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Problems with Reflux

My daughter is 10 weeks old and is being formula fed. She seems to get very uncomfortable in the middle of her feedings and sometimes she will stop after two ounces, but then be hungry an hour later. She'll make groaning noises, her face sometimes gets red and she is very fussy. I burp her and try to keep her in an upright position for as long after feeding as possible. I can't stand to see her so uncomfortable! Any suggestions?

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I struggled with this with my now 41/2 yr. old. He still has it occasionally. Just keep her upright. You can buy a wedge from the pharmacy that you can place her on while she sleeps. My doctor made that suggestion. Otherwise, you may have to medicate her. My son was on zantac & reglan at first...then they placed him on Prevacid granules. I know what you are going through. At least you found out about it early. My son was 6 mos. old when they finally diagnosed him. Good Luck and God Bless. J.

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My daughter had acid reflux and had to be on Zantac. She would scream all of the time and the medicine helped but she still was so unhappy until she turned 3 mths. Besides what you are doing their isn't much else except medicine. It can be so hard to see your baby unhappy and in pain but it will pass and you are almost at the 3mth mark. I have heard about some babies having it a lot longer then 3 mths. i would address it with my pediatrician.

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My daughter (2 1/2) had it and now my son (7mos) has it worse than she did. Our pediatrician in Texas (we just moved here), said that most of the times, allergies are a strong factor in reflux. I am breastfeeding have cut out dairy, and a ton of other stuff. So maybe try Nutramigen or Alimentum, or even soy if you haven't already - call the ped. and ask them for samples if you haven't tried it already. If your child does have a milk allergy, there is like a 50 or 70% chance (I can't remember...) they also have a soy allergy, so that's something you might watch out for if you do try soy (and haven't already!). Our pediatrician in Texas had him on prevacid, which seemed to help until a few weeks ago. They just switched him to Axid, and it seems to be helping a lot. Our daughter was on prilosec, which I was very happy with also. However with reflux, they still spit up a lot, they just don't hurt when medicated. So we still have an awful time with spitup! And it has been really interesting now that we're on solids. Yick! If anyone has any fantastic carpet cleaning tips.... of course that's another post.

I also second the sling idea. I have a hotsling (www.hotslings.com), and I LOVE it. I can still use it for a side hip hold for my son, and it was wonderful when he was a tiny baby. So that's just a second kind to look at!

Gas drops also worked well for us. We had great success with the Target generic brand which are significantly cheaper than the Mylicon name brand. Poor thing. I know it's hard on you AND on her! GOOD LUCK! I'll be watching this thread to see if anyone else has any great tricks for dealing with it.


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My first baby had serious GERD, he was breastfed, we even tried formula just in case, but that made it much worse. I read if they throw up 3-4 times a day it's serious, my son threw up 3-4 times an HOUR! He was either constantly nursing, screaming, throwing up or so wiped out he passed out. Our ped at the time was no help at all, we finally changed (but that's another loooong story). As bad as this all was, I found two things that helped some. One was a sling or pouch. I started with a pouch when he was newborn, I laid him down in it and sort of curled him around my stomach and wore him around as much as I could stand. The constant movement helped him.

The second thing was a swing. We had the Fisher-Price Swing N' Meals, and that thing was a Godsend. We were so tired and my son was in so much pain, and he was hardly ever sleeping (20 minutes here and there, day and night). I didn't know if he'd like the swing, but I put him in it, and he stopped screaming and fell right asleep! He would sleep for up to 3 hours at a time. You're not really supposed to leave them in a swing that long, but in our case, it was the only way he got some relief, and so did we. After we got the swing, my husband and I actually got to eat at the same time AND sitting down, and that hadn't happened in months.

If you like the sling idea, I got mine from Zolowear.com. They're really super-nice, and have a zipper pocket on the front. I used to stick my keys, DL and money in the front pocket and baby in the sling when I ran into a store. I'm sure there are tons of swings to choose from...



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have you taken her to the pediatrician? she could have some colic from a milk allergy. my oldest daughter had it bad and was on a anti-siezure med to stop her intestines from spasming and when taken off lactose she was fine. i'd talk to the Dr and see what he says

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I would definitely talk to your pediatrician about it. My son had similar issues, and I used Enfamil AR Lipil with him and it seemed to help. He's 3 now and still has reflux and takes Prevacid everyday. Unfortunately he wasn't diagnosed with it until shortly after his second birthday, but since starting Prevacid seems MUCH better. Make sure you're burping her after every ounce fed and take it slow. I remember feeding my son took forever and felt like I spent all my life feeding him. I feel your pain! Hope it gets better!!

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Hold the baby on your knee sitting up and rub her back and burp her while holding her chin with your fingers and the palm of your hand on her tummy and put a little pressure on her tummy that way. do that for about 3 minutes and it should work. That was the only way I could get my baby to burp and even sometimes I still have to do that to him and he is 10 months old Well hey goo luck and it helped me.

Also try giving her gas drops I just thought about that today. And try putting rice cereal in her bottles just a little to thicken it up a bit that should help with the spitting up. Good luck again. K. W

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what kind of formula are you giving her? My son did the same thing when he was a baby and I put him on soy formula. I believe the milk based formula was too harsh for him and he had a lot of problems with gas. You may have to try different formulas until you find one that works for her. I also did alot of massage techniques with him like effleurage. Massage is wonderful for gas but you have to wait an hour or so after feeding to avoid spitting up. You can take 2 fingers and gently rub in a circular motion around her belly button. This will help with proper digestion. Also, holding her ankles together, bring her knees slowly to her chest and then straighten her legs out, or the "bicycle" exercise. A really good book to get is "Baby Massage: The calming power of touch" by Dr. Alan Heath & Nicki Bainbridge. This is where the above mentioned techniques are from. Good luck.

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