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Question About Non-caucasion Baby

I am an extremely light skinned caucasion, married to a caucasion. I have a rather stupid question about babies that are NOT caucasion. I have a 9 month old grandson that is 1/2 mexican. Black hair, brown eyes, skin midway between his dad's medium brown and my daughter's very pale. Anyway - he has this area of skin on his lower back, like butt crack up to small of the back - that is blue-ish. Almost like a pale bruise. But it's been there since he was born. He also has a birthmark on his chest that is just darker brown than his skin, much like with a caucasion birthmark. So my question is - is this blue-ish area some sort of birthmark that darker skinned people get? Or some phenomena that darker skinned people have? I don't mean to sound ignorant, but I'm quite curious! Yet not curious enough to remember to ask his doctor, LOL!

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Very cool to know! Thank you all so much for your answers!

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My 4 month old son has this spot on his bottom and lower back. I am caucasion and my husband is black. I have heard that this is very common in any mixed race baby.

I was in day care for eons in my other life and I have never heard of this. Thank you all for teaching me something new today!!!

It is called a mongolian birthmark. My son is half spanish and he had it when he was a toddler and then it just went away once he got a little older. People used to ask me if I "spanked" him - while giving me suspicious looks.

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My daughter is adopted from China and she has a Mongolian spot on her bottom too. That's pretty common. I always let babysitters know that it is not a bruise....that she is not being abused. She's 5 years old and still has it.

I have a friend who is caucasion and husband is mexican and they have 3 boys with the same mark. The oldest is 3 and his is still prominent she says. I guess it is normal.

looks like you've had a lot of responses and i haven't read through all of 'em so sorry if you have already heard this response....
i am hispanic (my skin is light and my whole life people have told me that i don't "look" mexican....ignorant of people to think that all mexicans should be dark..anyway, that's a whole other topic!)
my husband is anglo and we have 3 kids...they don't have any birthmarks at all, but have very light skin so maybe it is just with people with darker skin, but i don't think it always is the case!

My husband and I are both caucasion (darker skinned but still caucasion), and our son had it. It's called a Mongolian Blue Spot. It goes away after a while. I think we could still see a little last year on our son who is about to turn 4.

Yes, these happen in darker skinned kids and they are called Mongolian Spots. They fade over time!

I'm sure the baby's pediatrician has noticed if anything were wrong. If the baby's mother is your daughter and you feel comfortable asking her, just see what she says.

Hi R.,

I work at a day care and I've had hispanic children. That blueish mark you see on his back side is just something hispanic people are born with. Nothing to be alarmed about. Hope this puts you at ease!

Hi R., as you have been told by others he does have a Mongolian birth mark. My daughter is biracial and had lots when she was a baby. They will go away, she's six now and you don't see them any longer.

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