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Projectile Vomitting 2 Month Old

Early this morning, during our nighttime feeding, my 2 & 1/2 month old baby projectile vomitted immediately after his feeding. he is solely breast fed. we nursed for 10 min on one side, burped and changed a diaper, then nursed for about 5 on the other (his norm), then as i was about to change positions to burp him, he threw up what appeared to be everything he just took in. he was not fussy at all before or after. the only other time he did this was when we gave him his first bottle of breast milk using a nipple that was too fast. do i have anything to worry about? any thoughts?

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He may have Acid Reflux. My little one was like that and we had her on a few Reflux med that help her keep the milk down. We also had her on soy milk.

Probably not. If he's not fussy and has no fever I wouldn't worry. Did you eat anything spicy or different that may have affected him? K.

Nothing to worry about. Babies at that age do that sometimes. My 3 month old does that once in a while and the doctor said unlike us, they will want to eat again. Sometimes they eat to fast or just have a big bubble and it might all come up again. Only time to worry is if happens every feeding.

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This happened to my son a few weeks after he was born. Have you had him checked for Pyloric Stenosis? It is common in first born males. My son projectiled vomitted for weeks and I know what it is like. He had Pyloric Stenosis and he had to have surgery immediately. They check for this with an ultra sound on his belly. It is easy to fix and he will never have any problems with it afterwards. I would talk to your peds about it ASAP if he vomits after almost every meal. Good luck!

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My six month old does that every so often (and has been doing it since about 2 months) for two reasons that I can identify. One, when he has congestion he must swallow some mucus and then throws everything up. Two, when he is trying to go, he will push and work and it must upset his stomach because he will throw up if he is eating. This happened pretty often until I figured out that I needed to take him off the breast when he starts to get the "working" face.

After your baby threw up, did he seem fine? Still hungry?

I would be sure to mention it to your pediatrician. Could be pyloric stenosis, but only your doctor can rule it out for sure. My daughter did the same thing when she was about that age. We went to have an ultrasound done to rule out pyloric stenosis. She was eventually diagnosed with reflux. In any case, you should always check with the pediatrician.

The only 2 babies i have known with projectile vomiting went through a battery of tests and needed to be put on a small amount of meds to help stop it.they were siblings born a year apart. Get your baby to a prediatricain asap, it will develop into wieght loss if not treated if it is a reaccurring thing. I dont remember the exact name of the condition but, it is always better to be safe and rule out things, projectile vomiting is not normal. I raised 3 kids, spit up a little, yes, i breastfed all 3. Breast milk its self is easier on their tummies even if you use a bottle to feed. I know it comes out of the breat pretty fast at the beinging with an agressive eater, you can hear them gulp fast as they suck furiously. Hope this helps.

My 5 month old does this sometimes. His problem is a stuffy nose. If he has one he swallows a lot of air and burping him is just not enough. I have to suck his little nose before I nurse so he can breathe right and we go projectile vomit free. Hope this helps

My son is breastfed too, and he projectile vomited a few times. I think it had to do with fast milk flow, like you said, or with him eating too much. If it happens a lot, I would check with your doctor, but if it is just occasional and he doesn't get upset by it, I wouldn't worry.

Not to alarm you, but a lot of moms don't know about this condition with first born sons.......look up Pyloric Stenosis, and talk to your son's pediatrician. Good luck with your new baby!

I went through the same thing wi/ my youngest. Yes, i would take the baby to the doctor. There are things they can do to help. My daughter had reflux. they put her on pepcid. It worked. She quit after a little while. I could only breast feed,but if that doesn't work there is also a special formula. Watch for choking. We ended up in the NICU for a week when my baby was only a day and a half old. It was very scary. We had to do infant CPR on her. She got choked and was not breathing..

Speaking with you ped is always best, but my son when he was that age and all the way up until now (5months) he did it and she told me it was reflux and advised putting a teaspoon or two of rice cereal to keep the formula down. He does spit up (normal) every now and then, but no more projectile. Talk with you ped to rule out reflux. Sometimes they grow out of it quickly though when the sphincter muscle in the stomach which is the cause of the reflux matures.

