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Question for Moms About Bright Red Cheeks at Night

About one week ago we noticed that every night in the evening. my five year old's cheeks were bright red. He has not been eating anything different, and they are only red in the evening. Has this happened to anyone else?? What do you think it could be? THanks!

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Thanks for all the info! I think it is just some dry skin and it is not bothering him at all! I have been putting lotion on his cheeks when he falls asleep, hopefully this will help. Unfortunatly, he hates any type of lotion/chapstick on his body!!

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K., I heard that red cheeks may be a type of yeast infection. Diaper creams, such as the brand Palliden, really help. This has also worked for chapped skin under the nose with a cold or runny nose.

Hi K..

It might just be dry skin. My 17 month old had the same problem, she didn't feel warm, but every time she would wake up in the morning or after a nap, her cheeks would be bright red. I just put some lotion on it and the redness got better. Maybe try a humdifier also. This winter has been cold and dry. I wish it was over already.

Hi K.,
Do the red cheeks kind of look like "slapped cheeks"?
If so, it might be Fifths Disease ( Don't worry it sounds worse than it is).
Read the following, I copied from a web site. Google Fifths Disease for more info.
My kids had this, and it started with bright red cheeks at night.

Fifth disease (erythema infectiosum) is another common viral infection of childhood that causes a distinctive rash.

Fifth disease begins with mild symptoms, including a fever, muscle aches, headache and decreased activity for a few days. About 7 to 10 days later, affected children will develop a red rash on their cheeks, which takes on the typical 'slapped cheeks' appearance of Fifth Disease.

Next, kids get a pink or red lacelike rash on their arms. This rash comes and goes and may spread to their legs, trunk and buttocks.

Children usually develop symptoms 2-3 weeks after being exposed to someone with Fifth Disease.

Good Luck!


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I too was going to suggest fifth's disease! But with my son, he gets VERY irritable when he contracts it. He use to get bright red cheeks when he was a baby and a tooth would be pushing through. Since we haven't experienced adult teeth yet, could this be it? What I do know for sure is that when ever his cheeks got apple red, an illness shortly followed! Good luck.

Try Aquafor--it is a light cream that will help right away--you could also try 1% Cortizone cream.

It can really be anything...

Teething - when they teeth they can get flushed. Also, they can sleep in their drool (espec so when they teeth) and that chaps their cheeks.

Cold - colds/fevers can leave a little one flushed. Sometimes they don't even need the fever to have the flushed, red cheeks.

Sensitive skin - my youngest daughter has red cheeks a lot simply b/c she has sensitive skin and the cold, dry weather recently has made her cheeks red and dry.

Hot baths/showers actually dry OUT skin, so what I do is run the shower w/ the curtain partiallly closed and the bathroom door closed for about 5 or 10 mins to steam up the room. Then I draw the girls a warm bath. Then I lotion the girls and put them in their pjs in the steamed bathroom when they get out. I have found chapstick actually works GREAT on cheeks (NOT the medicated kind, of course!)

That's another tip I've recently learned.... put chapstick on their faces just like you would put sunblock on their faces in the summertime. This will keep the moisture in their skin and prevent the wind/cold from chapping/irritating their skin. I do this ANYtime we got out...even if it's just to the store. It's really helped my little one especially (she's the one w/ the more sensitive skin).

Hope this helps!

And, if you just want a doc's opinion, call or go ahead and take your child in. It's always nice to get a doc's opinion if you're really worried.

have you changed laundry dtergent or fabric softner lately? One of my sons had a reaction like that to different dtergent. Also, is this childs room close to a garage and do you have a carbon monoxide detector? Young children can be more sensitive to lower levels of carbon monoxide than older children and adults. Good luck

Both of my daughters got red cheeks at night when I use fabric softener in the wash. Once I stopped using fabric softener in the wash and used a fragrance free soap(we use All in the white bottle)the red cheeks went away

Both of my girls get it, with my older one with lighter skin being more noticeable. For them, it usually means they're tired or thirsty. If they deny being thirsty, then it's time for bed! Seriously, since it's usually happening at night, I think it's just tiredness.

I am 29 years old and to this day, if I get tired, my cheeks get red. There's nothing wrong and there's nothing I can do to fix it. It's actually a running joke in the family where they'll say, "Oh look, M.'s getting tired," like they used to do when I was little. Turns out, my 3.5 year old daughter has the same thing. So cute!

My Daughter gets this when tired. (I still do at times as well....) Ever since she was a baby, this is how I knew it was time for a nap or bed. But, if you're real concerned about it, I would say consult a dermatologist or your Dr. just to be sure.

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