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Question on Ovulation

Hi Mamas,
I have a question regarding ovulation. My husband and I are ready to try for baby #3, so I have begun charting myself the past 3 cycles. I have noticed that I do not seem to have cervical mucus (egg whites kind). This concerns me very much because I have read that this can be an indication of fertility problems. I have also read that this does not definitley mean that a woman is not ovulating. I am in my early 30's so I understand that I will have less mucus than a woman in her 20's. I also have a fibroid so I am not sure if this is effecting me and my ovulation? I have not been to the obgyn since my 18 month old was born and need to schedule an appointment, but wanted to ask first if anyone has experienced no cervical mucus and still became pregnant.
Thanks in advance!

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Hi L.,

I agree with Kathy on this. You've already had 2 children, so appears that you do not have any fertility issues. Just enjoy. (P.S. both my children were conceived on vacation...maybe you deserve a long weekend without kids)

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Hi Lindsey,

My mucous was all over the board from day to day, nothing predicatable either. Also the ovulation monitor took months to figure out I ovulate much later in the cycle than "normal". All of it was too much work!

I suggest you see your OB and get on pre-natal vitamins and extra folic acid now. You are still young I would just do as my OB said. Have sex every other day from after your period until you get a positive pregnancy test or your period again. I feel that the charting and ovulation monitors make baby-making a "we have to do it NOW honey" chore. If you had no problems conceiving in the past, give plain ole no pressure sex a chance. One month of sex every other day is all it took for us to get #2. Hubby didnt mind either!

Good luck!

You may have just missed it... Hopefully that's the case. Have you tried the ovulation pee sicks? They have ones you can do every day for a month. You can tell if/when you are ovulating pretty easily with them. You may ovulate early or late or something. I did them when i got pregnant this time.

hi lindsaey;

first of all if you already have 2 kids it's hard to imagine that you would have a fertility problem, right? :)

i would suggest that you go to a midwife for a variety of reasons. first and foremost they are much more compassionate and likely to give you normal, non medical ideas for how to help yourself get read to get pregnant again. doctors are very aggressive and this is often excessive and dangerous; if you tell a doctor you're worried about fertility you'll be on heavy duty medication before your head stops spinning, that's how they make money. so take yourself first to a midwife who will sit you down, give you a little basic education, talk you through the signals you are getting from your body, and help you get going.

and just as an aside, i had very little mucus before i had my kids and now seem to have a lot more; we all change. the body changes. i bet money you will be fine.

good luck

It seemed like, when I got pregnant with my last baby, the "egg whites" were VERY hard to find. Sometimes, too, they can be there for SUCH a short part of just one day. I would give it a few more cycles, and just pay extra attention for those few days when you know you're about to ovulate.

you should definitely set up an appt with your ob gyn for your annual checkup. if you already had 2 successful pregnancies, you are fertile.

i had the same question when trying to conceive my daughter. i never found any cervical mucus, and was scared that it was fertility problems. so, i got an ovulation predicter kit and just had sex for 3 days in a row when it was positive. that was the month we got pregnant with our now 9 month old daughter:)

also, you might want to talk with your midwife or ob/gyn to ease your mind.

good luck! oh, and have fun...

Hi L.,

I agree with Kathy on this. You've already had 2 children, so appears that you do not have any fertility issues. Just enjoy. (P.S. both my children were conceived on vacation...maybe you deserve a long weekend without kids)

I just got pregnant (YAE!) with my 2nd baby to be. I used to get that cervical mucus stuff... I've never really stopped to think about when I stopped getting it I guess. Perhaps it was as I entered my 30's. I didn't really give it much thought.

I really wanted to get pregnant now but I didn't think it was going to happen quite yet. We were barely doing the deed and when we finally did, I "knew" I was past ovulation because I was already cramping for my period. But as it turns out, that's how I've gotten pregnant each time (I miscarried 1, had the 2nd). It's just that the docs never believed me b/c when I said I must've got pregnant on such and such date they say "no, it's too late in your cycle, it had to be this date." I've never bothered to make a mountain out of it, but now I'm 1000% certain because frankly, it's the only day we had sex the entire month!

Anyway, my point isn't to get into my sex life. Only to encourage you that I had no trouble getting pregnant AND that you shouldn't adhere too closely to ovulation cycxle predictions. it might be why you haven't gotten pregnant. Women really do ovulate on different cycles. Some evn ovulate WHILE they are having their period, which is why they can't get pregnant b/c most of us don't like to do it when we have it. So, buy sexy lingerie and all kinds of fun lotions and oils and go crazy. You'll get there. Good luck, N.

I had 2 kids before I even knew there was such a thing as cervical mucus. I'd have the wetness, but no thick mucus. Apparently it was there or I wouldn't have the 2 kids I had at the time. Then once I learned about the mucus it became easier for baby #3, and then #4. Maybe for a bit you should stop worrying about when you do or don't ovulate, and just enjoy your husband. It will happen! Your body already knows what to do. Just stop trying, and let it work out on it's own.

My friend had just what you describe. She had a (4?) year long struggle getting her first to arrive (she was in her early 30's), and then more trouble getting that second child to arrive (mom age 35). The third (mom age 38) was a total surprise - no change in the limited or no mucus, and then boom - here comes her daughter. She had a fibroid like you. She gave birth to three healthy children, and they are now 23, 15 and 12. I was privileged to be at their births. With the earlier pregnancies, she tried acupuncture and holistic whatever, but with the third, well, she was not eating any of the right stuff or thinking about it at all, and her daughter just decided to arrive. It's very possible. Good luck to you.

I tried charting my temp and cervical mucus for three months before we tried to get pregnant. I was never quite sure on the mucus (it was different all the time!), and ended up completely wrong about my ovulation time despite all my hard work. Bizarrely enough, I got pregnant anyways during our first month of trying! I just conceived over a week later than I expected to.

My point being: I THOUGHT I knew when I could get pregnant, based on all the signs. And I was completely wrong. Everybody's body does weird stuff, and I definitely wouldn't worry yet about a possible mucus issue. :) Do keep hydrated though. That's the one thing my doc told me can really help mucus production, and thus conception.

I have never ever seen this so called cervical mucous (and since it is supposed to look like egg whites, I guess I'm kind of glad!) - anyway, I have 4 healthy, gorgeous children (the last one 9 months ago and I was already 39) and each time I became pregnant pretty much as soon as we thought we might want to get pregnant! Good luck!!

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