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Question About Diapers

I am wondering if anyone can recommend a really good brand of diapers for me to put on a one year old during the night. We have always used the Walmart brand, but that doesn't seem to be cutting it anymore at night; my daughter has been waking up completely soaked. Thanks!!! -Jenny G.

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We always used White Cloud, which i think that might be Walmart's brand but then we had to switch to luv's and i thought they worked really well and not too expensive either. H. this helps :)

The only ones that worked for me were the Pampers Cruisers. We had much less leakage with these than any other brand. I tries them all and always went back to those.

I swear by Pamper's. For sizes 1&2 I used swaddlers and for sizes 3&up I use Cruisers. The regular Pampers Baby Dry didn't work as well for my twins. A dry one at night and they are usually dry in the morning, or at least their clothes aren't.

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Hi, I liked Luvs for my son (and Pampers). I had trouble with Huggies leaking. J. M.

well i have 2 kids my son is now 11 but he had the same problem i loved luvs but once he got to the point of peeing threw those (there just human water tanks lol) i was recomended to use these pad things they sell in the dipar department they kinda look like old fashion maxi pads you put them in the dipar as an extra barrier i forget the name of them but next time im out ill look. but also i saw overnight dipars to.
or what i do with my 3 yr old is i change her again just before i go to bed ussally around midnight even if its not full and shes ussally good till morning i use pampers on her

I used walmart and target brands when mine were little, but as they got older, I used Huggies on both of them. Pampers are ok, but if you're using white clouds then you're used to the stretchie waistline. I suggest huggies. I hated Luvs (they don't hold near as much as huggies).

I vote for HUGGIES! I tried all the brands on both of my boys and the only ones that seemed to work, especially for overnight, were the Huggies brand! Try to put a dry diaper on right before bedtime.

Huggies Overnight diapers are great!! I used them with both my kids.

I love huggies. The huggies supreme work really good for overnights.Thats what i always use.

My experience matches Kari D's - Pampers Cruisers are the only ones that work on my son. You can usually find a coupon in the Sunday paper and Kroger has them on sale occassionally.

I swear by Pamper's. For sizes 1&2 I used swaddlers and for sizes 3&up I use Cruisers. The regular Pampers Baby Dry didn't work as well for my twins. A dry one at night and they are usually dry in the morning, or at least their clothes aren't.

Pampers Baby Dry have always been my favorite. I tried all of the "store" brands to save money, but always ended up going back to the Baby Dry.


I heard that Huggies Overnight diapers are good. I have not used them myself, but it was recommended to me.

I have found that the Kroger Grocery Store Brand (Comforts) work the best for my daughter. She has gone through with Wal-Mart brand and even with Pampers. If you have a Kroger in your area, give them a try. I get a box of 104 diapers(size 3) for $16.99. I think no matter how good the diaper, it is inevitable they will go through occassionally, but my daughter has only wet through with the Kroger diapers for me on 1 occassion and she had been asleep for almost 10 hours when it happened.

I used huggies and they seemed to be the best and we tried them all! Hope this helps!


Hello, J.

I used White Cloud and Huggies. Both worked well for my son. White Cloud I believe is a little cheaper than Huggies. I liked White Cloud because it wasn't so bulky and they feel soft. Good Luck


I like Pampers Cruisers, too. I buy then at Sam's Club for a serious discount.

White Cloud is the brand I've been using on my son for about 6 months now and I think they work as well as the others. I perfer these over luvs. And they're cheap too! I save between $4.00-$6.00 on the box over buying the other name brands.

However if she is soaked at night I would suggest the Huggies overnights or other overnight diapers. Also try not giving her too many liquids an hour or so before bed.

Good luck

Hi J., I have two kids one girl and one boy. I been using white cloudes diapers. They work really great. I recently have my secong child and I been using white cloudes for him. I think it handle leakage pretty well. Good luck

I used luvs with my son and pampers with my daughter. Huggies hava always leaked on me and my daughter always had a cheek hanging out of the huggies. Your best bet would be to see if a friend has an extra you can try before buying 3 packs of diapers. Also if you sign up at pampers online they send you a free sample in the mail.

Hey J.,

I used White Cloud or the Dry Bottoms (which i do believe used to be the wal mart brand here). Never had a problem with them. However, just a suggestion. when you give the last cup or bottle for the night... fill it half way instead of a full cup. It helps completely. Now that my boys are potty trained, i cut off all liquids an hour before bed time. It gives them time to go use potty and get most out of their system. Good Luck!!

Huggies are the best. I also like White Cloud and Luvs. But Huggies are best. my niece has a 3 yr old and 5 month old and I gave her some Huggies that my son had outgrown. She has always used cheap diapers from Walmart or somewhere. Now she is mad at me - she didn't realize how good the Huggies werew, now that she has them she hates to use the other kind!!

