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Pregnant with Boys Vs. Girls!

My husband and I were talking about the differences between my two pregnancies and we were wondering if others had similar experiences. With my twin girls (also my first pregnancy) I was a pretty normal person, minimal food craving, not many hormonal outbursts. With my son it was a whole different story. I wanted oreo McFlurrys at 9 at night, I would get mad at my husband and not speak to him for days over the littlest things, I would cry over everything. I was surprised he didnt leave me :). It was a fun, light hearted conversation, its been over a year so we joke about it now, but I was bad. We were really just wondering if you mammas noticed that your hormones were worse with boys or girls, or did they get worse with each pregnancy?

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My pregnancies based on sex were completely different. My pregnancies with the girls were quite normal, except with the girls I gained 70 lbs each time. Minimal morning sickness, some cravings but nothing out of the ordinary, normal deliveries. With my son I was sick as a dog till I was about 20 weeks along, I wanted food all the time (though I only gained 40 with my pregnancy with him) and he was a stubborn little bugger and had to be delivered by emergency c-section.

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I don't have any girls, but I have two boys from two pregnancies and both pregnancies were very easy, aside from the common nausea (but not even any vomiting) in the first trimester, and no crazy cravings. I think that I actually felt better during pregnancy with my boys, compared to not being pregnant (mood-wise). The second pregnancy even took care of the post-partum depression I had after the first baby was born. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if certain women are affected in different ways. I don't know a whole lot about physiology to know if any of the baby's hormones get to the mom, but I know the baby is exposed to mom's hormones - when my baby boy's had slightly swollen breasts after birth, the pediatrician and midwife said it was due to estrogen from mom, but it would go away. Maybe the extra testosterone in that baby boy in your belly had an effect on you!

Whatever the case, it's good you're laughing about it now!

I am due in a week with a boy and have had the experience that you described with your first baby. No morning sickness, no intense cravings or mood swings, etc. Also, my mother had 2 girls and we were both totally different pregnancies for her. I hear that all pregnancies are different though so I wouldn't worry about the next one being worse.

Your hormone level does not return to the previous level each time. I had twin boys and no problems like you describe. You might have gotten a higher set point for your hormones after the first pregnancy so had a harder time dealing with life. No reason to think it will happen again. Have another one, we need more children on this earth.

Yes! With my firstborn daughter, I gained 55lbs and wanted steak everyday and was hot all the time. With my son, the 2nd time around, I was freezing cold all the time. Hated red meat and only gained 23lbs. I was also feeling depresssed with my son and with my daughter I felt happy. The hormone differences were very amazing.... my sister in law had the same symptoms as me with her son so I am not sure if it had something to do with the gender during the pregnancy or just a fluke. Either way, two pregnancies were enough for me :)

My pregnancies based on sex were completely different. My pregnancies with the girls were quite normal, except with the girls I gained 70 lbs each time. Minimal morning sickness, some cravings but nothing out of the ordinary, normal deliveries. With my son I was sick as a dog till I was about 20 weeks along, I wanted food all the time (though I only gained 40 with my pregnancy with him) and he was a stubborn little bugger and had to be delivered by emergency c-section.

My pregnancies, both girls were as different as night and day. Symptoms I had with my first I did not have with my second and vice versa. My first pregnancy was so easy, I thought people who complained about being uncomfortable, etc. were crazy. With my second it was a whole other story, I was so uncomfortable. I don't think its a girl/boy thing. I think every pregnancy is different.

P.S. Interesting question. I'm curious to see what other people post.

I echo Natalie's response. Only difference is that I had 2 boys. My first pregnancy was a calkwalk, even my first born son was so easy (easy feedings on schedule, naps you could set your watch to etc). Second pregnancy was much more difficult, and so very different. Can't really explain it, however, different enough that for the 1st couple months I was absolutely positive I was having a girl. I was really surprised when the doctor said it was a boy. The second born was a bit more difficult as a newborn also (very demanding and needed constant attention). They are 3 & 5 now, and still different as night and day (amazing they came from the same parents), given all that now it is no surprise that the pregnancies we totally different. I don't think it has a lot to do with boys vs. girls. I think that pregnancy is the same as personality, everyone is different!

I've had 6 girls and saw differences between each pregnancy, although some of my pregnancies were rather similar. With my last pregnancy I hardly felt pregnant at all and was quite comfortable physically even at the end. At my 37 week prenatal appointment my doctor looked confused because I looked too comfortable and happy and told him I had even clipped my toe nails that day! (Three weeks later I delivered a healthy 8 1/2 + lb. baby)That last pregnancy was far more emotional than the others, however. I felt more depressed and moody and that was hard. I wonder if we react to our pregnancies more due to the season we're in, rather than carrying a particular gender. Being pregnant with your third baby while juggling twins is quite stressful.Perhaps your mood during your 2nd pregnancy was more related to your stress level and the anticipation of adding a 3rd child to your family? I only know about carrying girls, though, so I'm curious what other women say.

I have both genders and my pregnancy with my daughter was worse. I blamed it on the extra dose of estrogen. I cried over everything with her including an incident over a can of soup. My husband ate a can of campbell's that I had been craving and when I discovered it was gone, I burst into tears. It was awful. I also craved sweets and gained 70lbs. That was my first pregnancy. My second one with my son was different. I was angry instead of crying. I told off anyone that upset me. I don't think I shed a single tear during that pregnancy. I also craved salt and only gained 30lbs with him. All in all, neither one of my pregnancies brought out the glowing mommy in me, but the second one was definitely easier. All the baby weight came off from my son, but I am still working on the leftovers from my daughter! I have to say though, my kids personalities are really similar! I was expecting to have completely different babies, but so far they are a whole lot alike!

I've had two boys and was miserable with both, although the second was a tad easier. I also had really good anit-puke medicine with him, so I think that is what made it easier. I've read or heard somewhere that the reason boys are so different is because they carry that XY chromosome we women don't have (We are XX) and it throws our bodies off. Not sure if there is truth to that, but it's an interesting idea.

With my son I was laid back and cool, with my daughter I was a basket case. I knew I was having a girl because my emotions were doubled. I would sit in my closet and ball like a baby everytime I had to get ready for work, I lost my sense of direction and got lost on my way to work one day. I lost it one night, told my husband I didn't want to do this anymore ran out of the house at midnight ended up at the parking lot of mcdonald's with a large dr pepper and large fry with my hubby frantically calling me. He thought I took off. lol, we laugh about it now, but man he didn't know if I was coming or going during this pregnancy. haha, thank God it's our last.

I don't think there is any way to predict how a pregnancy will turn out based on gender, or sequence.

I have a girl and boy. With my girl, who is the firstborn, it was more crazy than when I was pregnant with my son. My 2nd pregnancy, although I had bad morning sickness with both... was "easier" and more laid back... except that I craved salads all the time, morning, noon, and night. With my first pregnancy... I was more emotional and irritable. Not in my second.

But yes, each pregnancy is different and unique!

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