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Preschool Snacks

I have to make GREEN snacks for my daughter's preschool. They have to be healthy....but GREEN. Any creative suggestions? THANKS!!

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My daughter's preschool class had green eggs for snacktime after reading "Green Eggs and Ham". Her whole class loved them. Does green jello count as healthy? my daughter loves fresh, raw peas/snowpeas.

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If for St. Patrick's Day, you could do sandwiches w/cream cheese that's dyed green and cut in shamrock shape. Green food coloring in some milk green for the drink. Or use green food coloring in some muffins. Don't forget about green grapes and granny smith apples.

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Celery, of course, with peanut butter (if there aren't any allergies). You could also get white chocolate bark, melt it and dye it green, and dip pretzels in th green chocolate. That is kind of healthy.

Green Jello....Celery, broccoli, make anything that is healthy and add green food coloring...

Completely green? If not, I'd say celery with peanut butter down the middle. Or, cheez whiz is fun, too, and could probably be dyed green. Adults might cast a questioning eye, but not the kiddos.

M., have you ever tried those green flour tortillas?I think they are made with spinach, but they are really good. Spread a little ranch, put meat, cheese, and grate some cucumbers on them. Roll them up and cut them into pin-wheels. Use toothpicks to pick them up. Who knows, maybe the kids will like them!

The green tortillas sound good. I was thinking, if you don't have any kids in the class with allergies, ants on a log. Celery sticks, peanut butter, and raisins. An allergy website suggested useing yogurt instead of peanut butter. I'm not sure, I haven't tried that. Sounds like it should be fun.

Okay...these are not the healthiest, but they are so fun! Green popcorn balls! I love making holiday colored popcorn balls for all my children's parties and they are always soooo popular and loved (or I wouldn't bother). You can pop microwave popcorn. In a pot, stir together one cup of light kairo syrup, one cup of sugar and a small package of jello (you choose the color/flavor). Stir constantly on medium heat until pretty clear then pour over the popcorn (put the popcorn in a wide, shallow pan...it's easier to get on all the popcorn that way). Use non-stick spray on your hands to form the popcorn into balls...that way it won't stick all over your hands. I've also found it's best to rinse and reapply the spray after each ball...a pain, but it works so well!

Green Marshmallow Crispy Treats

cooking spray
1 T trans-fat-free margarine
1 (10oz) package marshmallows
6c crisp brown rice cereal
1/4 c flaxseed meal
Green food coloring

1. Coat an 8x8inch baking pan with cooking spray.

2. Put a few drops of food coloring in the cereal and toss/stir until they turn green

3. Melt the margarine in a large pot over low heat. Add the marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove the pan from the heat. you could add more food coloring here as well.

4. Add the rice cereal and flaxseed, and stir until the rice is well coated with marshmallows/ Press the mixture into the baking dish and let cool before cutting

Good Luck!

You could make Ants on a Log - celery filled with peanut butter (colored green with food coloring) and topped with raisins; green Jello jigglers made with juice instead of water; combine cream cheese with marshmallow cream (equal parts) and color green with food coloring and then dip in green apple slices; you could even make green deviled eggs! Easy would be blanched green beans, pea pods, or similar with green tinted ranch dressing. Just have fun with it!

My daughter's preschool class had green eggs for snacktime after reading "Green Eggs and Ham". Her whole class loved them. Does green jello count as healthy? my daughter loves fresh, raw peas/snowpeas.

If you are alowed to put something ontop of the "green" ants on a log is good. Cut celery in small pieces,spread with peanut butter and top with raisins. Brocolli is another good thing. My kids love it . They call it "eating trees". Granny Smith apples are green as are some others you could cut into small peices and serve. Green beans are a good green snack kids can eat with fingers. How about small lettuce leaves or fresh spinach leaves. use your imagination. Try something new.
Good luck! P.

Hi M.,

Is this for Dr. Seuss month? If so, and the preschool has a refrigerator and microwave, I would suggest green eggs! I just mixed a bunch of eggs, some seasoning, and a can of spinach in the blender and scrambled them up. If you want to add bits of ham you can, but the green eggs alone were enough of a novelty for my daughter that she never missed the ham. Some kids are allergic to eggs, so you might want to check ... but my daughter had a ball pretending she didn't like them, had to try them, and then loved them like the character in the book. In fact, our preschool is serving them for breakfast today!

Best Wishes,


Check first for peanut allergies in your class. If there are no peanut allergies, I'd recommend "ants on a log" - celery sticks with peanut butter in the groove and raisins lined up, stuck on with the peanut butter. This can even be used as a "build-your-own", with you providing the materials and students assembling the snack themselves (with as much help as necessary, of course).

If your class does have peanut allergies or a nut-free policy, those same celery sticks can be served plain with ranch dressing as a dip. Not especially creative, but yummy and easy.

how about celery sticks with a little peanut butter inside... or home made wheat bread with green dye... or green grapes... or a healthy cookie recipe with a little sweet green glaze on top. Good luck!

Green fruit popsicles! Make a fruit smoothie with yellow fruits: pineapple, mango, apple, banana, etc. Then blend in some spinach. The spinach is healthy, will turn the whole thing green, but you'll only taste the fruit. Then make popsicles out of it. Yummy frozen fruit bar!

My kids love celery sticks with a little bit of peanut butter to dip them in. They really gobble them up with that!
Good luck

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