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Pregnant or Not? - Farmington,MN

We are trying for number 2. I am 5 days late and I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Normally I can tell you down to the hour when i will get my period. The only other times I have been late is the month of my wedding (stress) and when I was pregnant with my daughter. Should I retest or am I really not pregnant and just anticipating it so that is why I am late?

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It turns out I wasn't pregnant, just late. But i am this month!

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I would definetly go in and have a blood test done. They are the most sensitive to the pregnancy hormone then home pg tests. GOOD LUCK!!!!! I know how stressful trying have a baby can be. It took me two years with my daughter!

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With number two I didn't get a positive test untill a week and a half late. It really drove me nuts not knowing for sure. I hope you find out soon so you dont have to keep wondering.

i would maybe try another test if period doesnt show. and if that one shows neg and you still dont have your period i would go have your blood tested.. that will tell you for sure if you are or not.. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have heard that if a pg test is going to be wrong it will tell you you are not pg. Because your body may not be producing enough of the hormone when you test to register that you are in fact pregnant. Wait a week and test again.

If it's not normal for you to be late- test again. If you have a dollar store by you, get pg tests from there. Their tests are as sensitive as First Response Early Result, so something should show up, and it won't break the bank to keep testing! If you keep getting -'s go to the Dr. My SIL never had a + home test with her 2nd son. Good Luck, hopefully you'll get a + soon, let us know!

I did the same thing at 5 days and got negative with our second child. I waited a week and got a positive.
Try a different test. With our first child, it took 7 tests and I was already 8 weeks prego before I got the positive. DON'T WAIT to long. Call the doc if you don't get your period next week and still don't get the good old plus!!!
Good luck!!!

I took three different tests all in different weeks that said negative. The day after the third one the doctor said positive!

I tested neg 4 times with my son. Im sure your preg. Go to the dr and have a blood test.
Looking forward to hearing good news!

I was SO sure I was pregnant on my birthday, but my test came up negative, even though my period was a week late. I waited another three days and it was positive that time. I'd just give it a few days. Good luck!

Do you have any other signs of pregnancy? Tender or swollen breasts, food aversions, moodiness, fatigue, nausea? Just the stress of trying to concieve could cause a missed period.

Like these other women are saying, false negatives are pretty common with at home pregnancy tests. Retest with a more sensitive test or at the doctors office.

I would definetly go in and have a blood test done. They are the most sensitive to the pregnancy hormone then home pg tests. GOOD LUCK!!!!! I know how stressful trying have a baby can be. It took me two years with my daughter!

I'd wait another week and test again. If you still come up negative go to your doctor and have a lab test, they might even do a blood test for you if the lab test comes up negative too.

Hi, there are a few people that I know that a pregnancy test did not show that they were pregnant when they were. One of them was my Sister, 2 of the pregnancies that she had, it did not show up until she was 3 to 5 months pregnant, though she also had her period for the firt 3 months of her pregnancy. Then a friend of mine her last child that she has 2 years ago, she did not know that she was pregnant. She felt like she was, and she even missed her period, but her test kept telling her that she was not pregnant and even the doctors test said that she was not pregnant. It was not until they did an ultrasound that she found that she was pregnant with her son. So it could be possable that you are pregnant. Though there is a thing where your body thinks that it is pregnant, and it really is not. I had that before. Good Luck and I hope that you are pregnant. :)

Same thing happened to me with number two, by the time a home test came up postive the doctor said I was already almost five weeks along! I was using a test that needed a large amount of the hormone to come up postive. Look at the test your using, it will tell you what it measures at, for example 5hcg,15hcg all the way to 100hcg. The ones like 5 to 25hcg will tell you alot sooner than ones that need more like 50 to 100hcg. There is a very good website that can answer alot of your questions www.Peeonastick.com Hope everything works out but I'm willing to bet that if your periods are like you say they are than number two is on the way and the test just can't tell yet. Good luck, let me know what turns out.

When I was trying for number 2, I was late every month for 5 months! It got really frustrating. I knew I was pregnant the second time when I started to have other symptoms, especially the heightened sense of smell! I hope this helps you out!

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