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Question About Non-caucasion Baby

I am an extremely light skinned caucasion, married to a caucasion. I have a rather stupid question about babies that are NOT caucasion. I have a 9 month old grandson that is 1/2 mexican. Black hair, brown eyes, skin midway between his dad's medium brown and my daughter's very pale. Anyway - he has this area of skin on his lower back, like butt crack up to small of the back - that is blue-ish. Almost like a pale bruise. But it's been there since he was born. He also has a birthmark on his chest that is just darker brown than his skin, much like with a caucasion birthmark. So my question is - is this blue-ish area some sort of birthmark that darker skinned people get? Or some phenomena that darker skinned people have? I don't mean to sound ignorant, but I'm quite curious! Yet not curious enough to remember to ask his doctor, LOL!

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Very cool to know! Thank you all so much for your answers!

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My 4 month old son has this spot on his bottom and lower back. I am caucasion and my husband is black. I have heard that this is very common in any mixed race baby.

I was in day care for eons in my other life and I have never heard of this. Thank you all for teaching me something new today!!!

It is called a mongolian birthmark. My son is half spanish and he had it when he was a toddler and then it just went away once he got a little older. People used to ask me if I "spanked" him - while giving me suspicious looks.

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My daughter is adopted from China and she has a Mongolian spot on her bottom too. That's pretty common. I always let babysitters know that it is not a bruise....that she is not being abused. She's 5 years old and still has it.

I have a friend who is caucasion and husband is mexican and they have 3 boys with the same mark. The oldest is 3 and his is still prominent she says. I guess it is normal.

looks like you've had a lot of responses and i haven't read through all of 'em so sorry if you have already heard this response....
i am hispanic (my skin is light and my whole life people have told me that i don't "look" mexican....ignorant of people to think that all mexicans should be dark..anyway, that's a whole other topic!)
my husband is anglo and we have 3 kids...they don't have any birthmarks at all, but have very light skin so maybe it is just with people with darker skin, but i don't think it always is the case!

My husband and I are both caucasion (darker skinned but still caucasion), and our son had it. It's called a Mongolian Blue Spot. It goes away after a while. I think we could still see a little last year on our son who is about to turn 4.

Yes, these happen in darker skinned kids and they are called Mongolian Spots. They fade over time!

I'm sure the baby's pediatrician has noticed if anything were wrong. If the baby's mother is your daughter and you feel comfortable asking her, just see what she says.

Hi R.,

I work at a day care and I've had hispanic children. That blueish mark you see on his back side is just something hispanic people are born with. Nothing to be alarmed about. Hope this puts you at ease!

Hi R., as you have been told by others he does have a Mongolian birth mark. My daughter is biracial and had lots when she was a baby. They will go away, she's six now and you don't see them any longer.


I hope all is well. The darker brown spot could possibly be a birthmark but the bruised looking mark will evebtually go away over time. My son had that when he was born and it's just somerthing that we get because of the pigment of our skin.

Have a great day.

That is also a good luck spot, Buda Kicked the baby out of the womb. This of course is a Chinese Tale.

I am Chinese and hubby is Hispanic. Our son has the Mongolian spots on his bottom and also a very light one on his upper arm. The lighter marks are starting to fade. He is 3.5 yrs old now.

Well, it looks as though you received a lot of responses & answers... I myself am extremely pale & my husband is hispanic- he is fairly dark. We have 3 children now... and I have never noticed this type of mark on any of them. We have boy/girl twins that are 4 months old- and the only thing we notice there is that our boy is very pale like me! We joke and my husband says "my caucasion boy"...Both my 3 year old daughter & 4 month old daughter are more tan in color than he is...but, as one response told you, bring it up to the pediatrician so they can be sure to document it before your daughter & son-in-law get accused of something horrible.

they are called mongolian spots. They are just a concentrated collection of melanin typically on the back and lower back/butt area. They are very common in children of African American or Latin American descent, and they usually fade by age 5 or so (but not always).

