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Problems with Epidural

My daughter is 9 months old. Since then I have had numbness that comes and goes in my lower extremities. It started a few months after she was born in my right leg but it was just a little numb. Then in July my right leg got really numb and I went to a chiropractor and in a week or so the numbness went away. Since a few days ago, I have felt numb from my waist down. I have feeling in my legs, but it feels like they have fallen asleep. I don't know if it's just a pinched nerve in my back or if my problem is stemming from the epidural I had with my daughter (since I never had this problem before I had her). Has anybody experienced anything like this?

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I actually went to a few doctors including a neurologist. I had MRIs done on Monday and unfortunately, today I was diagnosed with MS. I would love to talk with anyone who has experienced this disease.

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not to freak you out, but you should probably get an MRI to rule out Multiple Sclerosis. my mother had similar problems and it was years before they finally diagnosed her. now she's confined to a chair, and had to get a catheter (sp?). but if you catch it early, you have a better chance of living a healthy and normal life.

I had same problem plus sever lower back pain for 6 years after the birth of my daughter. My Doctor did not know why I have been having the back pain and numbness. A dear friend told me about nutritional food supplement that has given me a pain free life once again. I will be happy to share information, if you are interested.

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I had numbness, pain, and pins and needles down through my buttocks, back of legs, and bottom of foot. Only one side. Long story short, I got an MRI and it was a pinched nerve and 2 buldging disks. A friend of mine went to a chiroprator as she was having the same problem and he fixed her. I went the medication and shot route.


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You may have a pinched nerve or a bulging disc. These are not uncommon and resolve with time. This most likely is not due to your epidural. Problems with epidurals usually happen very quickly and not months down the road.

I would go to a physician to rule anything other than spinal out and would also see nother chiropractor and find one with an accupuncturist in the office.

I had three epidurals and had no problems with numbness. You are bending and lifting in ways you should not even if you try to be kind to your body caring or your children. It is very common for back pain to develop and highly unlikely to be related to your epidural.

I did have sciatica after my 3rd child was born but I also have scoliosis and arthritis in my back. I experienced chronc pain for 6 years until I had one accupuncture treatment and deep tissue massage. Have not had any problems since, and that was three years ago.

I had my 1st epi to try and turn my daughter from breach and then a few weeks later when she was born via c-section. For almost a ear after her delivery I had weird back pains and tinglings only in the area it had been. Finally it just went away..I never bothered to try any treatment because it would come and go.
With my others I had a spinal instead and would highly recommend it over an epi any day. I never had problems afterwards. The way I felt while it was in and in recovery was better and my recoveries were quicker...I was also up a LOT faster.

I would see a medical doctor, preferably a neurologist or an orthopedic spine Dr. You may have a disc bulge or herniation that is compressing on your spinal cord. This could have been due to pushing during delivery if you had a vaginal birth. If you begin having problems with bowel or bladder (unable to void) you need to get to the ER right away as that is a medical emergency. It sounds like you area describing "saddle paresthesias" which is numbness/tingling in the perineal area (the areas that would touch a saddle if you were sitting on one) which are extending down into the legs. That is something that requires medical attention. Good luck.

I had numbness in my legs and feet until my daughter was over 12 m old. I don't remember when it went away exactly, but I don't have it now and she is 15 months. I never thought about it being the epidural... but maybe. I think a lot of it was from carrying her around all the time and my posture.


I'm sorry that you are feeling this. That is not fun. After I had my first baby, I had numbness in my toes on my left foot. I went to the dr. and when he rubbed on my lower back on that side and made it better. The muscles were really tight in that area surrounding the nerve. What works for me is that I get my heating pad and put it on my back for several minutes. Also, stretches will help, and see if your husband will massage the area for you.

Good luck.

It probley has nothing to do with an epidural, it sounds more like a bone spur, youll need to go to the doctor they may take an exray or an MRI. I have one and thats what happen to me I had to go in and get a cortizone shot. But I am great now.

Go see a doctor--not a chiropractor; you may need a spinal study; or this could be something with your brain. neurological problems as you describe are not to be ignored. C.

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