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Question About Tamiflu

My daughter was diagnosed today with flu, I'm assuming it's H1N1 this time of year, although she was not tested. Despite feeling chilly, having a low grade fever, and a sore throat and tummy she was okay as long as she rested in bed. She even ate some crackers and felt much better. However, once I gave her Tamiflu she was very ill and threw up so many times that there's nothing left in her stomach, including the Tamiflu. She's even been waking up just to throw up whatever water she has sipped. My question is is this is typical with H1N1 or is it the Tamiflu? She is mildly asthmatic so I want her to have Tamiflu to prevent worse symptoms but she seemed fine until I gave her the antiviral. I'm just wondering if I should continue giving it to her or let her ride it out. I know a few people who have had H1N1 and just had fevers and sore throat for a week or so and it doesn't seem so bad. Now my daughter seems so much worse, I'm wondering if it's worth continuing the meds. I hope you ladies can help - you always have the best advice on this site! :)

Thank you!


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Thank you so much to those wonderful and helpful ladies who responded to my note. Your advice reassured me so much and I really appreciate your concern. I spoke with my daughter's pediatrician and she said that Tamiflu can have adverse reactions especially in kids and although we'll never know if it caused the terrible vomitting, she thought the fitful sleep could be attributed to it. Because she acted so strangely on it, I decided to forego the Tamiflu. She is still suffering with fever, cough, and sore throat, but she's not sick to her stomach anymore and is eating and drinking. I'm giving her her puffers to help with her cough in hopes it keeps her lungs clear. We're just going to wait it out and pray she gets better soon. Thank you all again - you're all in my prayers that you and your kids don't have to suffer with this. Take care!


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Vomiting is the most common side effect to Tamiflu according to this: http://www.tamiflu.com/sideeffects.aspx

I would stop giving it to her and just monitor her other symptoms closely. Most people do go through either the seasonal flu or the H1N1 flu OK.

My son (5 months) and I had H1N1 2 weeks ago. We both were on tamiflu to help. It didnt seem to do anything to make him ill but when I would take it...it made me very sick. I would throw up after taking it. I found that if I took it with some food then maybe it would work. I ended up stopping it because I didnt notice a difference and it wasnt worth me being MORE sick when taking it. When we had it we had fevers, sore throats and bad cough. Hope this helps a little. Good luck!

Stop giving her the Tamiflu and call her doctor and inform them of this. This sounds like an abnormal reaction to me.

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We had the H1N1 in our house too and I talked to my doctor about Tamiflu. She actually did not recommend it at all because of the the terrible side effects it can have especially in children. Vomiting being one of them but also neurological effects was the biggest one. She said all Tamiflu is going to do is help make the fever not so bad and maybe make the duration of the flu one or two days shorter. She told me that if it were her she would not do the Tamiflu because the risk out weighed the benefits. I would talk to your doctor about it for sure because if it is making your daughter worse what is the point of pumping her full of a drug that isn't going to make her better anyway. My kids were not in the high risk category though so maybe not doing Tamiflu was the best route for us. I am not sure if your daughter is considered high risk or not but that may make a difference in the way the doctor treats her. I hope she feels better soon.

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I am quite frankly shocked at the over use of Tamiflu! Just in this post there are 3-4 families who have used it. its proven to not prevent or make the flu better, and to possibly shorten the flu by 1/2 -1 day if that, and its only proven to work to shorten the flu by 1/2-1 day if you start taking it right away at the onset of the flu, and thats usually before symptoms present much.

ANYWAY, I would call your doctor. The tamiflu is making her worse and likely won't shorten or help her flu any. Plus the side effects outweigh the benefits at this point. If she's throwing it all up it won't help her anyway, and you want her to feel better, not worse.

On another note, the overuse of Tamiflu has caused it to show up in water tables from people's waste who have taken it, meaning birds and other animals are being exposed to the antiviral, which will, in turn, cause eventual super viruses because of the built up resistance to an antiviral.

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Yes that is a side effect of Tamiflu. I have written about that on my blog - http://www.LindaLongden.com

Make sure your daughter is getting plenty of clear liquids so she does not get dehydrated and lots of rest.


Call your Doctor. Tamiflu has some side affects that they should have told you about. Call your doctor and let them know what is going on. Better safe than sorry especially since your daughter has asthma.