Good luck

i absolutely love pampers cruisers. i have tried every diaper known to mankind. and those are my favorites. my main focus on what is a good brand is if it will hold up thoughout the night.
good luck

i use pampers cruisers. they work really good at night for me. they aren't too expensive either.

We love huggies supream natural fit. We never have leaks. And also if you sign up at the website they send out really great coupons. I never have to pay full price, I am swamped with 1 and 2 dollar off coupons. Any little bit helps.

The only ones that worked for me were the Pampers Cruisers. We had much less leakage with these than any other brand. I tries them all and always went back to those.

We use the Huggies Overnight diapers. They're perfect! I have two boys who wear them, and we rarely have leaks at night.

When my son was born, i was sure i would use Pampers because they were cheaper than Huggies, but still were good diapers. Then my son was born and I quickly found out that the ONLY diapers that would keep him dry all through the night were Huggies Supreme...the most expensive diapers out there! It was worth not having to change his sheets every day, though.


I have a 22 month old and we have used luvs diapers and she hardly ever wakes up soaked. Even as she got older they still hold up well. They are not as expensive as some of the other brands. One thing you might try is going up a size in diaper. I know when Emma wakes up wet it usually means we need to go up a size and that seem to solve the problem. Hope this helps, C.

I have mostly ever used Pampers, the Swaddlers or Cruisers. I tried the Baby Dry kind once and they didn't work anywhere near as good.

I have tried the Kirkland brand from Costco recently and they work great too, but they are the only generics I have tried that work without leaking

Oh no...WalMart brand is horrible.

White Cloud is great and inexpensive. Of course, Huggies or Pampers are great, but if you're looking to save dollars...White Cloud is what I use and I've never had a problem.

Hope that helps.

If you are from Cleveland you need to go to a store called A-1 Closeouts she has all kinds of diapers and about your problem i have a 4 year old and when he was wetting the bed i used pull ups and goodnights and she has them in her store. I hope i was of some help.

Get Diaper Doublers. It almost looks like a pad, but it's a cotton insert that you lay right in the diaper. It helps the absorbency on ANY brand of diaper (I've always used the cheap store brand at Sams Club) so it saves you a lot of money. My son was waking up every morning for the first few months soaked b/c his diaper had overflowed. Then I started using these, and it never happened again. I've only seen them at Babies R Us and at Publix (look by the diapers). I stopped using them when my son turned 2. They are a lifesaver!! Let me know if you try them!


I have used pampers for both my children and have loved them. I think they are the best.

S. E.

Hi Jenny! I also use the Walmart brand on my daughter during the day but at night I use Huggies baby fit and one small package of those lasts over a month. I have tried EVERY diaper on the shelf to keep my daughter dry at night and Huggies baby fit is the only one that has been ok so far. Altough, lately I have been trying the new Huggies Natural flex and those seem to be holding up well too... I know that Huggies makes an over night diaper but I havent gotten the chance to try those yet. If none of those worked for you in the past, you might want to try the next size up from what she is wearing now. You can always send me a message if you ever have a question! ____@____.com

I have been a nanny to two different familys and I just had my 1st child. all any of us have used is pamper cruisers or swaddlers.

they are the best i have ever came by.
my sister just had a baby 4 months ago and needed to go against everything i told her. well as it turns out pampers is one thing she stopped fighting me on after she used them for a day she is hooked.

they are so worth every dime!!!

i have 2 kids and my son ended up having to wear luvs because nothin else worked my daughter was able to use the walmart ones but even as an infant they didnt work for him try luvs they also have that no leak guarntee

Hi J.,
We used Huggies and were very pleased.

Best of luck,

Huggies Supreme are the BEST for holding alot. If I put my daughter in other brands, they leak. I put her in the Supreme Huggies and it cut down leaks drastically!! Now it only happens once in a great while. Good Luck!

We use the Walmart brand too! but at night time, when you don't get to monitor the diapers as much, we have found that huggies does real well for boys. Now with our daughter, pampers seemed to work better. I don't know why there was such a difference but in any case, our absolute favorite huggies brand is Huggies Supreme. They can be a little pricey but one big pack usually lasts a little over a month.

We always used Huggies, they were the only thing that would keep him from waking up soaked. The Huggy overnights are great!

Huggies supreme is great at night

Huggies Supreme are the best.I Have 3 kids under the ages of 5 and I have used huggies supreme on every one of my kids. They are great!


I use the Huggies Overnights. They are really thick and absorb alot. My 2 year old is potty trained now but I still use those at night. They seem to be the thickest diapers out there. Hope this helps.


I also use Pampers Crusiers. I have used some other and I like these the best.

