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Pumpkin Decorating with 9 Month Old

I bought a little pumpkin for my 9 month old and wanted to do a little arts and crafts project and have him finger paint it. Does anyone have any advice/experience in doing something like this? Any paint recommendations? Of course, I am concerned about the paint ending up in his mouth. But thought this would be fun. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

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Painting sounds like fun and you have some great ideas so far. If you would like a different idea, other than paint, you can use Mr. Potato Head pieces. At target they actually sell Mr Potato head pumpkin packs. My daughter was 10 months her 1st halloween. We bought the Mr. Potato Princess pack. We had to put the pieces in first to make the holes and then let her try. Any potato head pieces will work.

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All arts and crafts products marketed to kids are non-toxic by law.... which doesn't mean you want your little one to eat it! Try using one of the paints from this link: http://www.everythingpreschool.com/recipes/paint/edible.htm I think the shortening one would be good on pumpkins since it is liable to be thickest!

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Hello, here is a recipe that I use for little ones, it is safe so it is not an issue if he gets some in his mouth. The dye can stain clothes though so make sure he has on play clothes!
Flour Finger Paint

2 cups flour
2 tsp salt
2 1/2 cups cold water
2 cups boiling water
safe food coloring

Mix the flour and salt
Add add cold water, stirring until smooth.
Gradually add this mixture to boiling water.
Boil until smooth and thick.
Add safe food color, then stir until smooth.

Store unused portion in the frig.

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Hi K.,

I'm sure he will eat/taste some of the paint but that is part of the learning process. If you make it with pudding you run the risk of him thinking that paint is a yummy thing to eat so if I were you I'd stick with plain ole non-toxic tempera paints. eating a little of it certainly won't hurt him and will teach him it's more fun to play with the paint vs eating the paint. Don't be surprised if he's more interested in painting himself then the pumpkin though. Oh and if he doesn't like painting the pumpkin, he might like to help you empty the pumpkin out. Have a great time!


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Hello K.,

This sounds like a Wonderful Memory that you will have with your famil!!! You might Not want to throw your pumpkin away till next year.!!! HOW FUN WITH THIS...

So what I can think of using would be temper paint. I had used this when I taught VBS & Sunday School for the tiny tots.

This comes in powder form and you add water to it. You should be able to buy it at a craft store. Also, Google temper paint and it will give you better ideas.. I can't remember if it stains the hands, so whay U might try using some vasaline on his hands so staining would be less. You could also sprinkle glitter on the paint before it drys completely.

You and your Husband have some WONDERFUL MEMORIES!!!
God Bless, D. W.

I know you can finger paint with instant pudding you could add food coloring to make different colors (vanilla works best) and it safe to eat but bon't know if it works on pumpkins

Most paints are non toxic, but I would check and make sure. It will most definately end up in his mouth! It is so much though. If you are worried about the mess, do it in the bathtub. That way you can just rmove the pumkin and paint afterwords and turn on the water :-) Good luck! It's a lot of fun, and not much to it :-) As for paint, I believe we just use Crayola. Just make sure it's non toxic :-)

Use some non toxic paint from any drug store or art store. Pick any colors you like, but orange, purple, white or black work well for halloween. Pour it onto a paper plate and do a hand print or foot print from your baby onto the pumpkin! Sprinkle it with orange, purple, white or black glitter for a fun effect!

Have you tried finger painting with him before. He may or may not be that interested. An additional thing you could do is get a larger pumpkin and prepare it like a jack o lantern but trace your sons hands and feet for the cut out parts. Trace them on paper first then transfer to pumpkin.

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