My 7 month old did this all the time up until about 5 months. Not always projectile but spitting up a good amount with projectile in between. Even though I watched what I ate and could tell when something bothered her from what I ate she still did it. Its common with babies and if he isn't acting like he is not in pain then its probably nothing to worry about. My advice to you is watch what you eat and see if thats why he reacts, and don't feed him anymore if he does spit up because even though it looks like he might still be hungry, he might be overfed and just vomit some more. Good luck. Invest in some bibs and lots of burp cloths. :)

Yes, that happens. Sometimes, just the right amount of air bubble triggers the gag reflex and up it all comes. If she continues to do this, it could be a sign of reflux or her possibly aspirating. Just watch her and if she continues to projectile vomit and appears limp, lethargic, sleepy all the time,(I know it's hard to judge with a 2 month old)but if you see it happens regularly, definately mention it to the pediatrician.

Hi G., my son (who is now 3) at about 2 months of age, projectile vomited much like you described your baby doing. He did it a few times so I got him to the doctor, who sent us for some tests. They were non-invasive and very quickly diagnosed my son with baby acid reflux. He was given two medications to take daily, one of which he took 3 times a day for the first year of his life. The reflux never seemed to bother him and tapered off as he began to walk (something to do with being upright more during the day). Anyway, it's best to consult your doctor for anything you're concerned about. I'm a first time mom and was always worried about calling too much but you can't put a price on your child's health and if your child's doctors and nurses don't understand that you might need new doctors. I hope this helps.

I am also a first time mom with a 10 week old. She does this quite often and is never upset about it. I would not worry about it.

My son had pretty much the same problem... it was baby reflux is want my childs doctor told me... he suggested that i switch to a formula with rice in it... it is made for babys who spit up alot.. so this may help but you may still need to see a doctor about it..

My son (who is now 2) used to do that all the time. He did grow out of it, but I was so worried every time it happened. No one seemed to understand how much and how ... "projectile"... I guess is the right word ... it was. It was pretty scary. The doctor said it was reflux, as most babies have because the esophagus leads straight down to the stomach until the babes learn to sit up. That's when the tube to the stomach starts to curve and things stay down.

In the meantime, try burping more often. That helped us; whenever I had a chance, even when we hadn't fed, I put him on my shoulder and tried to burp him as much as I could. Also I used the bouncy seat or held upright after a feeding. It will get better when he learns to sit up! Hang in there!

My daughter did this once also and when it happened it really freaked me out. I took her to the doctor the next day and he calmed my mind. He told me not to worry unless it continues to happen or if she was running a fever. He told me that this was normal if it is not happening constantly. If it happens again or is constant I would call your pediatricians office and talk to their nurse, if it doesn't I would not worry.

When my son was projectile vomiting and could keep nothing down it was due to a hernia. He was 7 weeks old. These are very common and after his surgery he was fine. It was scary since he was our first child but all turned out well. It may not be that at all but you may want to have him checked by a pediatrician for that if it continues.


I remeber my kids doing this at that age too. I think it is ok unless vomit is a weird color (like florescent yellow) yes it sounds strange but it is a very serious condition. So if it just breast milk and it doesn't happen more tham a few times a day for a short period of time it should be OK. When I have a question I call the doctors office and ask instead of making an appt. Most questions can be answered over the phone.


I don't think you have anything to worry about. My daughter did this almost once a day, and the doctor said it was nothing to worry about. It was the same situation as you are going through. She would throw up, but didn't seem bothered by it at all. I hope I helped.

Hi G.,
I am a wellness consultant here in San Antonio with a certification in detoxification. Please make an appointment with your child's pediatrician, as it is very possible he has pyloric stenosis.

What Is Pyloric Stenosis?

Pyloric stenosis is the narrowing of part of the stomach (the pylorus) that leads into the small intestines. This narrowing occurs because the muscle around the pylorus has grown too large. Most babies with pyloric stenosis begin to vomit during the second to third week of life. Babies begin with "spitting up" that turns into forceful projectile vomiting. The vomiting occurs after feeding. Sometimes, in formula-fed infants, different kinds of formula are tried without any change noted.

