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Protecting Leather Seats / Carseat Safety

We just purchased a new mini-van that has leather seats. What can I use to protect the leather seats, without compromising the children's safety? I have heard from others that a towel is not enough on leather seats.

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What about the little carpet squares that classrooms use. Those may be thick enough. I have never tried this but just an idea. I know you can buy them at Lowes.

For what it is worth, we have a Tahoe with leather seats and I just double over a towel under the carseat. It has worked just fine for us but if you want to invest in a protector... Walmart sells one in the baby section.

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They have at Target in the baby section some leather gripping carseat protectors about $15.

What about the little carpet squares that classrooms use. Those may be thick enough. I have never tried this but just an idea. I know you can buy them at Lowes.

I had a thing I got from Babies R Us specifically for protecting yor seats. I don't remember the brand or the exact name, but it worked well. It was thick rubber I believe and not very noticable underneath the seat. Try there or do an online search.

For what it is worth, we have a Tahoe with leather seats and I just double over a towel under the carseat. It has worked just fine for us but if you want to invest in a protector... Walmart sells one in the baby section.

I agree with the previous post about not using these. Any of the car seat installers will tell you not to use these.
I have a 10 yr old Volvo with leather seats. I have used car seats directly on the leather for the last 2.5 years. Yes, the car seat does make an indentation in the leather, but that will disappear after you remove the car seat. I have not had any damage to the leather. I'm not sure what you need to protect the leather against. I think leather is more durable than cloth as far as spills/ stains.

I also have a seat protector as well, think I got it at Target. They are a rubbery type texture and they really help prevent the car seat edges from digging into the leather.

There is a protector that you can purchase at Toys R Us or Babies R Us that goes under the carseat and even has pockets for storage! It's about $15, and we have used it for months in my husbands 740iL BMW. Hubby is very happy with the results it provides in protecting his leather seats. He also conditions them with leather "lotion" to keep them from cracking.

I use one of those seat protectors you buy at Traget or Walmart. They are like 20 bucks but worth it. It keeps the seat from wearing on the leather and keeps it clean.

At Babies R Us, there are seat protectors specifically made to go under the car seat. I believe the brand is LionHeart? It works perfectly!

I have to use 3 car seats on my leather. I bought indivial seat protectors from babies r us. They have one that covers teh entier seat but i didn't want ot have to unstrap everything if only one made a mess. The ones i choose have a removable back and i can just use the base for the booster seat. I can't remember the name but it seemed to have a lion something either int eh name or as the logo. They work great and boy do they catch a lot of crumbs and other gross things. They have done teh trick and i have no marks on my seats.

I bought a new car with leather seats before my son was born. I used a bath towel folded in half and over 3 years later my seats still look good.

My car has leather seats, too. I use a mat I bought at Babies R Us. It protects the seat and has pockets that hang down to store toys, books, diapers, etc..

Prince Lionheart makes a great seat protector that comes in 3 colors and costs about $20 They are sold at Babies R Us and Target.

We put a piece of that rubber stuff you use to line drawers. It's got a bubble-like texture, not sure what to call it exactly, but it's really cheap. We just put it right under the seat (which we now have a Britax Boulevard) and not the back part. We've had it inspected twice with this piece in there and it does not move at all (not even a hair...it's that tight). It will still leave indentions on the leather, but I'm sure once the seat is out awhile they will go away. I wouldn't waste money on an actual seat protector, but that's just me. We've used this for 2.5 years now. HTH!

I just purchased the Kiddapotamus Elite Car Seat Protector for my husband who refused to put car seats in our car otherwise. I just gave it to him for christmas, so we haven't really had it long enough to give a personal review, but in all my research online, it seemed to be the best.

any "after market" products should not be used, that includes cute little carseat covers, seat protectors, mirrors/toys that clip on/near the carseat, etc.

I bought this one. It is fine for any car seat with a latch system since it has the openings to allow the latches through.


We use the carseat protectors from Babies R Us (other places have them as well) and they come in different colors for your leather. They are also great on cloth seats and keep all indentions away.

My husband is a police/firefighter/EMT and does car seat inspections- there is no safety concern with using these products. They are made to protect your seats without compromising safety. Just make sure the seat and protector are installed correctly and are tight. If you feel unsure- take it to a safety fair or the fire department and they can do a safety inspection.

I actually hadn't heard of any such thing, but while shopping at Goodwill in Irving the other night, I found a protective mat that goes under a carseat to protect the car. I didn't read all about it, but it looks basically like two of the rubber trays you put under a dish drainer put together. Or if you remember from the olden days when lots of cars didn't have air conditioning, you used to be able to get these seat mats that were plastic mesh on the outside and coiled springs on the inside which you would put on the seat to provide for air circulation between the seat and your body.

You can put a thin hand towel underneath your car seat, but it really isn't recommended.
Do not buy an aftermarket seat protector from Babies R Us/Target/Walmart, basically anywhere. They interfere with the install of your car seat, and make it harder to get a proper install.

A car seat will not damage your leather long term, it will have indentions, but they should come out of the leather after a few weeks of the car seat being out. Really though, I don't think it is something you should worry about, what is a few indentions on the seat when you are keeping your child safe? :-)

Go have your seat checked at Plano Presby and they can tell you much more about it. If Jenny is there ask her about the effects of a car seat on leather, she has leather interior in her car and has car seats installed in there for a while. Call 1-800-4-PRESBY (1-800-477-3729) and make an appointment.

Target sells Eddie Bauer seat protectors in the baby gear section, I think.

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