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Price of Curves Workout

I am inquiring if any one knows the pricing of the Curves work out classes. I have an 11 month old baby Boy and i am still breastfeeding him so I know that I can not diet and That I actually have to eat more. But I still have 8 lbs of baby weight on me and am looking to take it off!!! I called curves and they said that I need to take a tour. I have it scheduled for tomarrow but I do not want to be shocked if the price is much higher than I want to spend. So if any one knows please respond!

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I SIGNED UP AND MY FIRST WORK OUT WILL BE TODAY! The initail fee is usually $149 but because I have blue cross insurance it was only $49. I chose the automatic withdrawal so my fee each month is $34. I went this way because with the auto withdrawal I can have a visiting pass to go to other curves. Which I will use often. Depending on which way I go home from work there is one on the way! Thank you for all your help!

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You should try Jazzercise. Go to jazzercise.com and find out more about it, including prices. Or call 1-800-FIT-IS-IT. I've been hooked on Jazzercise since 1990. Give it a try

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Hi A.,

I don't know about Curves, but there's an awesome program called Stroller Strides where you work out WITH your baby. The kids love it and it's a great work out. I know they have classes all over the country. The prices are very reasonable $15/class and even less if you buy a 10 pass or other package.


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I believe its 39 per month, unless you let them take it directly out of your checking acct.

I saw others replied with the prices but just and additioanl FYI, most Curves do not have babysitting

I pay $49/month. Every Curves is individually owned so the prices will be different. If you keep up with it, it really works, I love it so I don't mind paying.

Hello A.,
I was just reading your post and i thought i would share with you a program that a friend of mine tried out after she had her baby. I don't know exactly how much it was but i do know that it showed amazing results. She live far from me so i don't get to see her that much but when we finally met up for a ladies weekend i didnt realize who she was. She told me to go to this site called www.healthyweightafter40.com She said dont let the name of the site discourage me they take any age range. If you decide to check it out let me know how everything works for you. I wish you the best!!!!

Hi there - I used to go to curves when my kids were real little...it helped get rid of those extra pounds. I think the cost of membership may vary from state to state, but here in NJ it was about $40.00 per month, and you had to sign up for 1 year. Good luck!

It also depends on where you live. For the one year membership in Rockland (I go to the Stony Point Curves), I pay $39.95. But my mom's friend who lives in Orange County pays $29.95. The Curves near my job in Manhattan is $59.95...

Good Luck.

Hi! It's 29.95 per month, only if you sign a 1 year contract. Otherwise, its 39.95 per month. And I think its awesome you are still nursing! Not many Mom's make it through the first year, so I am very proud of you! What a joy he must be and how fulfilled and proud you must feel having made it this far! Keep it up Momma!

Hi A., I think it probably depends on the Curves that you go to and where you live. They all have different incentives for joining but I'm pretty sure that the monthly
fee is about $40. I know the one I go to is that. When I
joined I got my registration fee for $50 one time fee. They
had a sale and because they had competition from another Curves in the area gave it to me for less. You can check around for their incentives...or go to your local Curves and
ask them when and if they will be running a promotion. I do
think, at least where I live, that you are entitled to a free
week. Good luck, I hope this helped. D.

just call up curves and ask them what a monthly membership costs.

I go in Babylon NY and I paid 421.00 for the year (that has a discount built into it for paying up front).

I get the one that has the travel pass in it which I think is 39.95 but I pay 35.?? with the discount. I was told the price went up a bit this year but because I was already a member and paying for the year I could have it at the regular price.
However, the owner is great and they offer free yoga and pilates classes in the evenings sometimes. There was a woman doing aerobics in the evenings too but that cost 5.00 a class. She puts on women's safety seminars and does a lot of community outreach from there too. So it sort of includes some free class if you look at it that way.


And as someone mentioned. I don't know of any Curves that have babysitting. It has to do with insurance etc.

The price of Curves varies depending on where you live. I live in a somewhat rural community and it is $34 a month. That is if you sign a contract for a year. It is more if you want to go month to month. I know that in Southern CA it is $39 a month, if not more. FYI - They won't give you the price if you call because they want to get you into the facility to try and make the sale. I used to work at Curves and am now just a member, but its a great program. Good luck.

You should try Jazzercise. Go to jazzercise.com and find out more about it, including prices. Or call 1-800-FIT-IS-IT. I've been hooked on Jazzercise since 1990. Give it a try

Hi, I belong to curves for about 2 years. they charge 30.74 to my account every month. Your contract is usually 1 year. if you decide to have an automatic withdraw from your bank account when your contract is up and if you decide not to extend your membership you have to cancel by letter, and give 30 days notice for them to stop withdrawing from your account. I would suggest you pay them without automatic withdraw from your bank or credit card. Debby

Last I knew curves was around 30-40 a month and there is a sign on fee. i followed weight watchers while nursing and they allow special points for nursing moms it is safe because you are eating but being more aware of what you are consuming in a day. Good luck with your decision.

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