How is pyloric stenosis diagnosed?

The diagnosis of pyloric stenosis is made when an infant has a history of progressive forceful vomiting. The pyloric valve (opening at the bottom of the stomach that regulates the stomach emptying) becomes bigger over time and blocks the stomach from emptying. The baby begins to lose weight, and may become dehydrated. Dehydrated means the baby is not keeping enough fluid in his body. The baby may show signs of being sleepy or not be as active as usual. The baby may not have had a wet diaper in several hours and the soft spot on the top of his head may be sunken.

A physical exam by the doctor sometimes shows an enlarged pyloric valve. You may hear the doctor say that it feels like an olive because that’s the way it feels in shape and firmness. Sometimes it is hard to examine the baby if he has a stomach full of breast milk/formula or air and it is necessary to place a small nasogastric (NG) tube. The NG tube is a small plastic tube that goes through the infant’s nose or mouth into their stomach. It helps the stomach empty by draining air or anything else that may be in it.

The doctor may do tests to determine if the baby has pyloric stenosis. One test is a barium study or upper GI. This test involves the baby drinking a small amount of barium (a white, chalky liquid) that shows up easily on an X-ray picture. This test can tell the doctor if the baby has pyloric stenosis or another condition called gastroesophageal reflux (GER). GER is when the contents of the stomach come back up the esophagus.

Another test that may be done is an abdominal ultrasound. This test involves a metal wand that is moved over the baby’s stomach. The metal wand is able to take pictures using sound waves. It is a common test used in pregnancy to look at the baby and does not harm the baby.

How is pyloric stenosis treated?

If a diagnosis of pyloric stenosis is made, the baby will have some blood work done to check for dehydration. A catheter will be placed into the vein (IV) to replace fluids that the baby needs. The baby may go to surgery that day or the following day. It is very important that the baby not drink anything until after surgery.

The operation is called a pyloromyotomy (pie-lore-oh-my-ot-toe-me). This operation spreads open the muscle around the pyloric valve of the stomach. The incision is about 1 inch long either right around the belly button or on the right hand side of the abdomen. Stitches that dissolve are used, so they won’t have to be removed later.

Feedings will start slowly . Your nurse will tell you when to start. The amount of breast milk or formula will be limited at first and will be increased with each feed. A few episodes of vomiting shortly after surgery are not uncommon but resolve quickly. Most babies can be discharged home 1-2 days after surgery and have no long term problems.
Please let me know what your pediatrician determines is the cause of your baby's vomiting.

Acid Reflux. My ped. said it was "normal". It isn't take your baby in and have him looked at. I solely breast fed as well. If you don't have it fixed now, it can cause harm later in life.

G., if this hasn't happened before, it's most likely nothing serious. Sounds to me like a possible stomach virus. When my 6 month old was 4 month old, she picked one a stomach virus. I didn't know it was a virus at the time. She threw up twice and smiled while doing it. ha! The only reason I knew it was a stomach virus is because the entire house ended up with it within hours of her (much worse than she had it too!). I wondered how she had picked something up at such a young age (not in day care) but it happens. It could be something as simple as that. If it doesn't continue for more than 24 hours, I'd rule out these more serious issues you are reading about. Good luck!

I have seven children that I breastfed and only one had the horrible drama of projectile vomitting ( it was so sever he would not ain wieght like he should, but his twin sister was gaining well)and now I have a six month old grandson who has the same problem. I'll tell you what I did and what my daughter-in-law is doing for my grandsons vomitting. According to my grandsons pediatrician it's a form of milk product food allergy with the foods that you are eating. You may be eating too many milk products, you should drink Soy products and try soy foods(cheeses etc...) until his little stomach strenghthens. It really is working for my grandson. What you eat affects him. Burp him weveral times too and sit him up ten to fifteen minutes after each feeding in your arms or his car seat to allow his foods to properly digest. Some little boys, (according to the my now four year old pediatrician), stomach enzymes/lining takes a while to fully develope after birth. My now four year old started the excesive vomitting at about four weeks, it was horrible. He had to be on soy after I stopped nursing too. My grandson is doing so much better too since his mom is on Soy products and seats him up more after feedings. God bless and hang in there. Remember to give your hubby his well needed attention, don't get too wrapped up in the baby and neglect him. Take care and it will be fine.

when my niece was doing that, drs discovered she had a hernia.