I have so many comments about my own children - but will try to be brief. I believe my children have had it tWiCe! They experienced the 100 - 102 fever, chills, aches, cough about six weeks ago, lasting about a week. I picked up a sore throat that lasted nearly three - and then we were hit shortly thereafter with a worse case... 104 temps, each child's lasting three days, coming down for about 1/2 hour of every four with the help of ibuprofen OR tylenol... only to go back up. We also deal with asthma in one child and myself, so did peak flow monitoring, inhaler and nebulizer, pending how he felt. The nebulizer is easier on him, in my opinion. Anyway - they missed several days of school between the two episodes, and we did NOT go in for the tamiflu. Unfortunately for us, the kids were all fevering mostly at differing times, but overlapping by a day or so... and the weather was chilly and rainy - and I feared dragging three out in the weather to pick up another illness or pneumonia - so we stayed home with it. And getting around to symptoms... they were each very different. Their eyes and fevers were the same (glassy, stare-ee, and wet looking) and 104 temps - but my son had the wicked cough with it, aches and chills. My daughter just lay still and curled in blankets. My youngest threw up. And our diagnosis was influenza, over the phone - although I suspect the h1n1 (for both situations) - I think the symptoms vary from case to case. And I think the asthma complicates it. Oh... we were all VERY tired throughout it.

I'd say absolutely phone the doc's office to comment on the throwing up of the tamiflu and see if they have any suggestions. Could there be an ingredient that your child is allergic to within it? - I guess just good to have it documented for your child, anyway, how she reacted this go round. And then... love her up.

Hope you feel well soon! This is a bugger of a season, already! And our school district says 100 degrees or under. And returning to school needs a 24 hour break from fever without the use of meds. So, I'm following that to the letter - and my kids have missed six days of school... prompting a letter to remind us of the importance of attending school regularly. Duh.


A school mom that we know is a pediatrician. She does not recommend Tamiflu for any one under 12 yrs old. That's her own medical opinion.

She says lots of complications can result from inhaling vomit, where it can become bacteria laden in the lungs, and possibly go on to cause pneumonia.

In her mind, it's best to ride out the flu. But, professionally, she sees more problems with Tamiflu in the very young, vs the possibility of a swine flu side effect.

You'll have to think carefully, and decide for yourself. Be cautious with dehydration, or inhaling of the vomit into your child's lungs.

Good luck.

if she has asthma call the doctor!!

Honestly, between extra vigilant hand washing and the vaccine, the flu is a whole lot of hype and most won't get it and those that do will be laid up at home for 3-7 days. However, they are still trying to get a handle on why the newest strain (H1N1)seems to impact those with asthma, young adults, etc. more than others. And until the understand it, they are rationing tamiflu and issuing it to those they think might be at greater risk. But they simply do not know. We have <1 yr of H1Ni\1 under our belts and that is not enough time to know everything about it.

You really really should talk to your doctor (or multiple doctors if you want a 2nd opinion). Moms are a good source but we haven't had years of school and years of work experience. That said, most medicines (even vitamins) are hard on the tummy. Crackers before taking most medications goes a long way to preventing nausea.

You and all mommies at home tending to sick babies are in my thoughts!!

both of my daughter (age 2 1/2 and 6) had h1n1 last week and had high temps, cough, sore throat, and runny nose. they seemed miserable so i brought them in. they got tamiflu and seemed much better once they started taking it. they were running around the house and fighting like normal. if i were you, i would stop giving your daughter the tamiflu if she got worse after you gave it to her. a friend of mine's son had h1n1 as well and was actually allergic to the tamiflu. i would definetly call your doctor and tell them the symptoms. my girls were completely fine, i think the h1n1 is dangerous if the child has some other condition. good luck and i hope she gets through it ok!

My son (5 months) and I had H1N1 2 weeks ago. We both were on tamiflu to help. It didnt seem to do anything to make him ill but when I would take it...it made me very sick. I would throw up after taking it. I found that if I took it with some food then maybe it would work. I ended up stopping it because I didnt notice a difference and it wasnt worth me being MORE sick when taking it. When we had it we had fevers, sore throats and bad cough. Hope this helps a little. Good luck!

