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Prozac for Kids

My doctor recommends that my 4 year old tries prozac. She is having some potty training problems, both awake and sleep she urinates on her self frequently. She is also very tearful. He expressed she possibly could be depressed due to us moving from a different state where all our friends and family resided.

Can you give me any insight?

What can I do next?

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Sounds like you have a quack doctor, who in the world would put a "4" yr. Old on prozac !!!......i would seek another doctor !!.......could be the doctor's
cop-out !.........

kids are resilent they bounce back easily. Before you put her on any medication try doing a mommy and me class, so she can be around other toddlers her age and maybe that will help w/her depression. hope it helps


I second what the other Mom's are saying. I cannot believe that her Doctor is suggesting this. I thing more than anything you need a new Doctor...This could effect you child more than you can imagine!

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I'm a biologist and Chemist whi is also a mom to 3 beautiful girls and it bothers me to no end that this question has even come up on a parenting website. Prozac is a very serious drug with real side effects that are even more serious. I would NEVER allow someone to prescribe anti anxiety or anti depression drugs to my 4 year old no matter what problems he/she may have. Children have been having potty problems since the beginning of time, some kids wet the bed and have accidents, they make special big girl diapers for that! Not drugs! Yes maybe she is sad from moving, what kid isn't but it has never killed anyone to be sad about moving. I'm sorry for being so harsh it's just that parents and doctors should be more careful with they way they are handing out anti-depressents like candy. let your daughter be a kid. no medicine unless her life depends on it.

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OMG!!! Did your dr even CHECK to see if she might have a urinary tract infection, or a bladder or kidney infection? Yes, there are usually other symptoms with these, but if it has been ongoing, her body may have 'adapted'. I would NOT EVER give my child a drug like Prozac, even under the most dire of circumstances!! Her tearfulness may also be her reaction to PAIN (I've been crying a LOT this week because of severe pain, and I'm 42!!!).

FIND ANOTHER PEDIATRICIAN for your daughter IMMEDIATELY. And do NOT get upset with her about the potty issues. Just have her wear some "good nites" at night time, and back to pull-ups during the day until you can get this figured out. At 4, she is starting to develop a pretty good long-term memory, so it's especially important to not get mad at her about her situation.

I love Jeri's answer of TTLL!! (I'm hoping my son starts verbalizing so we can use that method with him; he's 2 1/2, and has a very limited vocabulary.)

Good Luck, and Please let us know what happens!

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Dont give your 4 year old prozac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From a retired nurse who spent 9 yrs taking care of KIds NO! NO! NO! There is no reason to put a 4 yr old on prozac. First take the child to a urologist to make sure there isn't a physical problem to treat. Once thath is done if necessary take the child to some child counseling. The problem needs to be addressed at the root if it is psychological not pushed into zombie zone to just hibernate. They will also include you and give you suggestions on how to alleviate his problem. There are many places who use a sliding scale if money is an issue and they take appointments after working hours too. Please do not give your child a medication ment for adults. It has never even been evaluated for children by the drug companies or the FDA.

First of all...SHE'S FOUR!!! Of course she gets teary. As for the wetting herself, she's had a major move in her life. She's going to learn to deal with it.

I wet the bed until I was 12. I just didn't wake up to go. I finally grew out of it. I know I'm not alone. I don't let it bother me. I didn't let it bother me then. She'll grow up and get out of it.

Please let us have the name of the doctor. I'd like to make sure I never go to him. He needs to be reported somewhere about even suggesting that she needs prozac. My stomach turned when I read that.

I hope everything turns out alright for you and your daughter. She just needs a lot of love until she gets through this. Support her and let her know that you love her very much. She'll come to terms with the situation and learn to be happy with it.

Oh my Gosh, I do not usually respond to issues, but please my heart goes out on this one. A 4 year old should NEVER be put on any chemical drug like Prozac. I have worked in the medical field for a long time, and this could be a money situation with the drug co. Please do not give your child Prozac! Hug her, play with her, reassure her, be there for her, but do not give her drugs. This will pass with love, love, and more love!!! not pills!

