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Private Rooms at Winthrop Hospital

i am giving birth to my 2nd child in march and am planning on breastfeeding. i would like the baby to room with me 24hours/day.has anyone had a private room and if so was there an additional cost outside of insurance. i did not breastfeed with my first but my experience in my room was a nightmare. the person i roomed with was extremely inconsiderate. it was her 4th child, she was on the phone all day and ALL night long. she kept her tv loud and whenever she wasnt on the phone she was in the bathroom. she took 2 hours to shower/get ready(and the bathroom was a warzone and filthy when she was through)..i complained many times but got me nowhere.i know that it doesnt always happen like that but i am not willing to take the chance. that being my first it was terrible to have to deal with on top of all my new emotions. i did not rest at all and was a mess when i got home. now that i want to focus on breastfeeding i dont want to have any distractions, so i was wondering if anyone did the rooming 24hours/day private room thing, the experience and cost if any. thanx

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Hi, I had my son at winthrop in May. I had a c-section and was given a private room. I think you can request a private room but I do believe that the preference goes to those who have had c-sections. I believe it is also an extra expense for a private room. It is totally worth it though!!! Good luck.

It depends on the hospital, but it is usually about an extra $100 per night.

Sorry you had such a nightmare. My hospital was fabulous and always does their best to give new moms a room to themselves. And if they can't, they'll happily accomodate any changes. Do you really have to go back to that one? There are such great hospitals out there.

Good luck. -N.

Stony Brook has a beautiful new postpartum unit with private rooms and spa-like bathrooms at no additional costs! You can have the baby with you most of the time-just leaves for initial bath and when pediatrician rounds.

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I have no advice, I had heard this was true about Jersey, but I have lived in multiple places in the US as a NICU nurse and in my experiences and having my kids, private rooms are a standard for your birth and post partum, I was shocked to hear you had to share a room with someone after giving birth, that is so outdated! I just wanted to let you know I was just so surprised that this was a norm here. I would highly recommend getting a private room, my husband and baby was with me practically the entire time! I enjoyed my shower and bathroom all to myself, I would pay extra to have that! Good luck

If a hospital has both private and shared rooms, and you request a private room, insurance will only pay for the amount of the shared room and you will have to pay the difference. The only time you will not have to pay for the private room is if there are no shared rooms available and a private room is the only thing left.

I never had a private room, but if I had to do it all over again, I definitely would. Call up your medical insurance company and find out with your specific medical plan what the coverage is. The insurance company can be tricky...if they say they pay 80% of the room charge, they could mean 80% of the insurance company's fees, not 80% of what the hospital is charging. The insurance company might want want a code or the specific amount charged for the private room. You will then have to speak to someone at Winthrop to get the information and then call the insurance company back. In other words, you're going to have to make a few phone calls, but in the end, the peace of mind for you is all worth it. Just a quick aside...when you come home with the newborn, I was told that you need to have your arms empty (Dad carries in the newborn)so that you can give your older one a big hug and hold him/her while introducing the newest member of the family. (Even if your oldest came to the hospital). Good luck.

Hi S.,
I had my daughter at Winthrop 2 years ago and I requested a private room as soon as I got there but they were all taken until my 2nd day there. I wanted a private room b/c the only way you can do 24hr. rooming in at Winthrop is if you have a private room and even then they were a little hesitant to have me keep the baby in the room with me. They used to have limited visiting hrs. there (2-4 for grandparents and siblings and 6-8 for general) and the baby wasn't allowed to be in the room with you during general visiting hrs. whether you were in a pvt. room or not. Since I was there they have changed visiting hrs. (I think now it's from 1-8) and the baby can be there the whole time. I think the cost of the room for me was around $200 but you should give them a call and they'll tell you that. Insurance doesn't cover it but if you can afford it, it's definitely worth it (especially after the nightmare that you had last time). Good Luck!!

Just call the hospital, here in NY they are both private. Birth room and recovery, never had a problem there. Call ahead and make sure or go on a hospital tour. Good luck.

well this is my first I will be delivering at winthrop universty hospital for the first time. I just had a tour with them to so us the delivery area they said insurance does cover for a private room. But if you want one let your Dr. Know ahead of time I think. Private roombis like $225.00 or something. You can always ask your Dr. Or give them a call they will be glad to answer your question concerning this matter. congrats and many more blessing

I don't know even where Winthrop Hospital is but the hospital where I gave birth to both children only has private rooms. Insurance overs it because that is all that is available but check with your insurance company. Rooming alone allowed me to breastfeed in private, sleep, eat and spend time with family and friends alone. Also not sharing a bathroom just after giving birth is a HUGE PLUS! Not to be gross but "mess happens" right after delivery and as clean as a person tried to be there can be mess left behind. If possible I HIGHLY recommend a private room. Just bonding with baby is easier if there are not strangers around and family and friends you can always be gently send home if it gets too much. Congrarulations!!! A.

Hi S.
Congrats on your family.
Best wishes for a healthy new baby.
As for your question, can't really help because that is just the way it was done when I had the twins, once you were off meds. Since I delivered them C-section, there was about 24 hours of meds, but then I had them 24/7 til I went home. Talk to the billing office, and maternity staff, they should be able to help you.

Sorry for the experience. Be thankful you were well enough to notice. Be thankful your little one was well enough that you cared.

God bless you
K. SAHM married 38 years --- adult children 37, 32 and the twins are 18 and starting 2nd semester at college after homeschooling. One is a journalism major with a 3.8 GPA, the other a fine arts major with a 3.7 GPA.

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