I have a 2 & 1/2 month old too, but she is bottle fed. She has done this a few times, but I don't think you should worry, I have talked with my cousin who worked for an OB/GYN for years and also the pediatrician and she said it's normal, that sometimes that just happens. Now if it happened after every feeding then that is something I would take to the pediatrician right away. But relax he is fine.
When mine did that I called her the exorcist!!!

Hi, wanted to respond. Ask your Doctor to check for Piloric Stenosis (not sure if spelled right)..Usual in first born male babies it is the stomach tube going to the small intestines is swollen (doctor can feel it in an exam) I don't check emails much I hope he is ok!!!

Same as below it is scary but after surgery he will be fine my son is now 19yrs old never had another problem. They go in to lance the muscle that has tightened around the stomach tube, its like a sausage muscle inside a casing... Will be thinking about ya get him to your doctore ASAP sooner the better. He is not getting his nourshmet and will loose weight. Good luck.

I would not worry about it. When humans are small the sphincter at the top of the stomach is not fully functioning. Milk just comes out with little provication. Just feed him again. It is kind of gross to clean up all of the time but just part of being a Mom if you have a little one that does it more often. Our first did it a lot, but most of the others did not do it often. This will get daddy drenched however if he holds the baby over his head after feeding time - my husband can vouch for this. As long as your baby is gaining weight, I would not worry about it. And I would note let the Dr. give relflux medication. Yikes, everyone wants a pill for something. I research this type of spitting up and came to the conclusion that it can be a normal part of development for some children. Our baby did it after almost every feeding; I just fed her again. Look at the positive side, b/c he double nurses, you will have twice as much milk. Then when he stop the spitting up, you can pump and store it in the freezer:)> Happy cleaning.

I would say no since it dosen't happen all the time. He might have been full when you fed him and thats why it came back up. If it became a constant problem then I would say you might want to talk to your doctor. Hope this helps . Have a great day !!:)

If it only happens once, it is not a big deal. Sometimes babies just have rather forceful burps and a lot of milk comes up with that. If it continues to happen I would call my pedi. Little boys (most common in boys, not girls) can have a problem called pyloric stenosis that can cause them to projectile vomit. This will be more than a one time occurance. If it is only happening a couple of times a week, it is just an annoyance. I would try different burping methods to see if that helps the air come out a little less intense. Maybe stopping for a burp before completing the first side will help get the air out in smaller doses.

around this age reflux can occut....if it continues address it w/ your dr.

Perhaps he has reflux. But unless he quits gaining weight the peditrician will suggest to feed some more a little at a time.Both of mine had reflux as infants and only one was given zantac, but not to stop reflux but to stop the pain associated with the vomiting. Apparently they can not fully stop it. Their little muscles have to get stonger and most babies grow out of it at about 9 months. Ask your pediatrician or check out parenting.com for more info.

it could be so many things... i wouldn't worry unless he continues to vomit or refuses to eat. if that hapens switch to pedialite and give his tummy troubles time to pass.

I had a similar situation with my son. There are some differences...I was a working mom and not breast feeding, and my son is now 27 years old, but I thought you might like to know what happened in our case and encourage you to go to your doctor if this continues.
Matthew was a large baby (9 lbs. 3 oz. at birth). His projectile vomitting started sooner than you have experienced --at around 5 weeks. When I took him to the doctor they ran tests and discovered that he had a condition known as pyloric stenosis. (I don't recall if this is the correct spelling but have spelled it phonetically.)Basically, what happened was that a muscle had grown to where it was obstructing a valve between his stomach and intestine so that the valve could not open properly. This is a condition that affects-- almost exclusively-- firstborn, male children. During his care I was asked repeatedly by various doctors and medical workers if I had ever had a miscarriage, abortion, or any type of previous pregnancy to determine that he fit the profile exactly. At the age of 6 weeks he had a surgical procedure in which a wonderful doctor at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston made a small incision and cut the muscle just enough to splay it so that the valve affected could function correctly. Even 27 years ago he described the operation as well-known and said the biggest concern would be the anesthesia for an infant. Thankfully, we had a great anesthesioligist too. It all turned out very well and probably now there have been even further refinements to the procedure. If the vomitting continues please see a doctor.

