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Preventing Belly Stretch Marks

Is it an old wives tale that you need to heavily moisturize your belly in order to prevent stretch marks?
If this is true, what is the best moisturizer to use to prevent stretch marks in your belly, and how often should it be applied?

My sister had her first baby and she told me that she never had to wear maternity underwear, she just bought larger sized ones. I am still able to wear my regular underwear in my 22nd week, but the girls in my office keep on telling me that I must buy special maternity underwear in order to prevent stretch marks and to have more support.

What do you recommend? Buy regular larger underwear, or buy special maternity underwear?

Thanks for your input!

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Thank you ladies for all your comments and suggestions!
I hope that I fall into the "Good" genes and won't get stretch marks!
I will try to put some type of oil right after my shower, so that I won't get itchy dry skin.
I will also have my hubby participate in a new routine; moisturize my tummy at bedtime!

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Stretch marks are going to come on their own no matter what you do. DO NOT SCRATCH or you WILL get them! You can use Vitamin E cream (it is expensive, but works well) I would apply it twice a day, but the shirts I wore still have a greese spot in the belly - so use shirts you don't mind destroying.

Underwear: Where whatever is comfortable. I loved the maternity underwear because they were the most comfortable even when I thought what I had was comfortable these were better. Also, if you dress up, the maternity nylons were great. Wonderful support and feel just great.

i had 4 pregnancies, and my stretch marks are all on my thighs and breasts. My belly is fine. I wore low under wear-so they went below my belly.

I used some cream I got from CVS that was for pregnant women to prevent stretch marks. I put it on before bed. I bought maternity underwear when mine got too small. It is up to you. :-)

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Stretchmarks are anyones guess. My mom never got them and neither did I. I didn't use lotion or anything unless my skin felt particularly dry. I think genetics has a great deal to do with it as well as how one carries the baby. Some carry the baby totally in front while others seem to carry lengthwise. Just an opinion.

I used "Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks" with Shea Butter at least twice a day. I loved it so much that I still use it as my daily hand lotion. I never got stretch marks and I always wore my regular underwear. Even weighing 180 at the end of my pregnancy, I still wore regular undies. The girls in my office kept telling me not to wear heels....but did I listen...NO. I wore heels and I have a healthy boy. : )
Congrats on your pregnancy!!!

I have no stretch marks at all. I used a normal amount Burt's Bees cream every morning after my shower (don't remember exactly what it's called, but it's for bellies). Also, I didn't use special maternity underwear or any sort of support garments.

I am thin and my belly was HUGE so there was a potential for major stretch marks.

After hearing advice from many, many women over the course of my pregnancy, I think maybe stretch marks are largely a factor of heredity. I wouldn't recommend spending a lot of money or time trying to prevent it.

Hey M.. Just my opinion here, but I think if your gonna get em', nothing's gonna stop em'. I would douse my belly with oils and lotion that cost a ton of money that were suppose to prevent strech marks. But I still got them bad anyway. I was told it's hereditary. All the women in my family had them. It's looks like Freddy Kruger sliced me up! But it's worth a try for sure. vitamin E oil is suppose to help. I wish you very good luck with this. I know what it feels like to have heavy stretch marks and it's not fun. But in the end it was all worth it. I have two beautiful girls to show for. Good luck to you!

Personally I think it's a "luck of the draw" sort of thing. I took all the preventative measures and still came out covered in stretch marks. Although I did have the softest, nicest-smelling belly when I was pregnant :) Congratulations and enjoy your pregnancy!

Cocoa Butter worked great for me! I'm not even 5 foot, gave birth to a 8.5 lb. baby with no stretching.....!

Congratulations!! Underwear, there is no support in most maternity underwear unless you buy the special support band. If your underwear are uncomfortable or causing "lines" in your skin at the end of the day then get some others or go commando.Not sure what special underwear have to do with preventing stretch marks?? I believe that has to do with elasticity in the skin. As far as stretch marks, well they do say they are hereditary, my mother had them I was great with my first until she dropped. Literally, everyone say her go from rib cage to pelvic bones, on Christmas eve, well I ended up with stretch marks right then, clear across the lower stomach, where she landed. I used cocoa butter, the stick and just rubbed, relatively inexpensive, vitamin E is great too.(the next baby was so big, there was no hope :) ) Good luck. Enjoy this wonderful time! (it wont last..)

Almond oil is great at preventing stretch marks. I have two babies, and not one stretch mark. It's a little messy, but worth it. I applied it at bed time. I never bought wore underwear.

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