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Question About Being Sick and Getting Vaccinations

I was wondering if any bodys Dr. has given advice or if they have been told not to give babies their scheduled shots/vaccinations while they are sick. I thought I had read some where that you should not get shots if you are sick at the time. My 4 1/2 month old is due for his 4 month well baby check up and his shots and his Dr. told me it was ok to keep his appt. and get his shots even though he has a cough and stuffy nose and cold. I was wondering if anyone else has advice to support or dispute that. Thank you. A.

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Hi everyone,
Thank you soooo much for all of your responses. I guess I just needed some reasurrance that I was not over reacting. I have put off my sons appt/shots for another 2 weeks, I hope he is better by then, if not we will reschedule again. In the mean time I will look at some information given regarding the shots and allow him to get 100% better!
Thanks again everyone and have a wonderful day! A.

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I think I'd wait until they are better. It probably won't take long for them to feel better and I know I Wouldn't want to get a shot if I felt bad to begin with. (I sometimes postpone the flu shot if I'm sick when they begin giving them out).

Every time my kids have been sick around vaccination time their doctor has postponed.... everytime! Hope that helps!

My son's pediatrician won't give him his vaccines if he is running a fever. Otherwise, he says it is fine.

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Dear A.,
I am a Grandmother who has for many years been educating myself on what is best to eat and to put into our bodies.

I originally wrote you a very lengthy email, but somehow it got lost. So I will ask you to educate yourself as much as possible on the non-medical research done and being done on the effects of immunizations and all food products that are poisoning our bodies and causing neurological, psychological and physical problems for both our children and those who care for them.

I rarely go into this site, so I am asking you to pass any information that you find to be helpful along to others. In this way we can keep ourselves and our children from experiencing the affects of all the poisons from drugs, our food and our environment.

I highly suggest that you check out this web site. Even though it is from a particular denomination, it is very insightful and helpful. These people place a high value on educating themselves and others, so that life is more enjoyable and healthy.

By the way, recent laws have been changed. You have rights when it comes to your child having immunizations. Even schools can no longer force you to have your child immunizated. They may do their best to scare you into doing it, but they do have a waiver that you can sign. Find out all you can in this area. Ask different medical personal and school personal. And call MANY PLACES before you decide. This is what I do and it has produces great results for me.

The web site is: MPWHI.COM

God bless you and yours.

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Mothering Magazine (natural family living magazine) has a very knowledgeable and active anti-vax board. Post your question there and see what those moms say. I would definitely not give any shot during any illness. Simply wait a week or 2 if you are going to do it. I am of the delayed/selective camp. That's the best I can do to minimize vaccine injury/reactions. This is the Gov't. website for vaccine reactions: http://vaers.hhs.gov/
I stopped giving my son vaxxes at 6 months (there were lots of mercury back in 2000 and it was never officially recalled off the shelf.) He got his last DTaP at age 5 and that's it. My 3 yr old only got 1 shot at age 2 (Hep A, I was planning on traveling abroad) and then postponed the trip. She'll get DTaP before we go. I am a believer in spacing out the shots (instead of overwhelming their small bodies with Lord knows what ingredients http://www.nvic.org/excipients.htm
and waiting until they are older and stronger. Dr. Jay Gordon has a vaccination DVD to watch. www.drjaygordon.com And one of Dr. Robert Sears (the son) has a new vaccination book coming out. http://www.hachettebookgroupusa.com/books/59/0316017507/i...

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I just had my son's 6 month appt and he also had a cough/congestion and the doc said he was ok. He checked him before giving him the shots. The doc was mainly concerened about having a fever. I would go ahead and take son and have the doc make the final decision.

Hi A.,
I have done a lot of soul searching lately as a parent. I did vaccinate my little girl, but when I had my little boy I got worried, more so than I had with my baby girl. Having a masters degree in Clinical Psychology and having worked with kids with autism and knowing all that I know, I have done some major digging and will not ever put another shot or vaccination into my children. There are some websites available that show the damage that can be done by the shots themselves.............and did you know they are now coming out with vaccines to offset the problems that happen FROM the vaccines.
It's just obscene what is happening............
I could go on.
Please feel free to let me know if you would like to hear more about what I have learned.
I would absolutely NOT procede with vaccinating while your child is sick. If you do decide to move forward with it, I would recommend waiting until your baby is well.
Take care!

My daughter is 8 months old and hasn't had a vaccine since she was 3 months old due to cronic ear infections. She got the tubes in two weeks ago and is now feeling much better and were going to get her back on her vaccination schedule, however, it was the my Doctor that told me that she shouldn't be exposed to the vacination while she was sick due to an already compromised immune system. I know our case is dramatic, and my daughter got sick each time she got the immunizations by them selves so we could be a special case, but I completely agree with my doctor in not getting the shots when they are sick. A week or a couple months is no big deal.

I would have to say that you should NOT give your child immu. shots while sick. I am not a doctor but have recently been doing a lot of reading on the subject. The logic is this: when you immunize your child you are in essence giving them a virus. If the child’s immune system is not well enough to handle the immunization it may cause serious side effects. Once again I am not a doctor. There are plenty of doctors that would disagree with my statement. Understandably, after all they are the doctors. Right? I have had my share of experiences with doctors and let me tell you that a lot of them either are in denial or don't want to admit the truth. I suggest you research immunizing your child while having a lowered immune system. Educate yourself before making the decision of immunizing your child while sick. The internet has a plethora of information. Ultimately it is your decision NOT the doctors.

By the way another great example of some really off the wall docs at work. My son has Tuberculosis so his doc prescribed him a med. I decided to look it up on the internet to make sure there were no major side effects. So happens the doc prescribed way too much and he was also NOT supposed to give this med alone! When I confronted him about it he never made a comment about the over prescribed med. and said "Gee why don't we have him see a pulmonary doctor. I don't have enough experience in this." Why didn't he say that in the first place instead of over prescribing my son? Sadly I am losing trust more and more in doctors as the years pass.

Dear A.,
I have four kids and I have gotten immunizations several times when the kids had runny noses or colds. The immunizations are not LIVE viruses. The only one that ever was, was the polio vaccine and that one has been changed to a dead virus. I believe in immunizations because I would not like to see my children go through those diseases. I would trust your doctor. They give a lot of vaccine shots and would know if there is a problem giving them when a child has a cold.

My pediatrician told me that it's OK as long as they do not have a fever. So we went ahead and gave my son's 12 month shots even though he had a runny nose.

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