Funny this should come up. I was just talking with my friend yesterday who's son had H1N1. THey took him to the Dr, and her Dr told her he was not going to do Tamiflu because most children vomit from it and it doesn't stay in the system. It becomes a waste and it only shaves 1 to 2 days off the length of the illness. This is normal and probably not necessary for your child.

Yes nausea and vomiting can be side effects. I took all of mine but I continued to eat normally. My 15 yr old didn't eat normally and got sick every time he took Tamiflu. He decided/insisted he wasn't taking any more. We got better about the same time. At this point I don't put a lot of stock in Tamiflu but you will need to make that decision for yourself. You could call your Dr's office and get their advice to see how to take it with out the nausea or if just not take it. Best wishes! J.

We have also had (confirmed) H1N1 hit our house - but like the other post the symptoms are very different than you described- HIGH fever(102-104)for up to 5 days, sore throat, coughing (that turned into pneumonia), basically in bed for 5 days - not even wanting to watch TV.

The doctor told us that there are at least 5 different flu strains going around right now and the H1N1 is just the most talked about. They also did not recommend we use tami-flu unless our son started to wheeze or have trouble breathing. If I were you I would call the doctors office and discuss before giving it again due to the reaction.

Good luck- this too shall pass - even though it will seem like an eternity before they get back to normal.

My son had H1N1 last week and also has asthma. Here are the symptoms which came on very quick. Diarrhea, cough, fever 104, chills, body aches, and vomiting.... our doctor does not usually give tamiflu but with his symptoms being so bad she told us the side effects of the med. and had him start on tamiflu. He started to get better after 2 days on the tamiflu. I gave it to him with food (even if it was only a cracker) and pushed the fluids.
I found the tamiflu to be a great help!
everyones body is different so it could be the flu itself or the tamiflu :/

I am going to say she has the regular gastro flu and not H1N1 which I had a few weeks ago. The tamiflu may or may not help her with the gastro flu depending on how fast you caught it. Tamiflu is only effective if you catch it within the first 24/48 hours. If she continues to be sick I would contact your Dr. it could be something else you just have to ride out.

My daughter is also on tamaflu. She was diagnosed on Monday with H1N1. She only got sick once after taking tne medicine but she didn't have any food on her stomach. I would ask you doctor but I know you can throw up from H1N1 also. Hope she feels better soon this flu is brutal on kids.

My pediatrician said vomiting occurs in about 50% of the kids who get Tamiflu, and that she hasn't even given it to her patients who are diabetic who get the flu - you want a diabetic with uncontrollable vomiting, she asks? Talk to your doctor about whether its worth continuing the Tamiflu. My son was really sick w/H1N1 - we had him in the ER for IV fluids (vomiting, without tamiflu) and he got pneumonia and was the sickest I've ever seen him - he stayed in bed for six days of his own volition! That said, he's fine. It sucked, but he's fine. I understand the caution your doc feels with your asthmatic daughter, and you never can tell with flu when its going to turn really ugly, but it sounds like she was doing pretty OK without the antiviral. Talk to your doc. Good luck! (My son did have a high fever for seven days, and a low-grade fever for two days after that, so you are probably in for the long haul.)

I took tamiflu and got diarreha but that could have been the flu too. It also says on their can change mental status you might want to hurt yourself or hurt someone. I got very depressed and like totally weird several days after taking it. I think it did help me though so I would try and continue to give it to your daughter.

My dd is 8 and I think she has as it as of today also. She has 102fever, cough, runny nose and tummy ache also. Very depressed she's missing her Halloween party tomorrow at school too. I called to see if my daughter qualified for tamiflu and because she occasionaly wheezes and uses albuterol they got very concerened and insisted we go in first thing in the mornin. I'm sure she'll get tamiflu and I'm gonna give it to my daughter and if she vomits I'm still going to give it to her. I think it's necessary.