Try to make new friends. Try to help her through this time in her life without medication.
How are you feeling? Your attitude and support would be the best thing for her.
Good Luck,

Don't do it. I am against meds given to children. Prozac is a drug and has side affects as many meds/drugs do. You may not see it now but in the long run it will surface. Especially don't start her at such an early age. I think doctors create their own job security by giving children drugs.
My two cents.

Lots of hugs, mom!!! :-)

I have no experience with giving drugs like that to a kid that young. My gut says no way, and make sure she has all the extra tlc you can give her right now. I know usually the situations that I get upset about have a way of working themselves out, I hope yours do to. I'll pray for you also.

Honestly, report your ped. to the AAP. A four year old has no business taking prozac. It could very well be a bladder issue and this could even be upsetting her. Above all, never go back to this doctor again.

Toss out the prozac; I have the perfect drug for your little girl. It's called the "TTLL" drug, and it's all the rage. It stands for: Talk - talk with her, let her get all her worries, fears and sorrows out of her system, explain to her that she will meet new friends, etc. The next one is Time - leave the moving boxes, etc. and spend some fun, one-on-one quality time with her. Take her to some new attractions in your new area, show her the sights, take her to lunch, introduce her to the neighbor's children, etc. The third one is "Laugh" - very similar to "talk", but more fun! And the fourth is "Love" - give her lots of hugs, tell her you love her and be supportive. Studies have shown that daily doses of this drug will cure so many of our children's illnesses (and ours as well!); but I have to warn you, it is very addictive! :-)

Is this a new doctor for you? Perhaps you could check with your old doctor for a second opinion on this, if he or she has known your child for a little longer.

There are many things that could be contributing to your daughter's difficulties. Has he investigated all the possibilities? I would be very cautious about starting a medication without first having eliminated possible causes- something with her bladder or kidneys, an irritant/allergen/toxin in her new environment (water, new house), metabolic changes or infection...if the cause is emotional, is he willing to prescribe play therapy to accompany the meds?

I've worked as an advocate for foster kids, and many of them have been on meds. While they can be very helpful, they also introduce a new set of factors to consider. It complicates things. Sometimes that's the help they need, but I've seen that it's pretty hard to get the dosage right, and to know what's a side effect of medication vs. something that the child would do anyway.

I would encourage you to ask many, many questions, and get several more opinions before moving forward with the prozac. While you are investigating your options, try to get a support system for yourself and your daughter in place. it sounds like you both are having a hard time, and you need a community to surround you. Plug into a religious or civic group, and let the others know you need support. whether you decide for or against the prozac, at least then you will not feel like you are alone.

I second the advice to look into Omega-3 supplementation. Barlean's just came out last month with a fruit punch flavored fish oil supplement that I give to my son. He loves it! There is some very promising, very reliable research coming out right now about the mood-stabilizing and immune-system boosting properties of these fatty acids. You can take too much, because they have synthetic vitamins added, so you'd want to follow the dose on the bottle.

Hugs to your daughter

Please get another opinion...prozac for a 4 yr. old?!!!
Just be extra loving and attentive to her...she is only four, of course she is going to have accidents because of the stress of moving, but she might have accidents because again she is only 4!!!

Did she have the bathroom thing before moving?
Prozac for a four year old? I would not jump to the fact that she needs the prozac shes four what are the side effects, how will it make her body inside later? My daughter has been on a bunch of medications but I would not put her on prozac. The effects could make things worse in the long run! My daughter did the same thing but we found that she has overactive bladder. The tearful thing was anxiety! That might be another idea! We just take extra time with my daughter for her anxiety!
Ask the doctor about natural remedies. Therepy might help her out. Our a family member from back home calling daily or making a visit! Even play therepy like play group might help. I think the doctor needs to go back to school about the prozac is not for the youngesters. They didn't market it for that young! I would also find another doctor ASAP!