I agree with Jen...if it doesn't happen that often...I don't think you really have to worry much. My little girl was always fussy after night-time feedings...and she would spit up after almost EVERY feeding (day or night). I was worried about how much she spit up...but she was gaining weight fine...so she was keeping enough down. When she was a little over a month old she projectile vomitted for the first time. It completely freaked me out (being a first time mom). I took her to the peds. They did an x-ray with the barium swallow stuff...and even though she didn't throw it up...you could see it going up and down...up and down. She has reflux and has been on Zantac since she was a little over a month old. She seemed to be doing better at a year. We took her off the meds...and the spitting up started again...so she went back on the meds.

I would suggest listening closely to the baby to see if you can her him refluxing...even if he isn't spitting it up all the way because my little one spit up alot...but as she got older...she learned to "control" it a little better and she wouldn't spit it up.

Good luck!

Well if he has just vomitted a couple of times then I don't think it is any big deal. But I have a question. Does he spit up a good bit every time you feed him and sometimes between feedings? My son spit up soooooooooo much when he was tiny and then had a couple of projectile vomitting sessions. He also cried a lot from 7-9 most nights. I asked my doctor about it and he tested him for acid reflux, or GERD. My little boy had it and it was a simple matter of getting him on prevacid. The problem was solved and the whole family was happy :) He only needed the prevacid until about 5 months but some babies may need it to about nine months or so. Anyway if he has any of those accompanying symptoms I would say it might be acid reflux. If he begins to throw up more frequently it could also be pyloric stenosis, which is a little problem with the stomach that a small surgical procedure can solve. However it works out, if there is a problem, it sould be easy enough to get solved. Best of luck to you! :)

Call your pediatrician. Could be nothing. Could be pyloric stenosis (easily diagnosed and treated, very dangerous to wait). No matter what, keep your cherished little one on breast milk. Most loving thing you could do for your baby. Call your pediatrician, and let us know how things work out. :-) Shalom.

isn't that frustrating?? you give them all the milk you have and then... BARF! it just happens sometimes, maybe a bubble, and who knows? maybe you ate something yourbaby didn't like. baby will make it through til next feeding. i know it is hard to have to change the sheets and everything in the middle of the night... hang in there!

All three of mine would do that also. The last one is 8mths old and sometimes, he would vomit at every feeding. I asked the doctors and they told me not to worry about it. They also said that if the hospital sent me home with some formula, to take 1 oz and pour it onto the burp cloth, so I could compare how much the baby was really vomiting. That put my mind to ease too. I was really sensitive to all of the kids having a very forceful spit up because my husband had Pyloric Stenosis as an infant. That is truly projectile vomiting (across the room!) If a baby has pyloric stenosis, he would not be thriving or gaining weight, since you baby is 2mths old, that would or should have been caught by now. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Keep it up and just remember, the vomiting will stop soon.

You want to let your Doctor know, he could have acid reflux. My son had it and hey put him on Pepcid and also changed his formula which worked great. When you feed him just have a towel by your side and bring him forward when he spits up to make sure he does not choke.

Hi G.,
I'm a mom of 1 almost 2yr old. I will never forget the exorsist-like spit ups where it's flying out and my husband is screaming OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. I know it seems like a lot come out, but I can promise you it wasn't all of it. My child was extremely good at nursing like yours, 15 min. and their done. Your in for a long road of spitting up. Mine stopped around 6 or 7 months. As long as he's not crying for food, he's fine. I'm so glad you're nursing. Good luck.


Nothing to worry about. Babies at that age do that sometimes. My 3 month old does that once in a while and the doctor said unlike us, they will want to eat again. Sometimes they eat to fast or just have a big bubble and it might all come up again. Only time to worry is if happens every feeding.