I'm actually tickled by your question ;0). U have not read the other post but it sounds like your grandson has what is called a Mongolian spot. My daughter who is now 4 was born with them in the same place and they usually fade away to barely noticeable. It is fairly common with african American and Hispanic babies ( not sure where Mongolian came from) and are harmless so no need to be worried...but you can google it for more info!

That bluish spot is called a Mongoloid Spot. Some Mexicans have them because of their Native American (Aztec, Mayan, etc.) ancestry. It's nothing to worry about. See this for more details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongolian_spot

It is called a mongolian birthmark. My son is half spanish and he had it when he was a toddler and then it just went away once he got a little older. People used to ask me if I "spanked" him - while giving me suspicious looks.

They are called Mongolian spots and it is very common for hispanic children to have them.
My foster child has them and she is now 6 jmonths and they do not look they will go away.

The spot on his back may be a Mongolian spot which are common in black and Hispanic or darker skin babies. They may take as long as 4 to 5 years from birth to go away.

Very common on mexican babies. It looks like a bruise but it's not & with time it will go away.

I am the very proud Mommy to a beautiful little girl, adopted from China. When we brought her home, our social worker advised us to have her pediatrician document that she had "Mongolian Spots" (which appeared like a large bruise) in the same area that you are describing with your grandson, in addition to two areas on her shoulders that looked like thumbprints made by a larger, adult hand. It is not uncommon in Asian children who have that same darker skin, so I wouldn't think it unusual with Hispanic origin. You might want to research on the internet. But better to have it recorded on his medical records than to face explaining to CPS because it was reported by a care giver or someone not familiar with him.

It is Mongolian spots. both of my daughters had the bruise looking marks on their bottoms from birth to about 6 months. I am caucasion and my husband is Hispanic mix. Also, my oldest has a birth mark on her tummy that is just slightly darker than her skin color. She is fairly pale like me. So its normal!

A Mongolian Spot, Mongolian Fleck or Mongolian Blue Spot is a benign flat congenitalbirthmark with wavy borders and irregular shape, most common among East Asians and Turks, and named after Mongolians. It is also extremely prevalent among East Africans and Native Americans.[1][2] It normally disappears three to five years after birth and almost always by puberty.[3] The most common color is blue, although they can be blue-gray, blue-black or even deep brown

My oldest son had the same thing, same spot. It goes away, and is normal in more olive skin types. :)

I was in day care for eons in my other life and I have never heard of this. Thank you all for teaching me something new today!!!

I am not completely sure, but I think this is called a Mongolian spot...google it though. Yes, it is just a mark that appears on some darker skinned babies. I know it's harmless, but don't know when it goes away. Hope this helps!

The bluish discolored skin around the child's bottom is called "Mongolian birth mark" where almost all Filipino kids have them at birth. This disappears as they grow up. Goggle for further info.

It's called a mongolian spot! It's normal for babies of hispanic or asian heritage. My youngest has two on her bottom. I am Caucasian and my husband is Chinese.
It is a little alarming if you don't know what you are looking for, b/c it does look just like a bruise.

it is called an MONGOLIAN BLUE BIRTHMARK. usually darker pigmented skinned babies will have it..just google it .. its nothing to be worried about it is normal

One of my friends married a man who is half Mexican and half black. When their first daughter came along, my friend's mom was stunned to see that her vaginal area was so dark rather than the pinkish red of a white girl! Well, when you have a dark baby that possesses the traits of the darker parent, you see things you've never considered before!
Since no one is brave enough to tackle this one, I will. I am a fairly light German girl, married to a pretty dark Mexican. One of our twin boys is as dark as my husband and he does have some darker skin on his back in that same area you describe. His privates are also darker than his brothers, who is almost as light as me. (dark men's penises are not pinkish like white guys'). I'm not sure about the bluish tint though. It is possible, however, that there may be other genes in the pool you are not aware of. For example, my husband's father has Black somewhere down the line, and it is only obvious in the extremely kinky black hair he and a couple of his siblings have. Everything else about them is very much Mexican. Another example is my very green eyes and dark brown hair. By all accounts I ought to have had blonde hair and blue eyes. You just never know what's down in the deep end of the gene pool. If your grandson has other ethnicities along the line, that may explain his skin coloring. I woulnd't worry too much about it. Whew that is a lot of private information!! :)