We've had some kind of flu at our house too, and did not bother with an anti-viral. When we had Influenza A two years ago, we were in and out of our doc's office because my son also had a double ear infection on top of the influenza, and we had an infant. Anyway, my doc has three small kids, and told up frankly that Tamiflu can be worse than the flu itself and that she wouldn't really recommend it unless there was a darn good reason. But--if you take an antiviral, it needs to be in the first 24-48 hours of the onset of the illness or before, when the person is simply exposed. After that, most clinics will not give it to you. Whatever version of influenza we have at our house this week, three of us lost our appetites for several days, all of us ran high fevers for several days, but only my 2 yo actually vomited. And, when he vomited, it was somewhat prompted--my husband trying to give him Tylenol, which he didn't want, and too much diluted juice, on two occasions. They were things that a child SHOULD be able to do, but if you were worried at all about a delicate stomach, you wouldn't let a child do. Anyway--my doc said vomiting was a common side effect to Tamiflu; I would say it's a distinct possibility that her vomiting is a result of the antiviral and that you should contact your clinic ASAP to see what they'd like you to do.

Our 2 year old was diagnosed with the flu (probably H1N1) on Monday. Our doctor actually discouraged us from giving her the Tamiflu. He said that it really only cuts down the symptoms by about a day. His biggest concern was that some of the common side effects are hallucinations and other neurological things. He told us that the flu usually will run its course in 5-7 days. My husband who is a pharmacist said that vomiting would definately be a side effect of the Tamiflu. I would be worried about dehydration is she is vomiting that much.

Our daughter had a cough, runny nose, and high fever (up to 102.5). She came down with the fever on Sunday afternoon, ran a fever Monday and Tuesday, was REALLY miserable on Wednesday, was MUCH better on Thursday and by tonight was back to being her normal self (but still has the cough and runny nose). If it were me, I would stop giving her the Tamiflu and just watch that her breathing doesn't become labored. Good luck! I know how miserable it is to see your little one so sick.

I guess it's hard to say if its the flu or the med at this point. H1N1 can cause voimiting, especially in children but I have heard from many people that have taken Tamiflu that they have gotten diarrhea/vomiting after they take it. I guess this would be up to you but the flu will go away on its own without the med and if your daughter doesn't seem to be having breathing difficulties due to her asthma, she may be fine without Tamiflu. I would probably check with her doctor to get their opinion as well.

My son has asthma and started Tamiflu within 12 hours of getting his fever and cough a couple of weeks ago (his sister had the flu 3 days earlier so we were prepared for him to get it too). He did not have any side effects although I was quite worried about him getting some of them. He was completely over the flu in 3 days with nothing more than a 100 fever. I think the Tamiflu helped. His sister who didn't get the Tamiflu was sick for 6 days. In both of their cases it was a horrible cough and fever but no vomiting or diarhea.

You have probably already called the doctor by now but if not that is what I would do and see what they think. It could be the Tamiflu causing the vomiting because I think that was one of the side effects.

Stop giving her the Tamiflu and call her doctor and inform them of this. This sounds like an abnormal reaction to me.

Vomiting is the most common side effect to Tamiflu according to this: http://www.tamiflu.com/sideeffects.aspx

I would stop giving it to her and just monitor her other symptoms closely. Most people do go through either the seasonal flu or the H1N1 flu OK.

I am sorry your daughter is sick. Both my daughters recently had it. They are 6 and 8. They had it very differently. My 6 yo laid in bed, slept, had a high fever, ate nothing but drank well for a few days. My 8 yo had a lower fever, vomitted for 2 days, had loose bms (but not diarrhea), also ate nothing and drank almost nothing, but was not as sleepy and had more energy than my younger daughter. I think, like with any illness, it can effect different people in different ways. I would suggest calling your doc and asking if they have any suggestions, otherwise make sure she has something in her tummy when you give it to her. Will she sip on some Sprite before taking it? That would be at least something in her. I would think it is the flu progressing that is making her worse, not the meds. Good luck and I hope she is better soon.

First of all, call your doctor and don't do anything until you do. My 12yo daughter was diagnosed with H1N1 on Tuesday, and she has asthma, so they gave her Tamiflu. The pharmacist told me to make sure she takes it with food or it can cause stomach upset. The doctor also said to make sure she finishes all 10 doses - just like antibiotics, an anti-viral med works the same way. So far she has tolerated it fine and it has definitely made a difference. I got H1N1 the next day, and she is at least 3 days ahead of me in recovery. They wouldn't give me the Tamiflu because they are rationing it and only giving it to people with chronic health conditions or children under 2.

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