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Projectile Vomitting 2 Month Old

Early this morning, during our nighttime feeding, my 2 & 1/2 month old baby projectile vomitted immediately after his feeding. he is solely breast fed. we nursed for 10 min on one side, burped and changed a diaper, then nursed for about 5 on the other (his norm), then as i was about to change positions to burp him, he threw up what appeared to be everything he just took in. he was not fussy at all before or after. the only other time he did this was when we gave him his first bottle of breast milk using a nipple that was too fast. do i have anything to worry about? any thoughts?

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He may have Acid Reflux. My little one was like that and we had her on a few Reflux med that help her keep the milk down. We also had her on soy milk.

Probably not. If he's not fussy and has no fever I wouldn't worry. Did you eat anything spicy or different that may have affected him? K.

Nothing to worry about. Babies at that age do that sometimes. My 3 month old does that once in a while and the doctor said unlike us, they will want to eat again. Sometimes they eat to fast or just have a big bubble and it might all come up again. Only time to worry is if happens every feeding.

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This happened to my son a few weeks after he was born. Have you had him checked for Pyloric Stenosis? It is common in first born males. My son projectiled vomitted for weeks and I know what it is like. He had Pyloric Stenosis and he had to have surgery immediately. They check for this with an ultra sound on his belly. It is easy to fix and he will never have any problems with it afterwards. I would talk to your peds about it ASAP if he vomits after almost every meal. Good luck!

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My six month old does that every so often (and has been doing it since about 2 months) for two reasons that I can identify. One, when he has congestion he must swallow some mucus and then throws everything up. Two, when he is trying to go, he will push and work and it must upset his stomach because he will throw up if he is eating. This happened pretty often until I figured out that I needed to take him off the breast when he starts to get the "working" face.

After your baby threw up, did he seem fine? Still hungry?

I would be sure to mention it to your pediatrician. Could be pyloric stenosis, but only your doctor can rule it out for sure. My daughter did the same thing when she was about that age. We went to have an ultrasound done to rule out pyloric stenosis. She was eventually diagnosed with reflux. In any case, you should always check with the pediatrician.

The only 2 babies i have known with projectile vomiting went through a battery of tests and needed to be put on a small amount of meds to help stop it.they were siblings born a year apart. Get your baby to a prediatricain asap, it will develop into wieght loss if not treated if it is a reaccurring thing. I dont remember the exact name of the condition but, it is always better to be safe and rule out things, projectile vomiting is not normal. I raised 3 kids, spit up a little, yes, i breastfed all 3. Breast milk its self is easier on their tummies even if you use a bottle to feed. I know it comes out of the breat pretty fast at the beinging with an agressive eater, you can hear them gulp fast as they suck furiously. Hope this helps.

My 5 month old does this sometimes. His problem is a stuffy nose. If he has one he swallows a lot of air and burping him is just not enough. I have to suck his little nose before I nurse so he can breathe right and we go projectile vomit free. Hope this helps

My son is breastfed too, and he projectile vomited a few times. I think it had to do with fast milk flow, like you said, or with him eating too much. If it happens a lot, I would check with your doctor, but if it is just occasional and he doesn't get upset by it, I wouldn't worry.

Not to alarm you, but a lot of moms don't know about this condition with first born sons.......look up Pyloric Stenosis, and talk to your son's pediatrician. Good luck with your new baby!

I went through the same thing wi/ my youngest. Yes, i would take the baby to the doctor. There are things they can do to help. My daughter had reflux. they put her on pepcid. It worked. She quit after a little while. I could only breast feed,but if that doesn't work there is also a special formula. Watch for choking. We ended up in the NICU for a week when my baby was only a day and a half old. It was very scary. We had to do infant CPR on her. She got choked and was not breathing..

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