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Question Regarding Bad Hip Pain...

Hello All!

I will try to make this quick! I have been experiencing bad hip pain for the past two months, to the point it is very hard to even pick my son up, or walk straight. I called my OB and the nurse asked me a lot of questions over the phone, and sent the doctor an email, but never got back to me. The advice that she gave me for the time being was to NOT pick up my son( 5 1/2 months 21 lbs) Clearly we all know that is not good advice...I have lost all my baby weight and I dont understand what is going on. I was curious to see if any mothers out there experienced the same type of hip problems after birthing...


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It may actually be muscle and nerve pain. May want to try a massage therapist. I have a good one and he helped me a lot with pain in my hip. I was actually having trouble lifting my leg at times and it was mostly muscles. I was doing different lifting and twisting with baby seat and all those things that come along with baby added up to being very sore. Hope this helps.

Hi, M.:

Call Dr. James Stein at Lifeline Chiropractic in Jeffersonville (Norristown), PA and ask his office
for help.

Good luck. D.

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Based on my experience, both as a mom and a chiropractor who has treated lots of moms, you've probably sprained your sacroiliac joints by bending over repeatedly. Kneel down on one knee to pick up your son, and call a chiropractor! They'll probably do some physoitherapies to reduce the swelling in the joint and address any muscle injury then adjust your joints so they move properly again. It you've been injuryed for 2 months without any treatment, it will probably take 6-8 weeks for a fully recovery if you are consistent about going to your appointment and change the way you lift and carry your son. Without treatment and without changing the way you pick him up, it is likely this will become a chronic problem. I see that all the time. You can email me and let me know where you live and I'd be happy to recommend someone (if I know a DC near you).

Hi M.,
I had the same problem ever since I had my daughter (2.5 yrs). Its aching pain in my left hip and in my butt cheek. Sometimes caused some Siatic paiI saw a Chiropractor a few weeks ago and she said I had Piriformis Syndrome. It happens quite frequently in pregnant and post pregnancy women. She taught me some stretches and it has seemed to help alot. It's still a bit sore at times but improving. There are tons of stretches online that you can do. Definitely start working on it now, b/c it will only get worse!

Good Luck,

Where in your hips is the pain? I had terrible pelvic pain after birthing, and had to see a physical therapist. If you think there is any associated pelvic pain, write back and I'll tell you what happened to me and how I fixed it.


Go to see a physical therapist or massage therapist. Most likely your hip is out of joint and its causing pain. I've had awful hip pain since the birth of my son, that I never had before he was born. A few months ago it got so bad I would be in tears when I was walking. I ended up going to a physical therapist and he put my hip back in the joint properly and it relieved most of my pain. I wish I had gone sooner because it was such a relief. He also gave me some exercises that I could do at home to help with the hip muscles and an exercise to do when my hip goes out to get it back in alignment.

Good luck. I hope you feel better soon.

Giving birth is very stressful on the body - you very well could have knocked something out of whack. Have you ever gone to a chiropractor? They have helped me tremendously.

I would suggest you call your primary care doctor, not your OB....and a chiropractor can REALLy help if you've gotten out of alignment from picking up and carrying a baby around. I would check with your PCP to rule out anything more serious. If all they do is prescribe Motrin--I'd head to a good chiropractor. Even if it's not covered, it's worth the money. Lots of moms that I know say their backs are never quite the same after a baby! Good luck to you!

If I were you I would get into to see someone. If your OB isn't being receptive them maybe your primary care doctor?

