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Putting Butter in Cooking for One Year Old?

My son is not chubby but not underweight but he can use a little bit more meat on him. I would cook some of his food with butter or put some butter on his bread when I feed him. He is not eating a whole lot of table food yet, still learning to. My friend kept telling me it is bad to feed babies butter. Is that true? I am doing it in moderation. It's not like I feed him a stick of butter a day. I just add to his mashed potatoes or pasta when I make food for him.

Please advise. Thank you.

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babies and toddlers NEED fat for brain development. It's fine to use butter in his food. I do not use margarine.

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babies and toddlers NEED fat for brain development. It's fine to use butter in his food. I do not use margarine.

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Actually, your friends are dead wrong. Infants, toddlers, and young children need a LOT of fat in their diet. Until age 3-5 especially.

They're not only still building brain matter (mostly fat) but also coating every single nerve in their body with myelin sheath (allows the electrical impulses to travel exponentially faster, and is almost entirely made of fat). MS is a disease that is caused by the destruction of the myelin sheath... so you can see just how important that coating is by looking at what happens when we lack it.

Adults need lowfat diets (unless we're sick, the immune system - all our antibodies and the marrow in which is produced is mostly made of fats), NOT infants and children.

From a neurological standpoint, no young child should ever be restricted in their fats (unlike we grownups), unless they have a rare disorder.

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Ditto Riley.

Also, some margarine products are worse than butter:

I use butter, or olive oil.

all the best,

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Hi M.! The best way to determine if a food is right for your baby is to ask yourself "How close is this to nature?" The closer a food is to it's NATURAL state, the better it is.
The more ingredients a product is, the farther away it is from nature. Look at the ingredients of butter. It's just cream OR cream and salt. Now look at the ingredients in margarine or other substitues, they have a few dozen ingredients!

You ask a lot of food questions here, and that's okay! I just want to encourage you that you are doing a good job!!!! I hope you go with your instincts, rather than let your friends make you question yourself.
Keep up the good work!

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I use butter for my kiddos. My drs never mentioned to stay away from it. I suppose if you use too much of it the concern would be the sodium content. If you are using it to butter toast and as a little flavor for veggies, I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

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Maybe your friend is referring to the fact that it is a dairy and you usually wait until your baby is a year old to give it to your kids. Your baby is a year old though so I think you are just fine with butter. It sure is a lot better than using the fake substitutes like margarine.

Good luck.

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No, there is nothing wrong with feeding babies butter.

In fact, leading experts can't exactly agree on which is better for you, butter or margarine. The science keeps contradicting itself. While, for adults, they would largely agree that you need other, healthier sources of fat, you should be fine giving your child butter occasionally.

Babies have much different needs for dietary fats than we do, and they don't know how to overeat.

If in doubt, ask your pediatrician, but based upon current research, you should be fine. Unfortunately, you can't always verify where people get their information, so I usually try to verify on sites like HealthyChildren.org (parenting website of the American Academy of Pediatrics), WebMD, MayoClinic.com.

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Butter is fine in moderation. Just don't use things like margarine. That is not good for anyone. You could add some coconut oil to things. It is extremely good for you. Enjoy your sweet boy!

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