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Pregnant Without Having a Period

I have an 8 month old little boy and I haven't had a period since he was born and I am now having all the pregnancy signs - headaches, tiredness, nausea, acute sense of smell. Is it possible to get pregnant without a period? I'm also on the "mini pill" so I think (hope) that the answer to my question is no way, but I'm not sure.

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It is normal not to have a period while breast feeding. (I'm assuming that is why you are on the mini pill). If you aren't breast feeding and are on the mini pill then you may be pregnant because the mini pill really is about as worthless of a birthcontrol.

It is possible to get pregnant and not have a period. I didn't have regular periods until the birth of my third child and I was 26 years old. Before that, I would have one here and there and I got pregnant three times, on the first try each time.

Anything is possible...when you have sex...you always take the chance of making a baby...nothing is 100%...unless you take the "equipment" out.

M. Jones


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You can get pregnant before you ever have a period, because you get pregnant while you are ovulating, which occurs 14 days before your period. The ovulation comes first, not the period. And birth control is not 100%. Lots of pregnancies occur on the pill. But your odds are good that you aren't pregnant.

From what I know, if you are breastfeeding it's totally normal to have not gotten a period yet. But if you aren't bf'ing, I would talk to the dr about that. Take a pregnancy test, if you are already having symptoms, it should be able to detect a pregnancy with no problem. And I would talk to the dr about the symptoms if the test is neg and they don't go away after a few days, something else could be going on.

My cousin was on the mini-pill and had not gotten her period back yet after her first child. She chalked it up to the fact that she was still breastfeeding, but when she decided she might need to fire her personal trainer because her stomach wouldn't flatten out despite her best efforts, her husband told her he thought she was pregnant. Turns out she was SIX MONTHS! along. She conceived their second child when the first was only seven months old with no period during that time. So, yeah, it can happen.

It is certainly possible. You have to ovulate before you get your period so if you caught that first egg you could definitely be pregnant.

When I was on the mini-pill I did start getting my period around 14 months. My OB said to use condoms because if I was getting my period I was ovulating so definitely possible.

I don't know about the effectiveness of the mini pill, since I've never tried it. I do know, however, that you CAN get pregnant without having a period. If you began ovulating again (very likely since you are 8 months after delivery), you could become pregnant at ovulation and then you would not have a period because you were already pregnant again. I'd definitely take a test to be sure.

See your doctor asap. You could be pregnant. If you are pregnant you should not be taking the mini-pill. I'd think that there could be a chance of the birth control pills affecting the baby. If you decide to stop taking them until you have confirmation from your doctor use another form of birth control until you know - unless you think you are ready for another baby. My dad is 14 months younger than his older sister and 12 months older than his younger sister. My grandmother had 3 children in 26 months and they were all single births. Isn't it crazy. She told me it was really hard to care for them when they were all little. Take care and I wish you all the best.

Yes, you can be pregnant without having a period. You will ovulate 2 weeks prior to having your period. I know especially with the minipill you have to take the pill at the same time each day. Don't panic yet take a home pregnancy test. Hopefully you will get the outcome you desire.

Anything is possible...when you have sex...you always take the chance of making a baby...nothing is 100%...unless you take the "equipment" out.

M. Jones


It happened to my friend. She had a 6 month old and had to switch mini pills. Never had a period and got pregnant. Take a test! Best way to know!

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