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Problems with Dvr/time Warner Cable

Has anyone else been experiencing issues with their DVR, specifically through Time Warner Cable? I have several shows set for Series recordings which are suddenly not recording. Last week it missed 24. Tonight, it failed to record American Idol. When I called them last week, they admitted it was a problem and said they would look into it. Honestly, I am not going to pay for a service that they aren't providing!

I am thinking of switching to a Satellite provider. Has anyone had these same issues with Satellite, or can you recommend a good provider? Thanks.

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I just called and they first offered a partial credit and when I told them it wasn't good enough they again gave me the run around saying the problem was fixed 3 weeks ago, even though I have an email from 1 week ago saying they'll fix it. They offered to switch out my box AGAIN (this is my third box in less than a year), so I am switching to Satellite ASAP. Thanks for everyone's reponses!

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We have Direct TV, and it has NEVER missed recording a tv show...my husband would have heart failure if our dvr missed recording 24(lol) We actually have had wonderful service with Direct TV, and have enjoyed the dvr feature, even though it was a bit different than the Tivo we were use to..(but not much).

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We have Direct TV w/ DVR service and have had no problem with it. I honestly can't even remember the last time we lost service... even through the big winds, ice storms, etc...

The only time it hasn't recorded something was when DH choose to cancel the recording and watch the hockey game :-)


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We are in the same boat as you. Our DVR/Cable seems to always be messig up (we have Time Warner as well). Within the last month, our "box" has gone out completely two times. I called both times and they instructed m to unplug, replug, etc. etc. Well, it worked for a little bit and then it does the same thing. Last night, I just about had it with the thing. It was totally messing up (no volume, not letting us pause) while we were watching our recorded shows. I told my husband that I am calling them again today to demand a new box. This will be our THIRD box with them within the year. Maybe I should check into a Satellite provider as well. We don't watch that much TV, but the shows that we do enjoy watching we record on our DVR to save time! It can get so frustrating when you spend most of the time messing with the box!! Sometimes it is good to know that there is someone else experiencing the same thing! Good luck! A.

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Hi, we had a Tivo/DirecTV combination DVR for a long time, and we seldom have any problems with it. I would definitely recommend them over cable. Hope this helps.



We have DISH Network and have had great service. Our DVR works great and the customer service is better than it was with TWC. Now, my husband's one complaint about the DISH that you have to consider, is the fact that whenever it rains/storms roll through, likely you will get no reception. For some reason, it seems to happen at times when some big game is on, etc. It does not happen that often though...and the cost, more channels, service, etc outweigh that one fault. Hope that helps!

We've been having problems also, glad it's not just us!

AND to top it off, the monthly fee went up!


You too huh? Well good luck! I've had that problem for months. Also aren't we suppose to be able to record on one channel while watching another channel? Can't do that either...I miss my Dish Network honestly and will switch back REALLY soon!!

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