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Putting 11-Month Old on Rice Milk.

Hello. I have an 11-month old daughter who doesn't tolerate soy or cow's milk. I am still breastfeeding, but would like to be done. Has anyone tried the rice milk this early? If so, did you have to supplement for the fat (for brain development) that they would get in whole milk, but won't get with the rice milk?


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Hi Everyone! Thanks for all your responses - they were all very helpful! We have tried the goats milk, and she hated it! We are going to a nutritionist on Monday to make sure she will get plenty of fat and protein through her diet and supplements.


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Have you thought about goat's milk? I have never personally tried it with any of my kids, but I do know of others who have. Just a suggestion!

i thought you couldn't give kids rice milk until they are 5yrs old unless a dr. suggests it. At least that is what is wriiten on the actual cartons.

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My daughter is 3 now and still drinks rice milk. I buy the enriched stuff not the original. I also buy vanilla because it tastess better and has a bit more fat. She is skinny(36" and 25lbs.)! I have to watch her weight pretty close. I would try the goats milk first. She's actually allergic to a protien in the milk not lactose intolerant, so goat's milk didn't work for us. I do feed her a bit of regular milk in cooked foods and she seems to be able to have cheese and yogurt. something about the protien she's allergic to doesn't affect her after being cooked. I would suggest seeing a nutritionist if you see your daughter losing or not gaining weight after you switch to rice milk.My daughter just turned 3 on Sunday and is testing at a 5yr-olds levels so I don't think the low-fat has hurt her brain development:)

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I would use baby formula. I don't think rice milk or any other will have all the nutrients your baby needs

My son liked rice milk just fine, but I actually added formula to it (he was exclusively breastfed before this). I'm not sure you'd be able to do it since I think all but Nutramigen (or something like that) have soy or cow's milk base.

However, it may sound gross but goat's milk is much closer to human milk than cow's milk, and has more fat and calories than rice milk. We were able to find it at our supermarket and Walmart. It's worth a try! My son liked it alright and it was really good for transition between breastfeeding and cow's milk.


I would recommend goats milk. It is very close to breast milk and easy to digest.

If your daughter does not tolerate formula or soy or milk, I would strongly encourage you to continue breastfeeding as long as you can. I am 64, mother of two breast fed adults from and allergic family and a former La Leche League leader. During my 13 years as a leader, I worked with families with allergic children...any who abandoned the breast milk before the child indicated he/she was done wished they had stayed with it because of ear infections, colds, asthma and other breathing problems that occurred when breastfeeding stopped. I can understnad being ready to be done...maybe there are some self care things you could do for yourself or your partner could do for you that will support your decision to stay with breastfeeding until child weans? V.

i thought you couldn't give kids rice milk until they are 5yrs old unless a dr. suggests it. At least that is what is wriiten on the actual cartons.

I have my almost 18 month old on Rice milk for the same reason. I get the original enriched.

I started giving it to him around 12 months, when we started the weaning process.

For a little while, probably until he was 13 months or so, I would put some formula in it just incase. My son couldn't and still can't tolerate regular milk so we have stuck with it. You can buy it in bulk at Vitamin cottage.

I also found that it made weaning easier because the rice milk tastes sweeter then regular milk.

Good luck. When your daughter has enough teeth, you can give her a vitamin too. So far we haven't had any problems. My best friend has her kkids on it too for the same reasons and they have turned out just fine!

Please find some place where you can get some goat's milk. Sounds weird, I know, but it is better for babies, much less likely to cause allergies, and it supplies the fat your baby needs

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