My sister and I are American Indian and we both had this type of birthmark. On our backs and bottoms as well. I gave birth to a little indian boy about seven months ago and he has one as well. It is called a Mongolian Birthmark. It will eventually fade away with age but my sister's turned into a freckle patch.

My Baby was born with too and we are both caucasion so I think any baby can get it.

Hi, I am african american and when my son was born he had blueish greenish spots all over his back, these are called mongolian spots and they are most common in african american cultures and my maybe other cultures of dark skin

We are caucasion and my daughter has a blue spot on her back. It's about 2 inches in diameter.


It's a temporary birthmark....I can't remember the name of it....But it does go away!....I'm sure if you google birthmarks or look at babycenter.com you find the name of it....

Hello, my daughter has this and she is a fair skinned African American. I asked the pediatrician about it and she said that it is normal and it can take a few years before it goes away. She is 2 now. I forgot the terminology but there is a name for it.

I have a nephew who is half caucasion and half asian. He has the sweetest blue butt we have ever seen. His pediatrician said that it is very normal. Don't understand the specifics of why, but everthing is normal.

It's completely common, google Mongolian spot.

That is a great question. I have also seen this before and did not know what could cause this. Interested to hear the responses.

Your baby has what is known as a mongolian spot. Yes, it does look like a bruise. This is found in some Mexicans as well as other people of darker skin tones. It is completely benign.

It is called a Mongolian spot, it is very common in Hispanic and African American babies. It is a birthmark and will most likely fade with time.

As far as I know about this, usually Hispanic babies are born with this bluefish-greenish mark just above their little behind and small of their backs. It has been known as the Mongolian spot. My baby is Caucasian (my husband is Scottish decent) and I am Hispanic (Nicaraguan decent). My grandfather was of Turkish decent. Our baby was born with the mark even thou he took on most of my husband's traits, including his skin tone which is very pale. The mark disappears as they grow older. Hope that helps :)

That is not a stupid question at all. I use to babysit this little boy, about 3 yr old, who had the same thing that you described. I asked his mom about it and she also said that it had been there since he was born. He is Caucasian, but with probably a lot of Italian in him. He grew up, it went away, and was never a problem. I think she said it had something to do with the way he was delivered, but don't quote me on that. Hope this helps.

If the thing is not painful or causing some other physical phenomena, then don't worry about it. Your child may look part Smurf but it will be an ice breaker with his friends. Later, Me

This is very common in minority babies. I'm not sure why they have it, or what it's called, but almost every one of my friends' children has this mark. My child still has his and he's almost 3 years old. His pediatrician said that it will eventually fade away.

Hi. Your grandson has a very common birthmark. Children with darker skin coloration may have a birthmark called Mongolian spots. These are bluish spots, usually on the lower back or buttocks, that look like (and are sometimes mistaken for) bruises. They usually fade over time. Hope this helps.

Hi R.!
I didn't read the other responses, but this sounds like Mongolian spots. I am white and my husband is Puerto Rican. To answer your question...yes this is very commonin "darker" babies. Our daughter was born with these spots. Mostly on her bottom. Her pedi said it is nothing to worry about and in most cases they fade by five or so. My daughter just turned two and hers have faded alot since birth. The most important thing is to always remember to inform any childcare provider or anyone taking care your grandson about the spots and let them know that they are not bruises. Also, your grandson's dr does need to be informed so they can document properly in his chart. You don't want someone to mistake them for bruises. Google Mongolian spots and you can find info and pics to compare.

The "bruise-like" mark on your grandson's lower back is called a mongolian spot. Only non-caucasion babies have it, it is very common and may fade over time. I'm not really sure if they ever go away completely.