I have had problems with that too. I use luvs and she doesn't do that anymore unless she has had a whole lot to drink. My oldest wears Pullups and the have night time ones those work good too, since you are still in diapers try luvs first and if they dont work I would say try huggies overnight. I havent but since the pullups work so well I think the diapers will too.

pampers. my son uses huggies. but he wakes up soaked when he sleeps all night. it might be my sons bladder because people say huggies is good but they leak with him and hes 3 months.

Huggies overnights are great!!!! They come in a purple package. My son is 18 months old I started using them when he was about 9 months old. He hasn't had a wet bed since.

i used only "luvs" they are the best no diaper rashes and they didn't leak!!! my kids are all 2 yrs apart so i basically bought diapers for6 years straight! my sister went for the more expensive huggies and pampers but i liked luvs because they were cheap and good!!!

I like Pampers, they seem to be more absorbant than the generic brands. I've had to use the Overnights for her recently for the same reason you described. It also may be time to move up a size. I'm about to do this even tho my 15 month old dd is within the weight guidelines for size 3, I think it may help to move up to a size. Good luck!

I used plain Huggies even at night and they always worked great. I would get giving liquids at 7 when my children went to bed at 8 that way I could change them before going to bed and in the morning they wouldn't be soaked. Good Luck and I hope this helps.

Pampers Cruisers all the way. I have used Pampers the whole time with no problems! Pampers have that wonderful baby smell also, kind of like the baby lotion or powder! I love them.

your gonna get alot of opinions, you have to try them to see if they work for you...Personally I use Luvs..I have three children 12, 3, 1...and I use Luvs for all of them no problem....My baby is a boy and luvs works well no leaks and they're not expensive..

I always used Pampers Baby Dry. Never had any leak problems.

We always used White Cloud, which i think that might be Walmart's brand but then we had to switch to luv's and i thought they worked really well and not too expensive either. H. this helps :)

We use Huggies Supreme during the day and Huggies overnites at night. I know some people would say that they do not want to spend money on a separate pack of diapers just for nighttime, but honestly, one pack last one month, if you only use one at night. My daughter is prone to bad diaper burns (yes burns) and yeast rashes, and these diapers are the ones that have worked best for use when maintaining her "bottom health" ;). Hope this helps.

I recommmend Huggies Supreme. I have a 4 1/2 month old. And he pees a lot!!!!!!!!!!! They haven't leaked with me at all so far. Bit pricey but worth the money!!!

Seems like it's a lot of personal preference and how much your child goes at night. I've always had good luck with Pampers Baby-Dry, unless he has a drink just before bed. You can usually find coupons for a couple dollars off online, in newspaper, or you can sign up on their website which helps cut down the extra cost.

I have a 2 year old son and I use Huggies overnights. I used them also for my three other boys when they were younger. I hope this helps.

D. H
Mom of 2, 4, 7, and 9 year old boys.

The Pampers are awesome! I have NEVER woken up to my 16 month old being soaked. The Baby Dry version arent as stretchy as the crusiers, therefore I like the crusiers better. Although, the new Pampers Flex are great and stretchy too.

Pampers Cruisers are the only diapers I have found that do not leak! I started out with Swaddlers, now have moved up to Cruisers. I have tried others when I haven't had money, but always regret it.

They have huggies over night diaper. They work good for my son but we only use them for night we are trying to potty tain him. If u go to huggies.com they have a sign up area where u can get coupons.


I always used Huggies Supreme for daytime. They are a little pricey but rarely ever had leakage problems. For my older son we used Huggies Overnights for sleeping(in purple package). He had trouble waking up with dry clothes if we used anything else. They never leaked.

Also, a trick I learned about helping diapers not leak, once you have them on the child and fastened in place, lift the babies legs and make sure you run your finger along the inside edges (near inside of legs and around their bottom) to straighten or pull out the little elastic rows. This pretty much prevented diaper leaks 100% for me once I learned that trick. My boys are 2 and 4 now so we are pretty close to being out of diaper days but I remember those days well!

My Husband and I use Huggie Surpreme they work great.

I use the Huggies Overnight and I haven't had one leak yet.

I have a 16 month old and have been using Huggies Nighttime diapers for several months and we never wake up wet. Good luck.

have you tried the 'Good Nites' brand or Huggies?

Pampers Cruisers are definently the best. They are the more expensive ones but they are so worth it. You could always use the Wal-Mart ones during the day and put the Cruisers on her at night. Most likely you'll like the Cruisers so much though you'll put them on her all the time. LOL

I had the same problem.i use Walmart by day and Luvs by night.Luvs are not very expensive.

I have been using Pampers Baby Dry and he has been peeing out of them during the night(and on me as well). I switched to Huggies Supreme and they are wonderful!! He has not had one accident. They are a little more expensive but so he all the laundry I was having to do!

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