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Do you have to put a child in Preschool if they are in a daycare? My son is 2 years old and he is not in preschool but he is in a daycare where he is learning alot. Do I have to put him in preschool?

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I believe that the age requirement of preschool is 3. In my area no "pre-school" that are not asociated with a daycare will not accept a child who is not potty trained.

Preschool is not a requirement prior to entering kindergarten. The majority of preschools begin with age 3. The main thing is that he's ready for kindergarten when it's time. He should know his letters and be doing some counting, as well as able to follow a routine and sit and listen for a while. Writing his name and knowing how to use scissors and other school supplies is also helpful. You might be able to do a search to see what kindergarten teachers like to see at the beginning of school.

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I believe that the age requirement of preschool is 3. In my area no "pre-school" that are not asociated with a daycare will not accept a child who is not potty trained.

HI C.,
You don't have to put your child in preschool, but I would recommend at least a year of it before kinder. Preschool is a great stepping stone for kids before going to school, because usually they are with kids closer to their own age, and therefore have a expectation (both academic and social) placed on them that is more age appropriate and they are better prepared for school.

The areas that I live in is very academically focussed and many parent is know put their children in preschool at age 2. I personally think that 2 is too young. But having had 2 children of my own in daycare and then preschool for a year before has been very beneficial to them.

Good luck!

A lot of daycare centers do not have an educational component or certainly not a certified one and so having a child go to preschool at age 3 is a good idea. There are many different types of preschool. For instance, my daughter goes to a montessori preschool and has since she turned 2. It is AMI accredited which is the highest level of accreditation for montessori schools. She goes 3 mornings a week and will go 5 mornings a week in the fall. Since she loves language and can already read a little (2 and 3 letter words that she sounds out by phonics), this setting is particularly enjoyable for her. Some of my neighbors send their children to a play-based preschool. Preschools will normally get your child oriented toward school and will have some learning components included. They also specialize in an older age compared to a more general childcare setting. Many but not all preschools will also have daycare included so that it is full time. They will have morning class and then afternoon day care or at age 4 or 5 may then have afternoon class in addition to the morning class and then daycare for afterschool. There is quite a bit of research published on the benefits of a good preschool for a child with respect to school readiness and academic success in the long run. Good Luck.

I was a professional nanny and my charges all went to preschool and I always talked with all the teachers preschool through high school and they all said the same thing(and these are prestige hard to get in school, where preschool starts at $10,000 for three hours), the most important skill they have when they enter kindergarten is social skills. It is not important to learn ABC's, numbers, reading before they enter kindergarten, it is all about social skills and listening skills. If you feel that your child is not getting the social skills, being around children his age, you might want to change daycare and put him with kids more his age. Also, at the daycare, if they are doing special projects, like fingerpainting, playdough, library time that should be all he really needs.

Good luck!

1 year of "preschool" before Kindergarten is fine. Just to prep them for formal school.

Most daycares follow a "Preschool" curriculum once your child gets to be about 3 or 4. You would have to check with your specific daycare to find out what they do. You are in no way required to send a child to PreK. You also can opt out of kindergarten, if you wanted.
I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old. My older boy is in preK in the afternoons. I plan on sending my little boy the year before he starts Kinder.

Most daycares should have a preschool program built in. Check that out.

depends on the daycare, but almost all of them will do preschool learning as part of their day - no need for a special place usually. Ask where your child goes if they cover the basics of preschool. He is already getting the socialization aspect and you said he was learning a lot so I bet he is fine where he is!

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