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Question Regarding Hernia Due to Pregnancy

I have two hernias on either side of my pubic bone that developed around the 5th month of my pregnancy. I am 7 months now and experiencing more and more discomfort as my belly grows. My doctor said that I will need surgery sometime after the delivery of this baby and before the next time I get pregnant. Does anyone have any advice regarding anything from current pain management to the best time for surgery to things to avoid during my pregnancy? Thank you!

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I would do the surgery asap. After the surgery you can't lift anything heavier than 10 pounds for a couple of weeks. This makes it hard to care for an infant unless you can have someone help you 24/7.

I had a hernia as you do and they told me that I had to have a C-section so that the pressure would not burst it. I insisted that I have the hernia surgery at the same time as the C-section. It was a great idea. It took coordinatin between the schedules and doctors but that way I was only with pain once and could care for my baby a few weeks after.
I would do it again. Resting and sitting is the best relief but I did not take anything more than Advil for the pain.Good luck and congrats on the baby to be. L. T

Hi J., these are all natural Traumeel, a tablit you just let desolve on your toung, and then the Traumeel gel you rub into he pain site, we got ours at Henry's health food store, it's all natural so you should be able to use it while pregnant, but like anything talk to your doctor first, and you can go on the enternet and read what it says about this product. Congratulations on your new baby. J. L.

I got a hernia from my first pregnancy. My advice is get it taken care of before the little one is crawling so you will have an easier recovery. My doctor told me no lifting anything over 5 pounds for 10 weeks so everything could completely heal since I was planning a second pregnancy. Luckily my mother was able to come over when my husband was at work. She put the baby in my arms for nursing, put him on the changing table for diaper changes, and in ht ehigh chair so I could feed him. He was 5 months old when I had the surgery. My doctor used mesh which held up great for my second pregnancy. That time there was no hernia. But, the mesh kept my abdomen from expanding, so I never really looked pregnant. I was really bummed because I never got the special pregnancy attention.

how about wearing a pregnanacy support belt?

I had a hernia with two of my pregnancies. With my last pregnancy it was really uncomfortable and I wore a hernia belt when I had to be up and walking aroung. It was really ugly and I felt weird wearing it under my clothes but it provided me with a lot of support and relief. You can find them online or at medical supply stores.

I would consult with your OB and get it done as soon after delivery as you can. (or at least one of them) If either becomes strangulated, you may need surgery right away regardless. I had a hernia after my son and was having R inguinal pain (was actually a femoral hernia) at my 4 week check-up and ended up getting surgery that day. As far as what to avoid: anything that can aggravate the hernias such as harsh coughing, sneezing, straining, and especially lifting heavy objects. Use support maternity underwear to brace the areas as much as possible. Congratulations on your first child!

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