I would not worry at all. My baby did the same thing pretty often when she was younger. She's' 4 months now and has no more problems with it. If it continues and happens daily after every feeding, then your doctor might look into a specific esophageal problem. But more than likely, it's nothing. Remember babies have immature digestive systems, so it's normal for them to spit up alot and even projectile vomit sometimes. Just keep an eye on things. Your baby will let you know when something is wrong!

A., Registered Nurse

I had a friend whose son was 3 weeks older than mine who experienced projectile vomiting. In his case it occured on a regular basis and impacted his weight gain, etc so he ended up having to have a minor procedure to correct it.


Maybe the flow from your breast was faster than normal if that's possible? I read about infants spitting up a majority of what they swallowed,and projectile vomiting. I went to babycenter.com. My son had this problem ,but it was an ongoing thing which later was found out to be caused by a hernia. Before finding that out they were telling us our baby had a reflux problem.They also put him on a thicker formula Enfamil Lipil AR which is supposed to be for babies with frequent spit ups. That's the thickest on the market. If this projectile vomiting is not an ongoing issue than I would not worry too much about it. It could be the issue of a faster flow,or maybe he was still full from his last feeding.

My son did that from 2 weeks to 2 months he had what is called pyloric spasiums. What that is, is the end of the esoph. has this flap that doesnt close all the way and lets the milk come back up. Call your Peditrican to see if that is a one time thing or if you need to be checked usually they grow out of it at 2 months.

Hi G.,

I was a nursing mother and it was the most wonderful experience I will every have with my children. After reading your comments I thought I would let you know just from my experience that this can happen every now and then. Make sure you record what you have eaten a day or two before this incident. When I ate something spicey or garlicy my children would either feed and vomit or not take to the breast at all. Just something for you to think about before you panick and think something is wrong. By all means if it continues then obviously you should seek professional help. Hope this helps.

My son had the same thing that Amber R.'s child had. He had to have surgery at 6 weeks old. Both of our families were shocked because we had never heard of this before and we all thought he just had the flu. Don't wait, take your baby to the doctor to get checked out. Hopefully it isn't anything serious.

Back is 1981 when I was pregnant, I took Bendectin for a couple of months for morning sickness (I had it severly the entire 9 months). Now they don't give it to you anymore because they said it caused a birth defect in some infants, which was, the flap would be deformed that was between the esophagus and the stomache. It keeps the food in the stomache. I'm sure you didn't take Bendectin, but your child might have the flap problem. You could ck it out with the doctor if it continues. The symptom for the bad flap was "projectile vomiting". Also, projectile means very strong, forceful vomiting, like spewing, like the exorcist chick. Be sure you really mean projectile when you use the word. Hope this helps.

I would contact your pedatrician at once for an examination. This is pretty common problem . My fourth son had this problem and it required surgery on a valve connecting the stomach and intestine, Hopefully that is not the case. The reference to projectile vomiting was what caught my attention.I am a concerned great grandma.

I have a 4 month old that did this about once a day, sometimes more. She was gaining weight so I kept being told not to worry. It was hard not too. Because there was no fussiness and she would vomit like this even when I sat her up after feeding, I knew it was not reflux. I thought allergies and went totally dairy free and it was still happening. I finally called a lactation consultant and after talking through some things, realized I had a forceful let down.

I would definitely talk to your doctor about it but it would not hurt to contact a lactation consultant to talk over some things and see if it is a letdown issue. We have adjusted our nursing position and no more spit up!

Good luck!

I had this problem w/ my second born son. When he was a month old he would spit up, and at times projectile vomit, everything he ate. I took him to his ped and she told me he possibly was just a "happy spitter" and had acid reflux. She weighed him and he was gaining weight just fine so there was no need to worry. She suggested giving him mylanta and said he would outgrow it. After 1 week passed and the vomiting worsened I took him to the doctor where he was weighed and had lost 5 ounces. They immediately sent me to Texas Childrens where he was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis. After a quick laproscopic surgery and 5 days in the NICU the problem was solved. He's now 2 years old and we haven't had any problems since the surgery!! Good Luck!!

