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Questions for Baby Shower Game/ Hostess Gifts

We are playing How well do you know the mom-to-be game, I'm having a hard time coming up with questions. I hate doing favorite questions, cause with most of them there can be more than one answer with a lot of them. Any suggestions??
Also any suggestions on hostess gifts? The shower's saturday and I have nothing... and NO ideas, I want something unique, my cousin and ex co-worker is throwing the shower... any suggestions are better than nothing

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Hostess gifts-- I like to get something with their first initial on it like a cute mug or a bag or something. Sample House is great for those kinds of things!

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Call Kim Bransford with Nana Puddins Embroidery. She does the cutest little canvas bags and personalizes them all for around 20.00, and they look adorable. She does so much more too. Her number is ###-###-####. Tell her J. sent you.

J. T.

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Some of the questions that you can have guests answer about the mom to be are:
1. Have mom to be close her eyes and have them guess their color.
2. Where did she go to high school?
3. What is her middle name?
4. What is MTB's parents names?
5. What is her favorite color?
6. What's her favorite salad dressing, candy, dessert, etc..
7. What did she weigh when she was born?
8. What is her favorite item of clothing?
9. Does she have any birthmarks? If so, where?
10. Does she have any scars? If so, where?
11. Does she have any tattoos and/or piercings? If so, where?
12. What is her favorite animal?
13. Does she have any pets? If so, what are they and what are their names?
14. What is the name picked out for the baby to be?
15. What is the theme for the nursery?

Good gift ideas for a hostess are candles, potpurri, a picture frame and flowers in a really pretty vase are always nice,too.

Hope this helps. Have a fun shower!!

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A game we played at a recent shower to help introduce everyone was: We went around in the circle each person said there name and an adjective that starts with the same letter of there first name. Each person would have to repeat all of the peoples' names before them and then give there name with there adjective! EXAMPLE~ Kim kind, Pam pleasant, Becky beautiful. It was funny and fun and you left knowing everyone name!

We also played the clothes pin game. Whoever has the most clothes pins wins. The object of the game is to not say baby, if you do your clothes pin gets taken! At the end of the shower you give a gift to the winner.

Have fun and enjoy the shower.

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Hostess gifts-- I like to get something with their first initial on it like a cute mug or a bag or something. Sample House is great for those kinds of things!

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Call Kim Bransford with Nana Puddins Embroidery. She does the cutest little canvas bags and personalizes them all for around 20.00, and they look adorable. She does so much more too. Her number is ###-###-####. Tell her J. sent you.

J. T.

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i have been to alot of showers this last few years and some of the games they played were, get 5 diapers and 5 different candy bars smear the candy bars in the diapers and have them guess what flavors they are, its gross but very funny watching people guess at what was what and for the ones who got them all right they got a little gift bag that had something for the baby in it that went to the baby. next they had different types of baby food on a plate just enough to taste about 12 flavors so it would be hard for everyone to tell what was what they had to write down what they thought each flavor was the one who got them all right got a goody bag for the baby in the bags there was like a bottle or raddle or socks something cute. at one shower they had the mother of the father to be the mother of the mother to be and two other people that was not related and the father and the expetat mother to all sit up in front of everyone and gave them all a 4 oz bottle full of milk and they had to race to finish the bottle who ever finished first was the biggest baby of the group, they also got a goody bag for the baby. There is an computer program out there where you can take a face of two people and combined them on the computer to show you what the two people would look like, do this to and do about 5 of them and have the people guess who the two people are it has to be people that other people know or who are going to be at a shower, another game is have everyone bring a baby picture of them selves and put tape them to a wall and have people guess who the picture is. all these were fun games. You will get a kick out of them watching people faces as they make faces of what taste funny in the baby food game and the poop games when they go around smell and looking at the diapers to figure out what is what. Please dont use real poop it wont go over to well.candy bars dont stick...As the theme of the shower we took the comforter of the babys bed and hung it with clothes pin across the wall and used it for decoration as the theme of the party if the parents dont mind.save the ribbon that you get on gifts cause later on the mother can hae it made nto something for the baby, i cant recall what they made but it has something to do with luck when the child grow up and gets married it something you save for them after you have the ribbons made into something sorry i cant remember. Hope this helps. As far as the gift is concerned I gave a mug or a wine glass with the shower date and the birth date and the babys name and mom and dads name to the host and in the glass we put stuff in it to make her house smell good what every smell she liked but it was a way of saying thank you to her. we also had door prives everyone had to take a number and at the middle of the shower we drew for teh door prize that way everyone was involded it wasnt just show up and leave type deal. Hvae fun and God Bless.