The other thing is pray! We will be praying for her also!

kids are resilent they bounce back easily. Before you put her on any medication try doing a mommy and me class, so she can be around other toddlers her age and maybe that will help w/her depression. hope it helps

I agree with everyone else. I just wanted to say that Prozac is not used commonly for adults anymore. It is a very old generation of SSRI and there are new much better drugs out there. If she need something, which I by no means think she does, it definitely shouldn't be prozac. Get more opinions and be patient with her while she adjusts. Trust your instincts, you are a good mom and you obviously are questioning this suggestion. Trust that gut reaction you are right.

IMO, if your daughter is depressed from a move - she needs a new group of friends, not a little white pill.
I second everyone else with the possibility of a UTI, and I hate to even bring up another possibility - but is there any chance that someone has behaved inappropriately with her?
What you're describing is more common among children who have been molested than in the general population - although it doesn't say anything definite.


Run, don't walk, to find a new doctor! Has the doctor who made the recommendation seen your daughter?

PT problems are, unfortunately, really common these days, especially in girls. I know a number of other moms who have girls still in overnight protection at the age og 6+. A good pedi will not talk about medical solutions to PT problems til at least age 7.

Frustrating when you're changing the sheets at 2am? yea, but better than adult meds for a child scarcely out of infancy!

Persoannly I think it is horrible to put kids on any type of medicine like that. You are getting them addicted and they don't even know it. They think in order to feel better I just take this. So what happens when some one offers them a joint or something like this and says it will make you feel better? It will be second nature to them!

Please stay away from prozac.. If you look into the drug u will see that the drug has a warning for Suicide ... Some people have had the wrong dose and wanted to die because of the drug... My daughter is from a divorce family and it has not been a easy rode for her.. the dr suggested therapy for her... If u want to look at that I can give u the name of my daughters dr she is GREAT.... Or if u want to chat about this personaly please email me...... I do not think u should put your child on any drugs at this age.....

Hello, "T. T"! I have two little boys. They are both autistic. My oldest just turned four, and my youngest will be three in December. My husband and I have been married for six years, and within the last six years, we have had eight different homes and have lived in four different states due to his employment. My four-year-old has lived in six homes...four states. My two-year-old has lived in five homes...four states. Yes, it is definitely a challenge for younger kiddos to move to place that is unfamiliar. However, with each move, we have emphasized the things that are stable (ie: mommy and daddy, our family). The point I am trying to make is that sometimes because of major changes in our lives , children can tend to have some behavioral challenges, especially after something big...like a move. Think about the things you have to face and cope with during the move you just made. Now think about your little four-year-old daughter having to face and cope with some of the same feelings you are facing, only she doesn't have the experience or life knowledge you do to fall back on in order to cope. She is facing a new neighborhood, new home, new pre-school (maybe), new schedule, nothing looks the same, new church (possibly), new everything. Her world has been turned up-side-down, and she doesn't know how to respond. So it comes out (involuntarily) through her behavior. Yes, she is probably upset. At four, she may not have any idea of what just happened, at least not a full understanding.

OK, having said that, in my opinion (and I am not a doctor), I would strongly suggest that you give her a little time. Really emphasize the things in your lives that are "constant". Try to mimic the schedule, or routine you had with her before you moved as much as possible. Reassure her that YOU have not changed; you still love her very much, and that will not change. If you are relaxed and at peace with the move you have made, show her that through your confidence throughout the day, whether you are running errands or doing laundry. Even spend a little extra time with her playing, having fun, reassuring her that you are in a good place and she can feel safe...because the things that really matter have not changed. Every child is different, so she may take longer to come around, or on the other hand, she may bounce back quickly once she sees that life will go on and she will continue to remain in the safe, loving home environment here as she did in your previous place of residence. That's what I have to say about the moving bit.

Regarding Prozac, as I mentioned, I am not a doctor, so far be it from me to dispute what your doctor has told you. I personally would not ever put my children on any MAOIs unless there is a chemical imbalance that needs to be re-balanced, and only through a drug can that happen. Children are resilient. In my opinion, if we give them drugs so that they don't FEEL and, therefore, "act out", how will they learn to cope with life? On that same note, I want to make it clear that there are cases where it is in the best interest of a child to be medicated (a chemical imbalance, for example). I am just saying make sure that Prozac is what she needs and that it is addressing the root of the issue. If Prozac is simply a band-aid to relieve...whatever, you may want try another approach.

