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Quick Poll for SAHM- Do You Get up with Your Husbands in the Morning?

Just curious- Do you moms get up with your husbands when they are getting ready for work? I always get up say good morning, make coffee but then I go back to bed. Ive tried staying up but he encourages me to lay back down because there is no reason for me to get up yet. Sometimes I feel bad. Also, are you up and ready before the kids get up? This is my new goal but I cant seem to get it done yet. I feel so much better when i do. Thanks for the info!

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Thanks to all! I will continue sleeping in. Yes, we have a coffee pot with a timer, but getting up and making the coffee is my way of saying hello and being a part of his morning. Now that school is here- I know its all about to change.

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I stay in bed. He does come and give me a kiss and tells me goodbye, but I need my rest to put up with my little one. Also he does not get up with him at night, I do. So I look at it as my way of making up for sleep that he got and I didn't!!! :)

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No, I'm not a morning person! I stay in bed as long as I am able to. I get up and most of the time I'm ready before I my child is up. Some days are great, however some days my child wakes up before I do.

His alarm wakes me up, but I stay in bed. I don't get up til my baby starts fussing, usually about 30 minutes after my DH leaves for work. I need as much rest as I can get to chase my climbing 14 month old around:)

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i stay in bed! you have a long day ahead of you, why waste sleep? :)

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Um... no. He is up and out of the house before 6am. My son doesn't usually stir until after 7am and then he plays quietly until 7:30 or 8, when I'm ready to get up. My day definitely starts better when I'm ready to wake, not when someone or something awakens me (not a morning person). My 3yo knows that and as for my husband, he wouldn't even think of having me awake with him at that time. He'd probably think of it more of a nuisance to his morning routine than anything. You and your hubby do know that they make coffee makers with timers that brew the coffee for you, right??? We have a nice one we never use- wanna buy it? My hubby actually doesn't have his coffee until he gets to work, apparently (I just asked him). Why would you feel bad if you didn't get up with him? Maybe he'd enjoy the quiet alone time in the morning- ever consider that? Self-sufficiency is a great goal to develop in kids and husbands- helps their self-confidence and self-respect grow.

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Are you kidding me? I STAY IN BED - HAPPILY ASLEEP! At least that is until the pitter patter of my 4 year olds foot steps wake me up around 6:30 am. I don't get ready first and by no means do I get up to make my husband breakfast or coffee. I am up at least 2 hours after my husband every night getting things done. Once my oldest starts Kindergarten, I will have to get up before the kids, but until then you can find me peacefully, happily sleeping in my bed!

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No way! He's perfectly capable of making his own breakfast. Now, during the school year I have to be up for the kiddos, so he gets his breakfast made for him then. But, I'm the one that stays up with the kids at night & puts them to bed because he needs his sleep for work, so I guess it works out. I try to be up & ready before the kiddos, but it never happens-i hung that one up. I guess I kinda see summer vacation as my vacation time too! :)

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I stay in bed. He does come and give me a kiss and tells me goodbye, but I need my rest to put up with my little one. Also he does not get up with him at night, I do. So I look at it as my way of making up for sleep that he got and I didn't!!! :)

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I stay in bed...of course, though, I get up half the time before my husband because he works from home, and my daughter wakes up before 8.

My husband travels a lot and is usually on a 6am flight to somewhere. He is up by 4 to prepare and he is usually gone 2-3 nights. I do get up when he gets out of the shower to chat a bit and get a cup of coffee for him.

I am not a morning person and it takes me a while to "wake up". I do go back to bed when he leaves by 4:30am or so and will nap a little while longer.

He works so hard for our family and I hate to lay in bed while he is getting ready for a long week.

Hello M.,

I guess it would depend at what time your husband gets up and with 4 kids in the house, that's probably the only time you get to talk with him without multiple interruptions. with school starting next week, maybe it's a good time you get up when he gets up. I like it when I can get showered and pick up a few things before the kids wake up. if your husband gets up at the crack of dawn, one of those coffee makers with a timer are a blessing from heaven! get yourself one and set it up at night for your hubby so it's ready when he goes to the kitchen and you get your beauty/sanity sleep. I hope this "it depends" answer helps. ~C.~

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