Hi! Weird that you should have this too! I'm in the same boat with the hip-ish area for pain (lower left abdomen, radiating into the hip/upper thigh area). I've had it off and on for months now, with it now escalating sometimes into stronger pain rather than just pressure. My daughter it 7 1/2 months old, 17 pounds, and I too lost all of the weight in 5 or six months, and then some. I love that your doctor told you not to pick up your son. Wow... I did go to the OB last week, they ran a culture, are doing some urine tests, and I'm getting an ultrasound in a few weeks. There is a history of ovarian cancer in my family, which may be the reason for all of the tests, but they wanted to do the tests before I mentioned that history. I have to call today about the results from the tests. The doctor did say that if these tests were negative, I should follow up with my GP. I did some research on my own when the pain disappeared after I did a workout tape that stretched out the muscles in that area. The sacroiliac joint and the hip flexor muscles of your pelvic/hip area get stretched and strained during pregnancy. By using baby carriers (which I do constantly on long walks) and lots of lifting before your joints and muscles are ready after childbirth (I started working out/walking with her in a front carrier within a week afterwards) can cause additional strains on the muscles and joints. This can lead to spasms when the muscles are constricting and contracting. Like I said, I don't know which of these is the answer yet, if any of them are (joints, muscles, ovaries, etc.). Hope this gives you a little bit of a starting place for info. I would definitely have someone, whether your GP or OB, check it out though. Best wishes!!!

I have the same problem. My doctor said my hips are out of line from carrying such a big baby during pregnancy. Also she is 23lbs now at 7 months. They told me to get a massage or see a chiropractor. It has helped. Also taking a bath helps sooth the sore muscles in my hips.
Hope this helped. Good luck

u may just need to be reinlined at a chiropractor, the trauma of delivery might have just caught up with you. that would be my first place to go, after teh chiro they usually have a massage therapist on staff, they may suggest that you get a massage to help with pain.

Dr. Johnson in washington, pa is excellent! both him and his wife are wonderful people as well as chiropractors

Do to the fact that you are pregnant your hormones have a way of loosening up your joints and other parts of your body. When this happens things can go out of alignment. The best thing you can do is find reputable chiropractor and go for an adjustment. You may have to have more than one. And depending upon your body, you may have to have this done several times. This will help you to feel much better and your hips won't hurt as much.

It may actually be muscle and nerve pain. May want to try a massage therapist. I have a good one and he helped me a lot with pain in my hip. I was actually having trouble lifting my leg at times and it was mostly muscles. I was doing different lifting and twisting with baby seat and all those things that come along with baby added up to being very sore. Hope this helps.

Hi, M.:

Call Dr. James Stein at Lifeline Chiropractic in Jeffersonville (Norristown), PA and ask his office
for help.

Good luck. D.

(Not sure if this has been mentioned . . .) I would recommend chiropractic care. They've been very helpful with hip and lower back pain during and post pregnancy. My friend had severe hip pain after delivering and has found great help from her chiroprator as well.

hi there

i recently had butt and hip pain and i would be so stiff when i stood up i could hardly walk! i have a 5yr and 2yr old. plus i worked in a day care. i went to an ortopedic doctor-thinking sciatica or hip arthritis!?! he told me degenerative disc disease and prescribed physical therapy. i went to physcial therapy and the therapist said she thought it was more the butt muscle i forget the name but it runs under the sciatica and to the hip--she gave me exercises to do and i saw her once a week for a month and i am healed! seriously no pain no stiffnesss--you might want to go that route and see what happens? i am 40 years old.
good luck!


I would actually check with a chiropractor. I had hip pain, which I thought was from carrying my daughter around all the time, but the pain was actually caused by my spine. My spine was curved a little and my one hip was higher than the other. I also had ligaments that were not aligned or moving properly. I did not have much pain before that except for the lower back and hip pain. I never thought to go to a Chiropractor until we purchased some land where we are currently building a house. We became good friends with our "neighbors to be" and he has his own practice. I went into see him and he showed me my X-Rays. There are so many problems that you can have just from your spine such as: headaches, muscle spasms, sharp pains in your head, etc... all because of your spine. I have been going there for a few weeks to get adjusted and for rehab and I am feeling much better. It's great because it is a kid friendly place and I can bring my daughter with me :) Good Luck!

no, I was sore in the lower part of my back from the epidural I had which subsided after 6 months. I would def go have an mri done on the sore hip so you can find out what it going on.

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