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Problems on School Bus

We just got here about a month ago to the Kaiserslautern area. My son goes to Vogelweh Elementary and likes it o.k. so far. My problem is with the oversight on the busses, the kids on there are just unbelievably rude and crude.
And I used to drive a school bus state side so I do not have any unreasonable expectations.
But apparently there is nothing the bus driver or bus aide can do as far as authority over these kids is concerned.
The only thing we can do is have my child identify the problem kids ( who called him a M.F. and everything else in the book, threw stuff at him, pick on special needs kids drop the f bomb constantly all the way down to kindergardeners) and then he is going to be the scape goat for everyone...
I am just wondering if anyone else is unhappy with the bus situation...

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Thanks everyone for your input, things have improved.

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I had to cut my last message short to tend to my toddler. I am growing more concerned because there is not anyone on the bus that can bring any order and discipline. I am going to contact the number that was suggested to find out what we as parents can do to assist. We live in Quidersbach and I just talked with my daughter to find out what was going on. More to follow.

When we first moved to the K-town area I was very concerned about my younger children sharing a bus with high schoolers. To test the waters I signed up to be the bus monitor for 2 weeks- It was pretty inconvenient but it gave me a good look at the environment and what type of children my children were going to be sharing the bus with. For the most part the younger children should be in the front with the ages gradually increasing toward the back where the high schoolers are. What I found though is that it's actually the elementary school children who are the mouthiest. The older kids are just bearing the ride out with their i-pods in their ears. Being a bus monitor is an option for every parent- Just contact Jensen Moors at the bus office and he can help you with that. You're right too about the drivers being unable to discipline. What they can do is get the principal involved. Children are held accountable for their actions on the bus by their school principal. Just call her (Ms. Donaldson) or Ms. Paige and they will call out the child who is causing the trouble. That sort of behavior is completely unacceptable ad should not be tolerated by anyone.

Good luck!!

V. and others with bus safety concerns,

I know a person who sees the same problems you do and has plans to fight/fix the existing system. The more stories he can quote and tell about the stronger his case will be. I strongly suggest you call Capt. Sauve at Life Skills on Ramstein at 06371-46-2390. He cares and is willing to put the effort into advocating for change because there are such huge safety problems for the children with the existing system. Once again, the more stories he has the stronger his arguments will be.

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I'm with Deb on this one. I have noticed the problems on the bus, my son when we first moved to Germany said that the older kids curse and stuff he has told me about the things that happen on the bus, he has not been teased as far as I know and has handled himself rather well when situations have occured. When I first arrived to Germany I had all types of paperwork instructing me as to how to walk my son to the bus stop for his safety and not to park and wait in certain places for the bus until he is a certain age or grade, he was in the second grade at the time and never rode the bus to and from school so I walked him everyday and picked him up at the bus stop and I think that is why he never had any problems with bullying. There were other children at the stop that were younger than he was and their parents sent them to the bus stop which I thought was really dangerous with the busy streets and it would be dark and icy sometimes! Traffic does not stop for the bus so if the bus comes and your child is trying to cross the street, well... I do remember seeing a volunteer bus monitor paper where parents can sit on the bus and ride with the bus on a volunteer basis some parents that are having trouble should try this, Like Deb says the bus driver is there to transport not discipline our children! Some bus drivers barely speak english well. It is our job to make sure that our children are acting appropriately on the bus, find out who some of these kids parents are. I hear the parents when you say contact transportation and for some situations that is necessary but if we are really concerned with what is going on we need to get involved and follow the rules and walk our children to thier stops and volunteer if we really want to see a difference!

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I used to drive a school bus State side too and had a 6th grader come up and attack me while I was driving. I wish everyone would stop blameing the bus driver. You are forgetting what it's like when your "FEW" kids are in your vehicle and the bus driver has 40 or so to tune out, if he is able to drown all that racket out enough to concentrate on the road to get them back home to their families, you should be gratefull for that. I've delt w/ issues on the bus too for the last 3 years. I have come up w/ only one salution. We as parents need to come together and stop blaming eachother. We need to all agree to take on the bus monitor duty. Team up w/ another parent to take you to the starting point, have them pick you up at school and then take you back to school and meet you back at the end of the route. That is the only way that it will ever be possible to have a parent on the bus that is from our route. If anyone agrees we can attempt to try this. I'm in Queidersbach, though I'm unliked because I am always watching the kids by either following the bus home and seeing who is jumping from seat to seat, or eating and drinking on the bus, or throwing stuff. If this happened in my auto, I'd pull over and we'd have a come to Jesus meeting!

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We are in Hanau and I had an issue with my 8 yr old and some older kids on the bus. After they would ger off the bus these big kids would just fight my little one kicking him and ripping his clothes. They even stole his bus pass once. I spoke with the bus director and he advised me to go to the principal. I did and she was very helpful. She took recess away from the boys doing it and also seperated them on the bus. I was told if anything more would happen they would be suspended. Nothing further has happened and I am very pleased. The principal here says she is responceable for the children on the bus as well. I hope this helps you out. J.

I'm guessing that it might be the bus driver cause my daughter also goes the Volelweh and rides the bus for 20 minutes she has said that her bus driver has asked them to be quiet the driver knows a little English. I have hurd the same thing from one of the other girls that get on the bus with her and my daughter has said that she has hurd a white kid call a brown kid raciset names she hasn't said anything about it lately so I hope it has been taken care of. I haven't thought of this before when I was told thie but It might because the driver and the aid are German and don't know the much Engish. I have told my daughter to sit up front so that hopefully this doesn't happen I have told her this when the school year started. If you haven't tried I would see if your son could get this kids name and go or call the school office and tell them what is going on , from the few things I have gone to in this school they don't like to put up with this kind of stuff.

I have read all of the responses and it seems that this is an ongoing problem with the bus system over here in Germany. I would suggest taking the comments (without the names of course) to the KA newspaper and see if they will do a story on it. Also, I would suggest taking the same comments to the commander on Vogelweh so that he knows what is going on. You tried going up the chain of command through the bus office and the school. Now it is time to go further. Some of the kids in the schools here can be pretty rough. My son walks but has had run ins with kids in school as well. Good luck.

I live in Idar-Oberstein,Germany and my children go to a DoDDES school, they also ride a school bus. The bus driver and aide should be able to get the trouble makers suspended from the bus and if this action is taken more than three times, the trouble makers should be permanently disallowed from riding the bus at all. Go to the transportation department, see if you can get the rules of behavior on the bus and let them know that this is being tolerated on your child's bus. I hope this gets resolved, good luck!

My daughter also rides the bus to Vogelweh Elementary. She is 7 years old and a pretty tough girl, but she and her friend still get bullied on a daily basis. Just yesterday she was telling me that two girls started slapping her in the face just to get a quarter from her! My husband and I are furious! In addition, she said that two boys got into a fight on the bus yesterday and were cursing at one another the entire ride home. The bus driver did nothing. This is not the first incident either, and the administration seems to be uninterested in resolving the issue.

I think that we as parents should come together and march into the principal's office with a list of our complaints, a record of all incidents, and a demand for change. Nothing will get fixed unless we all speak up together. Maybe if our school administrators were bombarded with 100 or more parents in their offices at a time, they would get the point.

I had to cut my last message short to tend to my toddler. I am growing more concerned because there is not anyone on the bus that can bring any order and discipline. I am going to contact the number that was suggested to find out what we as parents can do to assist. We live in Quidersbach and I just talked with my daughter to find out what was going on. More to follow.

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