thing. Sort of the body's way of expelling the virus. Especially if it's just on the trunk area (stomach, chest, back).

Hi J.,

Is she on any medicines? If not I would think it's just part of the infection, but it may be worth just calling a nurse hot line or something to make sure. My son woke up with a rash like that once and it was from antibiotics he had been taking for over a week. If she's not taking anything though I would say it's probably just part of the infection.

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a rash like that is not unusual after a fever.
You might want to check with your doctor, but i
have seen a lot of childern do the same thing.

I have 4 yr old b/g twins. My daughter gets a fever pretty much every time she runs a fever, my son does sometimes....and he got several fevers when he was 1-2 yrs old. The rashes have always been harmless, don't bother my little ones at all. But they bother me because I don't like to think (like any mom) that my babies might be uncomfortable. It goes away in a couple of days. Glad your little one is feeling better.

Simply put ... Yes.

My brother use to get rashes after a fever when he was little, it was never a problem. My Grandma called it Roseola (sp), not sure if it really was but it was common for him and the doctors never worried about it (I'm 15 years older than him so I can remmber it pretty good). I'd check with your doctor but I think it's pretty normal.

Could it be hives? My son got an allergic hives rash from taking amoxicillian.

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