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Presents for Preschool Birthday Parties

My oldest son, 5, is invited to his first birthday party. He is in his last week of preschool and entering kindergarten next fall. My question is what is an appropriate gift for that age, and what is a good dollar amount to spend. I am so lost when it comes to this stuff. When I was little it was a game or something, but now with technology and people giving their kids everything imaginable I am clueless.

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Bubbles, sidewalk chaulk, and the best one ever a cheap ($1) coloring book (instead of a card) and $5 or a gift card to Target, Wal-Mart, ice cream store. Now if you want to spend more, movie passes are a Mother's best friend in the summer. At 5 a kid can sit through a movie and it's fun and relaxing for Mom.
Those are the best ones I've ever given or done. I hope they help.

I take my child to the dollar store and let her pick out several things for the birthday girl and a gift bag to put them in. We usually end up spending about $12.

Give something simple and cheap and old fashioned like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a kite, balloons, books, coloring books, etc. Don't spend more than $10. Let the kid's parents get the expensive and complicated stuff.

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I would suggest if it isn't a close family friend, then about $5-10 is probably a good price. And although technology is advancing, I think that kids should still have their regular old toys to play with and their regular old board games too!!! My son just had his 4th birthday, and the present that he plays with most is a combo-game thing (it's actually Cars, like lightning McQueen) and it has like 3 card games, bingo, checkers, and dominos and such. But his favorite is Dominos, so maybe some sort of board game or maybe even just a set of dominos or a pack of kids card games. I think it teaches them better to compete with others in more of a one on one setting, and I think it's much better for kids to learn people skills one on one, rather than with the playstation, or x-box, or nintendo, or whatever kids play these days. Anyways, I hope this helps.

Give something simple and cheap and old fashioned like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a kite, balloons, books, coloring books, etc. Don't spend more than $10. Let the kid's parents get the expensive and complicated stuff.

This is the first in a long line of parties. I would stick to a ten dollar limit. One of the favorites gifts to give from my kids were Legos. I would do balls (like soccer) or for girls a polly pocket. I am not sure how much this stuff costs anymore, but don't go hog wild. Also, for girls I would get a little purse and put gum and nail polish in it. That was always a hit and you can get the .99 cent polish cheap.
There are always DVDs at Wal-Mart for $5 as long as they are age approprate.
Good Luck,
C. B

Games are still appropriate (candy land, hi ho cheerio, bingo) you could also do flash cards so they can learn their numbers or letters better, or even just a Walmart gift card so his mom can take him to choose something.

My friends and I always get those preschool/grade books to learn from. They have the activities to play. Then we would get them a package of crayons or washable markers. We find them to be the greatest things to keep them occupied. You can find them at wal-mart in the coloring aisle. I hope this helps and gl.

my neighbor across the street is 5 and he got a gift card to WalMart and he still tells me about it and it has been a couple of months since his birthday. He was so proud of it! he got to go pick something and pay for it himself. lol. I hadn't thought of that for a younger kid but he was really really excited about it.

i would take your boy to the dollar store and let him choose something for his friend. don't worry about impressing. let him have fun. :)

Yeah, I agree with what's been posted. I target $10 as a limit, and try to give activity books, art supplies, books, or a toy if I know what they already like and don't have yet.

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