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A coworker's shower had each guest take a pretty sheet of stationery. Each guest wrote a letter to the child on their birthday (one wrote to the child on their first birthday, one on their second, one on their third birthday, up to however many guests there are) that the mother could give to the child on their birthday each year. I think that is such a neat tradition and how cool for the child to know that someone was thinking of when they turned 21 or 25 way back then?!

Try multiple choice questions! That makes "favorite" or "preference" questions much easier.

For hostess gifts I have no idea. I don't know your budget or what they like.

At my baby shower I gave a candle gift set as the hostess gifts.

You can ask questions about different things that have happened to you.

1. What is the name of the first boy I kissed?
2. What was my favorite/least favorite subject in high school?
3. What was my major in college?
4. What did my husband and I do on our first date?
5. What is the date of our anniversary?
6. Who was my elementary school/high school best friends?
7. What was the name of my favorite pet?

My sister had a huge baby shower and we played this game where you had a baby doll in your arms and had to hang clothes on the clothes line while bouncing the baby and whoever had the most hung in a certain amount of time won. I think if the other participants don't get to see how the others play until after their turn it is more fair some have great techniques which can be copied so it is easier if you watch others and play later. Also there is one where you put juice or something in baby bottles and the first to finish theirs wins. I believe the gifts should be for the baby. There are also games where you put a lot of small baby stuff on a poster or something and pass it around and then the person who can write down the most items that were on it win. You can probably go online and find a lot of games you write down. Good luck and have lots of fun and memories.


As for hostess gifts. I would get them a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant. As for questions on how well do you know the mom. Where did she meet her husband (Father of baby)? How many kids does she want? What are the 3 most important things to (mom's name) about being a mom or 3 qualities that she thinks are most important for her child? Where is the farthest place the mom has traveled? Also go on wedding websites and look up questions on there that you can tailor to the occasion. Good luck and have a good shower.

Hi, I do some event planning and some games we have played recently are Celebrity Baby game you can go to babyrazzi.com and print some pix or cut out from magazines celebrity babies n parents cut to seperate put on a posterboard number parents and do abc's for the babies have the guest write answers on paper,Baby Sweet Concentration game is another fun game using different candy names
example Girls name (answer) Baby Ruth, Breast after Feeding answer Milk Duds, Bottle Drinking game buy 2 4OZ baby bottles fill to however much u would like and with beverage of your choice get 2 volunteers and have them sit facing everyone first one to finish wins, if you have a fax or live in Dallas i can give you some copies. I have other ideas you can email me if would like at ____@____.com

A cute game my sister did at my shower was to match the baby's name with their famous parent. For example, Apple and Moses are Gwenyth Paltrow's kids. She had a long list of baby names and she picked some of the odd ones! It was a lot of fun and it made me more comforable in being able to play too! Good luck!

We played a game where each guest writes down some baby advice for the new mom and then the new mom reads them aloud and tries to guess who gave the advice. It was fun b/c some were sweet and serious and some were quite funny. Also at my shower they hung up some string to make a clothes line and they used miniature clothe pins and hung up all the clothes I opened so everyone could see them. I thought that was a really good idea. For hostess gifts I made them each a little gift bag with some pasta, sauce, pasta spoon, oven mit and a couple other kitchen items from Harry and David for an easy dinner night on me. All they had to add was some meat. They all seemed to really like the gifts. Good luck and have fun.

