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Question About When Breasts Will Stop Leaking After Having Baby?

Hi Mom's

I am 12 days post partum and am bottle feeding. My breasts are still very tender at times and leak often. I have been wearing supportive bra's and using ice but I can't seem to get them to dry up. They are not engorged but everytime I go near my daughter they become painful and leak. Any suggestions or tips?

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I've also heard cabbage from other moms. Someone also suggested Sudafed. Any antihistamine will dry up milk supply. I'm not one to take medication when it is not "necessary" but other mothers have told me that Sudafed will work.

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hello, i have to agree with all other poster, cabbage leaves work like a charm, i thought my mom was crazy when she did it for me but it worked,but we used frozen leaves and wrapped me up so tight, i wore a size to small sports bra,the stomach thing they use at the hospital to keep the monitors in place and then she took a towel and tied it with a robe belt and i dried up in 2days....good luck i feel your pain....

Hi S.,

Cabbage leaves will do the trick. I used cabbage leaves after my kids were born and I put the leaves in my bra and after a few days, I was all dried up! Change leaves frequently, after they shrivle up. Keep cabbage in the fridge!
Hope this helps!

S., mom inventor

I'm assuming that when you say you are bottle feeding that means your baby is getting formula, and not pumped breastmilk. If that is the case and you don't need your breastmilk, you can always place clean cabbage leaves on your breasts. Once it's kind of wilted, change leaves. For some reason, it will lessen your milk supply and help you against leakage. The duration of leakage kind of depends on the person. Some people never leak while others are like a fountain.

Good luck.

This is going to sound insane, but put cold cabbage leaves in your bra and your breasts will dry up quicker. Seriously. I know it sounds goofy and you'll feel like a salad, but it works although I have no idea why. =) Good luck.

I didn't do this myself because I breast fed, but my cousing swears is works. Put cabbage leaves inside your bra, and in about three days your milk will dry up. Weird, huh?

I've also heard cabbage from other moms. Someone also suggested Sudafed. Any antihistamine will dry up milk supply. I'm not one to take medication when it is not "necessary" but other mothers have told me that Sudafed will work.

Cabbage leaves worked great for me. Avoid hot showers. Cold compresses help too.

I know this may sound funny but it really worked for my friend. Try putting cabbage leaves on your breast when they become sore and are leaking. It is apparently very soothing and was recommended to her. I'm not sure why it helps but it does.

My daughter is 4 months old and I still leak every once in a while if she is snuggling up to me in bed. I never breastfed her either so I find it odd. I think it will just take time. You might want to call your physician to make sure they feel it is normal. I had terrible engorgement this time post-partum. I just kept myslef in the tightest sports bra I own all the time until the pain and swelling subsided.

I know this sounds crazy, but try putting cabbage leaves in your bra. Trust me--it works.

I don't know when they'll stop leaking, but I do know that cabbage leaves inside your bra really do help with the pain of engorgement. You can use them room temp but they feel better if they were refrigerated or in the freezer. Just put the 'vein' side of the leaf away from your skin. It worked for me, I hope it works for you!

I breastfed my baby for four months. When I stopped, I leaked for about a month. Your breasts will eventually get the message. It is a supply/demand type situation. So if there is no demand for the milk, the breasts will stop the supply. Just be patient. Keep up with the cool compresses....and nursing pads will help absorb the leakage. Hang in there!!

sounds crazy but i used cabbage leaves after all 4 of my pregnancies. i bought a decent sized head of green cabbage, pulled off some leaves large enough to cover the breast, rinsed them thoroughly, and kept them between papertowels in the fridge. what you do is place one crisp leaf inside your bra and leave it there until it wilts. i'm serious about this! it really worked for me and i was really painfully engorged. even the women at the wic office have heard of people doing it. you might feel funny wearing cabbage leaves but noone will know unless you tall them :) it might take a few days or more, but like the other poster said, it's all about supply and demand. if you get so full you can't stand it, express just the tiniest bit of milk. not too much. otherwise you'll fool your body into just making more. good luck!

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