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Pregnant with Baby No. 2 and I'm Extremely Exhausted

Hi Mamas,

I'm 6 months pregnant with our second child and its been almost 5 years since i've been pregnant with our daughter. I don't remember being this exhausted, ditzy and having so much back pain. I haven't been sleeping that well, i'm so restless and uncomfortable at night i use 5 pillows when i sleep. This pregnancy is completely different from when i was pregnant with our daughter, like seriously out of the book with morning sickness to back pain. We are expecting our little boy in 3 1/2 months. :) Have any of you experience this extreme exhaustion and being this uncomfortable? All of your advice/input is welcome and helpful!

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I felt the same with my second pregnancy. Remeber...you also are taking care of a baby, sot that takes a lot out of you. But i felt EXACTLY the same as you do.....the second pregnancy was WAY harder for me, although I was WAY healthier and in better shape than when I had my first baby.

I definately felt different with my second. I was really bloated feeling the whole time, I had to sleep propped up on pillows so that I could breathe and I took daily naps which I never did before! It's really hard but most people that I knew said that the second pregnancy was more uncomfortable for them also. Good Luck and congrats!

Yes, I was totally exhausted with second pregnancy. My first was 3 while I was pregnant, so I spent a lot of time lying on the couch and I played with her and read to her while I was lying down. Hang in there!

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Hi S.,

Sometimes with first pregnancies, they take a lot out of you, but that doesn't really catch up to you until your second pregnancy, and then all the symptoms you are talking about show up full force!!

Once you've checked with your doctor to make sure it's not something more serious, my recommendation would be to see a good acupuncturist who can put you on a tonifying herbal formula especially for the pregnancy symptoms you are experiencing -- it's very common.

If you need help finding a good acupuncturist, you can call Yo San University ###-###-####. They have an clinic on site and will also be able to give you good referenes. Honestly, this is something they see A LOT -- and can really help you with.

Congrats on your pregnancy!!

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Yes, some pregnancies are tougher than others, regardless of whether it's your first, second, third, etc... My first (and only) pregnancy was like that. I had all the "annoying" symptoms of pregnancy; throwing up every day, sciatica pain so bad I could not walk and needed physical therapy, hemorrhoids, tired all the time, etc, etc.. you name I had it! LOL And I used to be a high-performance athlete! So it really doesn't matter what kind of shape you were in before getting pregnant either... Like I said, each and every individual pregnancy is different!! Good Luck and Congrats!!

Each pregnancy is different so you can't expect the second one to feel like the first. I'm sorry you feel so rotten. Talk to your doctor to be sure you're not anemic. Anemia is common in pregnancy and creates that awful fatigue. Meanwhile, realize that you're also probably more tired this time around because you have a child to take care of in addition to yourself, which wasn't an issue the first time. meanwhile try to find time to nap. Swimming will relieve backache, at least while you're in the water and it may reduce the discomfort for a few hours afterward; it always helped me in my last trimester when my back was so tired. Also try one of those electronic gizmos that you line a chair with; they have heat control and massagers built in so you can sit in your living room and give yourself a massage wherever you need it (back, shoulders, legs, whatever). I borrowed a device like this from a friend during my last pregnancy and it was a lifesaver the last couple of weeks (also when I was up all night in labor it kept me reasonably comfortable). Hers was from Sharper Image, which is now out of business, but if you shop around online or ask around you may find one to borrow or buy used. Hang in there, the time will go by fast. Hope you feel better.

Hi S.!
Sorry to hear you are having some troubles.
I would highly recommend you find a prenatal chiropractor in your area. They can help with the discomforts you are having and help your body to work more efficiently.
Visit www.icpa4kids.org to find a doctor in your area!
Good luck,
C. Tanaka, DC

Hi S.! I was like that with my 2nd and I found out (after the fact) that I had over 41 cm's of water. You are only supposed to have about 14, and she was over 9 lbs. Get your amniotic fluid level checked because it is actually a life threatening situation for your child and I was not aware of it. Luckily my baby was just fine, but it never hurts to be aware of how much fluid you have. Remember, you already have a child so that alone makes your other pregnancies tougher on you. Just relax and nap when you need too!! Good luck!!

I definately felt different with my second. I was really bloated feeling the whole time, I had to sleep propped up on pillows so that I could breathe and I took daily naps which I never did before! It's really hard but most people that I knew said that the second pregnancy was more uncomfortable for them also. Good Luck and congrats!

I had my first boy when I was 18 and my second when I was 25 and the difference in my pregnancies were very dramatic like yours. For me I think the condition of my body had a lot to do with it. When I was 18 I was a gym-a-holic and athletic, after my first pregnancy I let my awesome conditioning go because I didnt have the time. I was still thin but not toned and by the time my second pregnancy came around my thin little body couldnt handle it.

I dont know if you are thin-framed...but that is what happened to me.

I used the heating pad around the clock and made sure I took my iron daily...are you on iron supplements? If not, ask your doc about anemia.

I had the same experience except only 2 1/2 years after my first. It turned out that I had developed hypothyroidism during my second pregnancy. Replacing my thyroid hormone was almost miraculous. Ask your doctor if s/he's checked your thyroid hormones. My thyroid did not feel terribly enlarged, but the diagnosis was unquestionable. E.

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