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Puppy in Heat??

Hi All!! Thanks for all the great advise and friendly input!!!
I have a 7 month old Cocker Spaniel puppy, named Jett that we got for our daughters, Abby 4, and Gracie 2. The girls love their 'Jett Buppy' and she loves them right back! Cocker spaniels are great!

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I took Jett to the vet today, and one of the vet techs just too a quick (free) look, and confirmed that she is in heat. I felt a lot better knowing that, and making sure it wasn't an infection or anything. She also isn't spotting yet, but just in case I stuck one of the girls' pull up on her, and it works great! A lot better than the 'doggy diaper' that my mom dropped off for her. Waaaay cheaper too!!
Thanks for the help ladies!
C. - Jett

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Oh yes she is in heat, in another day or two she will start to bleed. you will have to use kotex and underware. (get them at a pet place)
Keep her in the house and AWAY from other dogs by about the 7th day. These can be a pain in the butt, but if you don't want puppies keep her away from all fences ect.. Any male dogs with balls. They can breed through just about anything, believe me. =[

Good luck and I don't miss is one bit. =]

I would say she is in heat. Usually the first heat there isn't much bleeding, especially in a smaller dog. We have a 7 month old boxer pup who is also coming into heat. She has been cleaning herself a lot lately too. It sometimes lasts a couple of weeks, so be prepared. If she starts to bleed, they make female diapers for them that you can order online or get at Petco. I hope this helps.

It definately sounds like she is in heat, first their vulva swells then they start to bleed and are receptive to the male. Unless you want puppies do not let her go outside unattended. Irecommend getting her fixed asap. You increase their chances of getting breast cancer when they are not fixed. Also,it is a lot less hassle.

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hi. Unless you PLAN to breed in future- spay her and save yourself a lot of headache! we have a female mastiff. before we decided to spay her we had hoped to breed her so endured several heat cycles. Unfortunately by the time she was old enough to breed (age 2 at the EARLIEST!)we found out she had genetic back and neck issues that for us made it unethical to create more babies with the same issues. UGH! ANYWAYS...i am no expert by any means, but i had to get dog underwear (on-line or pet store) and put a maxi pad in it and change it throughout day just as you would as a woman! EWWWWww gross! I know! So as for my dog---I knew she was in heat because she was bleeding. I think their "girl parts" do swell as well. can't remember that clearly. Our mastiff is an inside pet, so the dog panties were necessary! if your dog is an outdoor dog you may not notice as the bleeding isn't a bunch.
yep! gross topic, but just the way it is! amazing what you will do when you love your pets! The panties on a dog is so ridiculous looking! --run out and grab some though if she is swollen and an indoor pet!---good luck! i hope this was helpful!
I just read another post about this---and yes, definately do not let her out alone!! dogs will come from blocks away and do almost anything! we had a dog that would lay by our door at night, stick his nose in our cat door and one night i felt sorry for him as he was out in our back yard just crying for her. Nature is strong and instincts just take over! that poor fella just didn't know what to do w/himself! some would be mad, i felt sorry for the guy!---My vet stresses that at 2 they are still only like a 14 year old us. allowing her to breed at a young age could actually be very harmful! male dogs have been known to get over 6ft fencing and dig under fencing!!! be careful w/her while in cycle! again...good luck w/all that stuff!

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I have an 8 month old female cocker that I just had spayed. I am a newbee to puppies too, but my vet suggested having her spayed before she started going into heat. When I took her in for her surgery, the vet mentioned that her "parts" were swollen, so I had brought her in just in time. So, I think you may be on to something.

It sounds to me like she's in heat--and it's not unheard-of for it happen that young. Has she had any bloody spotting? That also occurs during heat. If she's an outdoor dog, you might not notice it, but if she's indoors, it's quite possible that you will find unexplained blood spots around the house. They do make little diaper things to protect your home during this time.

hi C., Yes, it sounds like Jett is coming in. IT is a week coming in a week in when they will present themselves to males and a week going out. If you aren't seeing a discharge in 2 weeks I would check with my vet. My boxer just had a litter 7 months ago and I kept a male and a female. I had a few problems. One puppy died, and 1 has diassabilities. My best advice to avoid heartache and alot of extra work and finance is have her spayed soon. Each time my girl has a heat it's worse. What a mess.
she's getting spayed next month. good luck, K. T

not only is it important to spay your dog to avoid having to deal with diapers and unwanted puppies...the more times your dog goes into heat, the higher the chance of you dog getting mammary cancer in the future. if you arent breeding, spay as soon as possible!

Oh...yeah! I would say she was in heat for sure! My puppy was the same and I called the vet and explained what was happening and they confirmed with me! Good luck and happy puppy times!

Now is a very good time to have her spayed.


Sounds like she is just starting her heat. In a few days she will start to bleed and will need some sort of pads. They sell them at PetCo and Pet Smart, and probably other pet stores. She'll probably bleed for a few days, taper off, go back to normal, then go into heat again in a few months if not spayed.

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