My 4 month old son has this spot on his bottom and lower back. I am caucasion and my husband is black. I have heard that this is very common in any mixed race baby.

The blue-ish spots are called Mongolian Spots and, yes, they are common in darker skinned babies. Don't know if it is something that eventually goes away or if it is likea birth mark. Nothing to worry about!

It is indeed a mark that children that aren't Caucasian get. Funny story I was working in a daycare a few years back changing a little Chinese boys diaper and called the director in to tell her something was seriously wrong.. this little boy had a bruise covering his entire bottom..she laughed and said nope its a birth mark that children from different races get.

Interesting question. I'm black, but have never heard of this, so I looked it up! Wikipedia says:

A Mongolian blue spot is a benign flat congenital birthmark with wavy borders and irregular shape, most common among East Asians and Turks, and named after Mongolians. It is also extremely prevalent among East Africans and Native Americans.[5][6] Authentic mongolian blue spots do not disappear before puberty, and last well into adulthood. The most common color is blue, although they can be blue-gray, blue-black or even deep brown.

The Mongolian spot is a congenital developmental condition exclusively involving the skin. The blue colour is caused by melanocytes, melanin-containing cells, that are deep under the skin. [6] Usually, as multiple spots or one large patch, it covers one or more of the lumbosacral area (lower back), the buttocks, flanks, and shoulders.[6] It results from the entrapment of melanocytes in the dermis during their migration from the neural crest to the epidermis during embryonic development.[6]

My daughter had this also. It's a Mongolian spot and will fade with age. My husband and I are both dark haired, dark eyed Caucasians. She was born with it and it is now gone at the age of 6. Many black, Asian & Hispanic babies have this.

All of my kids have had that. I am half white half hispanic, and my husband is the same. It is just something that is common in babies of darker skin tones. Nothing to worry about. My son actually had a blue spot inbetween his eyes for a few months.

It isn't exclusive to darker complexion people, just easier to see. My son is very pale, but tans pretty good during the summer. He has a spot on his back near his lower ribs that stays a few shades paler during the summer, and becomes bluish (looking like a bruise, but barely noticable) during the winter.

He will be 11 this month, and it doesn't appear to be going away. I will say that as he has gotten bigger, it doesn't seem to be stretching or getting bigger with him. It is not perfectly round, but is a little bigger than the circumference of a half dollar.


Could be a birthmark that may go away. One of my kids had a similar mark on her behind for awhile and it went away..I can't remember when. I am African-American.

These are called Mogolian Spots. They are conentrations of normal dark pigment (melanocytes). They are birthmarks, harmless, not contaigious, and even some super stitions say they are a sign of intelligence! http://www.drgreene.com/21_1143.html
They are present in 10% of causasians and more common in darker skin tones. Most fade by age 2 but some adults still have them.

The birthmark is called a Mongolian blue spot. They are more common in babies from ethnic groups that have darker skin colouring, such as those with black hair and olive or darker skin.

Sometimes, people mistake them for bruises. My son has actually has two, one on his rear and the other on his forehead. They are harmless.

Hope this helps!

Hi R.:

Your grandson's blue-ish spot is very normal in darker skinned children. I can't think of what it's called right now (!!!!). It is very common in Mediteranian, Latino, Asian and light skinned black children.

My son, who is half black/half caucasion has two of them. The doctor said that they will fade as he gets older.

Now the name of it will be bugging me all day :-)

Have a great day!

My son is of mixed race and he had the type of marking you describe too. He's now 5 and it has faded significantly. I remembered reading an article in Parents Magazine; I've cut and pasted the following exerpts for you from a "birthmark" search on Parents.com:

"More than 90 percent of Native American, Asian, Hispanic, and African-American babies have Mongolian spots--flat, bruiselike patches that are dense collections of skin cells." ..."With the exception of port-wine stains, most birthmarks fade on their own during toddlerhood."

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