I hope I have not been too "preachy" on this. I am pretty passionate about it though! I hope it helps, even if it just something to think about! Good luck to you!


I can understand that it is frustrating for your 4 year old to be having potty troubles, but really prozac for a 4 year old is a bit much if you ask me. If I were you I would get a second opinion. Kids will become depressed at times because of moving away from the family and another kid picking on him/her but I don't see any reason to make the kid take medication for it.

Good Afternoon, T.

God Bless you for caring so much! It is so difficult being a Mommy and always knowing what is best. My first bit of advice...RUN, not walk, as far away from this "doc" as possible. Love your daughter, be patient with her, nurture her, involve her as much as you can with new friends and a church family. T., I promise you, she (and you) WILL get through this. Turn to God for guidance and place your trust and faith in Him. If it's any consolation...I wet the bed 'til I was nearly 9! Thank God there wasn't talk of Prozac in children back then. We are way to quick to jump to chemicals and poisons in this "modern-day" society. First and foremost, pray...they parent with love, patience and support and T., you will find your way out of this with your daughter whole and intact. When she's able to appreciate the situation and articulate herself at an older age, she'll thank you for it. Please, don't give her Prozac and please FIRE her doc and please do post his/her name here so that none of us accidentally wind up on his/her exam table.

My prayers are with you!
T. G.

that's just WRONG!!
PLEASE let us know who this dr. is.....

OMG do not out your child on prozac! Find another doctor fast!!!! Its called regresion she may be upset about the move so shes regressing back to what she knows. If anthing run test to make sure her bladder is ok then you know for sure its an emotional problem and not a physical one. Then just go back to your potty training routine and it should get back on track. She may also be doing it for attention any attention is good attention even if its bad so be indiffrent with her if she has an accident. Then find when shes doing something good and give her praise for it.

I am definately not a doctor, but my first thought is to get a second opinion. Yes some kids need medicine, but some doctors are in a hurry to just give them a pill instead of getting to the real problem. There is a reason why she is crying all the time & why she has been wetting herself. Giving her a pill is just going to supress the real issue. Take her to a good pediatrician then they may refer you to a child pyschologist. If you are already with a child psychologist or psychiatrist. Get the name of another. It is best to deal with any problems and issues now before she gets older, not cover them up by becoming emotionally numb to the problem. I take my children to a Dr. tina Boylston. She is the medical center area, but it a a really great group of pediatritians. There number is ###-###-####.


First of all,I can't even imagine giving a 4 yr old prozac. Second of all, my son had the same urinary problems and also cried a lot, heck is is 9 tomorrow and still cries a lot. LOL I don't think the 2 have anything in common, I think the crying just comes from being sensitive. My son is the most kind, caring little boy I've ever met... crying is just part of that. He is just as quick to smile or laugh, he just feels everything more than the average person I think and is very aware of other people's feelings also. Maybe your daughter is the same way and she may be picking up on everyone's stresses from moving or anything else.

As for the urinating, I strongly suggest taking her to a urologist. When my son was 6 and in kindergarten he still had occasional accidents in his pants, urinated at least once every 30 minutes, and wet the bed EVERY night. We took him to a urologist who discovered he was having bladder spasms. We put him on medication that relaxed the bladder and within a couple of weeks he quit urinating so frequently and slowed down on the bed wetting a lot too. After taking the medicine for about a year, his bladder calmed down and had also grown bigger since it was able to fill itself up so we took him off of the medicine. He is 9 now and has no signs whatsoever of the bladder problems.

I think your doctor is right that your daughter might be having a difficult time adjusting to the move. However, I think that he is DEAD WRONG.. in suggesting you put her on prozac. If this is his only suggestion I would suggest you find another doctor.


I second what the other Mom's are saying. I cannot believe that her Doctor is suggesting this. I thing more than anything you need a new Doctor...This could effect you child more than you can imagine!

My friend's 2 children (all of which were potty trained) reverted back to having frequent accidents after their parents divorced. Their pediatrition referred them to a counselor to help them work through their anxiety and struggles, and it has helped immensely. This is relatively common for children who experiance new changes.