We played a game at my shower where they had 14 diapers and in each one they stuck in the microwave and melted a different chocolate candy bar (so it looked like poop), we each started with a different diaper and we had to write down on our peice of paper what we thought each candy bar was. You were allowed to taste if you wanted to but just seeing that chocolate in a diaper was enough to make you not want to taste it. The game was hilarious, especially when the diapers made their way around to my grandmas. They also videotaped my husband and they asked him a number of different questions and i had to try to guess what his answers were while they played the tape back. That was pretty funny too. One was if you could compare my boobs to fruit what fruit would they be, and other pregnancy and labor questions. I hope this helped you out a little bit :) Good Luck!

Hi S.. I just hosted a tea party for a mom to be on Sunday and we played the "What will baby look like?" game and it was a huge success. Have guests draw a pic of what baby to be will look like. The catch is, they have to draw the picture on their heads without looking. The Mom has to choose the most creative...very funny! As for party favors, I went to Sam Moon and found these amazing neclaces for $1.50 each! They were so pretty with small red jewels on them. They were originaly $10 each, but marked down. Lucky me! I also bought some small gift boxes there (30 cents each) and tied with a pretty ribbon and placed in the center of each place setting. Good luck.

Hi S.,

A coupe of hostess gift ideas I have used include: $10 gift card to Borders or Barnes & Noble, A magazine geared toward each persons interest, rolled and wrapped with ribbon tying the ends or a small plant like Bluebonnet if the baby is a boy or a pink spray rose for a girl. I know they would appreciate any thoughtful gift you gave. Have a Great Time!

I love gift cards but to make it a little more personal, add a little something such as a wonderful candle (Tyler candles are great and very fragrant). I love Sample House as a place to get great gift packaging as well as the Tyler candles. They also have great "spoil me" gift items you can give as well. Have a great shower.

Here are some questions I've heard before:

What's her middle name?
How much weight has she gained this time around?
what's the name going to be if it's a boy/girl?
What's been her biggest craving during this pregnancy?

One of the games we played at my niece's baby shower was to guestimate how large around she was by cutting a piece of yarn. Hilarious! Some gal's cut it long enough to wrap around her 3 times!

I didn't know a lot of close best friend type of info about her because she's actually my husband's niece and I didn't live here when she was growing up. The only ones I knew at the shower were the niece and my sister in law. I would have felt fairly uncomfortable with a game dealing with how well I knew the mom-to-be!

I like the idea of the memory game - passing around a tray of objects and trying to recall them.

What we did at the last baby shower I went to is to write a note to the mother-to-be with advice on "after the baby comes"

Hostess gift? how about a nice smelling candle* or something. I'm assuming you're helping out with the party because you're responsible for the question game. If you're just a guest then a hostess gift isn't customary.

*candle= I don't usually go for candles too much, but my friend gave me a candle I just love. Creme Brulee by Carol Leal at www.candles-by-carol.com I think she's local to the DFW area or that's the impression I got. Phone ###-###-#### - yes, that's local. My chiropractor sells them at his office (Sachse Chiropractic on Highway 78)


Boo! Haha, hey girl, it's your cuz. Clicked on this question cuz I needed to know the same thing, then realized it was you, lol. Anyway, I think the questions Mandy W. came up with at the bottom of the page were perfect! I too, wasn't sure about the 'favorites' questions for the same reasons you were. A lot of these people had some really good suggestions, questions for the game, new game ideas (I actually considered the diaper/candy bar game, but thought it might be a little grotesque, haha), and even the hostess gift ideas (although those aren't required, didn't even think about that, so don't worry about it). =) Sorry I don't have any suggestions, just wanted to say hi! These girls can help ya', all good ideas! <3

I just had my shower and they played this game. Some questions they used were:
1. When did I graduate high school?
2. What have I been craving?
3. Where is my favorite vacation spot?
4. How long was I in daycare?
5. What is my favorite sports team?
6. What was my favorite cartoon as a child? (I didn't know the answer to this one.)
7. How many jobs have I had?
8. What was my first job?

I think you could do a lot about what they were like as a baby but they may not know the answer. You could also do a lot about their history.

Good luck and have fun!

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