Probably not. If he's not fussy and has no fever I wouldn't worry. Did you eat anything spicy or different that may have affected him? K.

what are you eating? Sometimes what you eat the day before can be the cause he is vomitting. Maybe he is stomach senative to milk. You might ask doctor when he goes for checkup. As long as he is gaining weight, he is getting enough food. My grandson had to be put on soy milk. He was not gaing weight at all.

He may have Acid Reflux. My little one was like that and we had her on a few Reflux med that help her keep the milk down. We also had her on soy milk.

Hi G., When out daughter was about 1mth old she did the same thing. We took her to the pediatrition. He told us to take her to Texas Children's Hospital, bcause the little town that we live in didn't have the specialist that she needed.
After getting down town after a short visit with my pastor {cause at that time I wasn't taking any chances} Anyway we get there and they did x-rays and made her drink some chocolate berium stuff. she immediately threw it up. We were told that she had Pyloric Stonosis {mispld} well a quick surgery to repair this and we were off home and she has done fine since. She is now 30yrs young.

Dont give up hope and dont let them tell you its not anything. she lost weight in just 2 days and that alarmed them

Well if I can be of anymore service pls let me know.

Take care

I wouldn't worry my daughter projectile vomitted after every feeding and it's common, it's called GERD . Its like acid reflux in infants and will go away as they get older . As long as he's not losing weight then I really wouldn't worry. I am a first time parent and was scared but after bugging the docters and thinking I new more then them ,I learned as she got older they were right and it went away. There are medications out there for this which did help her ,but like I said she did end up growing out of it. I hope this helps ease your worries.

Hello, I hope the projectile vomiting has not continued and was only a one time thing; because that is scary when a tiny baby cant keep any milk down. If it has continued, take him to a gastroenterologist asap. He may have G.E.R.D. gastro esophegeal reflux disease. My first child had it (luckily they out grow it) and he is now a healthy 7 year old. But I understand your worry and hope you are able to get the professional help you need. God Bless.

My daughter actually projectile vomitted my breast milk and every formula i ever tried and continued doing this almost daily (mostly in the evenings at bedtime) until she was three. The doctors told me it was allergies but couldn't tell me to what. They gave her meds and breathing treatments for us to give at home all of the time and it didn't do much to help. Finally, I went green by switching stores, started shopping with Melaleuca.com and her health changed immediately. She's been healthy as a horse for 5 years now. I can help you learn more about the company I shop with if you like. Contact me on this group or email me at ____@____.com - I am part of the company now and have a site you can check out too. www.livetotalwellness.com/jenbaird

Relax mom, this too shall pass. My 20-year old projectile vomiter is in college now, and has lived to tell the tale.

I maintain that midnight vomiting is part of motherhood,whether they're 2 months or 20, and come home at 3 a.m. after a little too much partying.

Hi there. I remember that happened with my first baby a couple of times and I freaked out! But it's absolutely nothing to worry about, he just slurped it down a little fast!

G., for your sanity as well, just put a call to the pedi office to speak to a nurse. She may very well tell you that he either drank too fast and the milk haven't had time to digest and that he was moved a little bit too much between or during the feeding (burped and changing diaper). Babies have shorter GI tract and sometimes some movement during or even shorty after feeding will make them spit up or vomit. Also, there's a difference between a large spit up and projectile vomiting. Sometimes we tend think it's projectile vomiting when it's truly a big, seemingly forceful spit up. Projectile is literally projecting few feet straight in front (that forceful) to across the room. Hope all is well.

Hi G.!

All babies have their own type of reflux. This is probably what your baby is experiencing. Basically you will need to keep your baby postitioned up for about 15 min after feedings - not so easy during night-time feedings but this will help baby to keep the food down. If this projectile vomiting continues your baby will get some irritation from the acid that also comes up with the projectile events! They often then want to nurse more to relieve it, only to have the same issue again and so forth. Your child is in the age bracket for the beginnings of re-flux. Hopefully this isn't the case, but if so, please feel free to email me, if this continues - I have much experience to share on dealing with re-flux babies. Good luck to you and your sweet baby!


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