I agree, get her into a children's group and lots of activities, get her on a structured, predictable routine, and help her talk out her fears, take her to a counselor.

Is there a way to report a Dr. who prescribes such a harsh drug for a 4 year old without even considering the alternatives?!?!?! Also, Prozac can lead to more severe depression in children and teenagers.

Sounds like you have a quack doctor, who in the world would put a "4" yr. Old on prozac !!!......i would seek another doctor !!.......could be the doctor's
cop-out !.........

I would never let my daughters take prozac. There are enough adults out there that are having horrible side effects or are hooked to it. If she's depressed, let her go see a counselor and enroll her in several programs at the YMCA or even brownies, something to help her gain some new friends and enjoy her life more. I would also change doctors immediately to one that doesn't resort to antidepressants so quickly.

are you SERIOUS? This is a serious drug... to even consider it... Good GRIEF.... sorry, I'm SO not the one to ask for this but ... man... DO YOUR HOMEWORK and get a SECOND, THIRD or even FOURTH opinion...

I would definitely say no! Prozac is a very strong drug. I think your Dr. was a little premature offering Prozac as an option. If she is depressed, a counselor would probably due her more good than a drug. Do everything you can to try and help her make some new friends (maybe Mother's Day Out or joining a play group). Good luck but I would not medicate.

I agree with the other moms T., No WAY!!!! I take a very small dose of Lexapro for anxiety (same class as Prozac), and I would NEVER even consider it for a child of any age unless a life or death situation. These drugs come with a host of side effects that are tough for some adults never mind a small child. Frankly, I am shocked that any doctor would recommend this for such a trivial problem. See another doctor QUICK!!!!! Please do your research and you will find that this is not the answer for a 4 yr old.

Wow. I think that it's bit too much to consider a drug like this for a 4 year old child. I have been taking Prozac for about the past year for PMS. I only take for about 3-4 days out of the month to help me through the transition time of my hormones after I ovulate. Though it does help me alot, I can not take it more than 5 days at the most. I start to become really forgetful and get clumsy. I know that not everyone has this same reaction but it's a drug that should be considered "mind alternating" since that is what it does. I would really consider finding a different doctor. It really doesn't seem like good sound advice.
How about using some pull ups and give some extra support until she makes an adjustment to her new surroundings.
Don't forget that most children unless they have a underlying medical condition learn to use the potty. :)
My advice would be for a little grace and space on the potty issue.
Best Regards,

Do not give your child chemicals i.e. meds, is that doctor on CRACK!?! She is still growing and changing in everyway possible, why would anyone risk screwing up the chemical make-up in her brain?!? I am truly disturbed by your dr.'s advice. If she is tearful, then she is probl. very sensitive, and you should talk to her about her feelings more. It's all you can do really at this early stage. Try and help her sort out her feelings, asking her why she is crying/upset, etc. She may need you to help her identify why she is actually upset, she may not even know if she is overwhelmed by her emotions/feelings.
PLease do not give your baby mind altering chemical drugs....

Hi T.,
Well, childhood depression/anxiety is real, but I would not start there. You do need to do something because the brain is very sensitive if these conditions are left without some treatment. I would start by looking into omega-3's. There is research that suggest the EPA form of Omega 3's aids in depression/anxiety/bipolar disoders etc. I take them and can feel a major difference. I am not sure how much to give a child, but I read to take 180 mg of Omega-3's per every 10 pounds of weight. You may want to discuss that with a professional but I wanted to share with you.

At four she can draw and verbally tell you her feelings....I would also encourage this. Have her draw you her favorite memory at the old house, a sad memory, a happy memory, her favorite memory at the new house so far, a new friend, on and on. You can also play with lil' figures with her and act out some of her thoughts. This is tougher because as adults we interject too much and may sway her thoughts that she did or did not have on her own.

With this said, treatment of some form (counseling, natural remedies, or medication) is needed to protect her brain from developing grooves that will make her more susceptible to becoming depressed/anxious later in life. Medications are NOT tested on children, so I would proceed with GREAT caution on this advice.

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