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Product for Very Curly Hair


Alright.....tomorrow I am biting the bullet and having my hair cut off. I can't take it. Ever since my daughter was born (Nov 2006) I hardly wear my hair down. I work and live in an apartment and when I turn the hairdryer on in the morning to do my hair, she wakes. It's just not worth it and I get to sleep a little longer :o)

So, tomorrow I'm going for a cut & color. My hair is about bra length when it's wet, springs way up when it's curly. People (even strangers in an elevator) have told me I look like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction (no way is this a compliment, she was a nut). Anyway, that's the type of hair/color I have. It's little corse too.

Since I wear my hair up so much, I thought, just cut it off for the summer. Is there a store bought product I can buy where I can just put it in and let my hair dry naturally without frizz? This is what happens if I let it air dry. I put a salon product in when I wear it down, but it's pricey.

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Still a little pricey & you order it online but it really lasts~Ouidad Humidity Control Gel! The absolute best!

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I have naturally curly hair & have used every product imaginable through the years. My hair has also been every length. The frizz ease products work better than any salon product I've ever purchased. I use the entire line... shampoo & conditioner, the serum (extra strength) and the gel, and then the finishing cream after my hair is dry (or on days that I don't wash my hair, this works great). That's my other tip... curly hair does not need to be washed every day. It will just dry out and be even more frizzy. Try washing only 3 times a week.

My sister in law has REALLY curly hair and has just started using that Fekkai shampoo and conditioner...you can order/get it at victoria secret or bath and body works. She swears by it and the price is not that bad. Good luck!

Hi L.,

My hair is coarse and very naturally curly, too. I keep it around shoulder length dry, which is about 3" longer when wet, and I always wear it down. From the time I was about 13 until I was at least 26, I tried almost everything from $5 to something I bought in a salon for $85 once. For the last 6 or 7 years, though, I finally found my perfect routine for wonderful curls! It's 3 steps, starting with John Freida Frizz Ease Extra Strength serum. It's about $8 at Target. I put it in my hair right after I'm out of the shower. I do NOT towel dry, I just give my hair a light squeeze so it's not sopping wet, so not even a good ringing out. I put the serum in from ends to roots (about 3 pumps of it), making sure there's not a lot by my hair line or it'll look oily, but the more at the ends the better because it weights it down and controls frizz all day long. I never blow dry my hair or brush it anymore either. That was a major help. Immediately after the Frizz Ease, I use this gel from FX Special Effects called Curls Up (again, I've tried REALLY expensive salon brands, but this is from Walgreens and I actually buy mine online in cases of 6 directly from the company now). It's a light gel that reactivates your nice curls and keeps frizz at bay. THEN, and this is the 3rd and last step, I use the Curl Booster spray from the same company. I wait until my hair is nearly dry on the surface and spray it lightly to set everything. My hair never looks sprayed and doesn't feel stiff or starched at all. It's not like a sticky hair spray. I've been using all 3 of these together for the last 6 or 7 years and up until this point, I was never happy with my hair. I was even self conscious about it, which seemed silly as an adult. I hardly ever wear it up anymore because I love it down. And I secretly love when all my straight haired friends (of whom I was always jealous!) tell me how my hair is so perfect and soft and they would pay anything to have these curls and they think I just wake up, wash & go! That makes it worth the 3 step routine. I do it every day, and it takes no time at all. I think because I have twins and a 6 year old, everyone thinks I must wake up and look like this because I can't possibly have any time to spend on myself. It really doesn't take long, but it's the one thing I do for myself every day...just so I don't walk by a mirror and scare myself :) Good luck!

Hi there -- I found that CitraShine anti-frizz serum is inexpensive and works far far better than any of the other products I've tried (and I have quite literally tried them all). I ended up giving away all the other products I'd bought. The great thing too about this product is, only a tiny amount (dime sized) works for entire head, keeps hair soft and shiny and no frizz, and it's light on your hair, doesn't weight it down. I've got course curly and very thick hair, and i love love love this stuff. here's a link so you can see what it looks like.


can find it anywhere. works better even than similar hair products from salon that sell for 3x the amount for same size!! :)

I have a few suggestions for ya!

Cheap drugstore stuff...Friz Ease Serum.

Mid price salon stuff but you can get it at target or Meijer's... Biosilk Hair Serum (love this stuff, great for silky date nite legs too!)

If your hair can handle oily products Carolsdaughter.com has some great stuff (mainly geared toward women of color but great for curl and frizz contol)

If ya live close by I have access to a beauty supply to get you good stuff for cheap!

Hope this helps!

I also have very curly, long hair. I use two products by frizz-ease. When my hair is wet, right out of the shower I use a spray called dream curls and immediately after I put in Take Charge Mousse. Simple creams that I've tried aren't strong enough for my course hair, mousse seems to work the best. The spray helps with the frizz too.
Also, don't shampoo everyday. I use conditioner (once that is very moisturizing) everyday, but shampoo only once a week or so. Washing away the oils in your hair everyday only makes it more frizzy.
Good luck!

Still a little pricey & you order it online but it really lasts~Ouidad Humidity Control Gel! The absolute best!

I have curly hair too, and fought the frizz for many years. Have tried EVERYTHING, and finally found something that works! I buy Matrix Curl Life mousse at Great Clips. It's in a lime green bottle and smells like cucumber melon. It's $14.99 per bottle, which is pricey, however one bottle lasts literally three months of using it everyday.

Hope this helps!

I feel your pain. I have recently discovered a combo that works great for me that isn't too expensive to try. After washing and conditioning,(unless I have a moisturizing shampoo), I lightly towel dry and apply neutrogena triple moisture conditioner. You are supposed to rinse,I DON'T! It leaves your hair really soft and smooth. Then I apply Frizz-ease mousse. For me, it works great. Let your hair air dry and don't mess with it for like 1/2 hour-45 minutes. Then just run your fingers through to style. I love it! No hairspray needed and the added bonus is that the curls retain their shape the next day. Just run your fingers through with some water and you are good to go! GOOD LUCK!!!!

My pre-teen daughter has VERY curly hair that sounds about the same length as yours. She also HATES frizz. Sadly, the only product we have found is pretty pricy(and we have tried tons of different kinds in all price ranges) IS Redken Ringlet. If she puts that in and lets it air dry, for once it seems to just be curls and not a head full of frizz. Good luck, and I will be interested to see what other people post on this subject!

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