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Pregnant Left Hand and Left Side of Face Numb.

Hi, I am currently in my 29th week of my second pregnancy and I had a very weird experience last night. I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep when my left hand went completely numb. Right after that the left side of my face went numb including inside my mouth. It lasted about 10 minutes then went away. I never experienced this with my first pregnancy and maybe they aren't even related. I was wondering if anyone else experienced this and what it is? I am a bit paranoid and am thinking of the symptoms of a stroke. Any info. will help, thank you.

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Thank you for all of your advice and responses. So far that hasn't happened again. I did call my ob nurse and she said that it was probably the baby lying on a nerve. I am going every two weeks to the doctor and I plan on asking about it again with her. I appreciate the support from all of you and will keep you posted if anything new happens.

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i had this before to it was my bloodfl. it is always better to see a doc.you don't want to take any chances.B.

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S. - I would definitely call the OB and review your situation with him/her. While I was pregnant with my son, at about the 5 month thru the week after the birth, my left hand was numb. It really freaked me out at first but they the OB decided my son was pressing up against a nerve. A lot of times the baby will move and the problem goes away but my son didn't so I had a numb hand for several months. The fact that it involved your face is what really concerns me. I would check with your OB to make sure......Good luck. C.

Hi, I'd suggest you go to see the doctor. Years ago I had my face to go numb at first my family thought I'd had a stroke, however, when I went to the doctor they ran some test and they said I had bells palsy. Thank God, it only lasted for a month, I was told that in some cases they can last years or a lifetime. Don’t take chances just have it checked out.
I’m praying for the best for you.

Hi S., In response to your question I haven't had this happen but have heard of it happening. It may be that the baby was settled on a nerve and then moved off of it. But my suggestion is to call your doctor and tell them what happened and make sure (not knowing your medical history I wouldn't want to say don't worry about it), if any thing your doctors nurse will just say this happens to many women or just come in where we can check you. Good luck with everything A. busymomsworkathome.com

Sounds to me like your little one is applying a lot of pressure on your siatic and various other nerves in your back. As always you may want to seek medical attention but it was my experience to have numbness, pain & tingling due to the baby putting pressure on certain areas.

Go to any search engine on the internet and you will be amazed at just how commen this is.

Hi, I didnt have it in my face but while pregnant with my second I also experienced numbess in different parts of the body. Sometimes it would be my hand and arm or my legs or feet and sometimes even my butt for no reason at all. I never asked my OB about this but naturally if It scares you, you should check with your OB to ease your mind.


I don't know if Paranoid is the right response, but you should DEFINATELY call your doctor.

I think if it was a stroke, your symptoms may have lasted longer, but it could have been Bell's Palsey, or other nerve related disorder.

It also could have been a pinched nerve, but why take chances. Call your doctor immediatley and see what he/she says.
Good Luck

i had this before to it was my bloodfl. it is always better to see a doc.you don't want to take any chances.B.

Hi S., I had some numbing in different areas of my arms during pregnancy. I also went to a choropractor and got a massage once a month to help with tension and nerve problems. I hope this helps.

I agree with the other mom who said the baby probably laid on a nerve. That happened when I was pregnant with my first daughter, I woke up and the room was SPINNING and then I started to vomit!! I had no idea what was going on but I was horrified. My hubby rushed me to the hospital and they said that the baby just hit a nerve (she still hits my nerves now and she's four!!! :). Call your doctors office and see if you can talk to the nurse. Don't stress too much-pregnancy can do some crazy things to your body!

I'm not sure about this but I would call me OB and let them know what happened.

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