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Pregnant Fall

Hi Ladies,
Im 17 weeks pregnant and when I got out of my car I slipped and fell on ice, I landed on my butt, but it was a pretty hard fall. The side of my butt really hurts. Should I call and tell my doctor? I can feel the baby move.

What can I do next?

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No I had someone ram a door into my stomach so hard it made a huge bruse. I called the doctor and said as long as you can feel the baby everything is ok. Also the baby is super protected in it's water bath. But if makes you feel better go ahead and call

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I fell out of bed when I was about 8 months pregnant. I landed on my hands and knees and didn't land on my stomach. I didn't go to the doctor. A week or so later when I went to the OB for my regular visit I told her what happened and she was SO MAD that I didn't call her immediately.... I would call the doctor.

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I tripped over a garden hose in my garage. I landed on my hands and knee's but I stopped feeling the baby move after that. I went in and had another ultrasound and all was good, but I'm sooo glad I went in and got checked out. So I would go and get seen.

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I would call and tell your doctor, but if you're feeling baby move and YOU'RE okay, then it's probably nothing to worry about. The womb is natures best suspension system/air bag... the brute force of the fall have to seriously injure YOU to hurt baby (broken ribs, broken spine type injuries). I was in not one, but TWO serious car accidents when I was pregnant... man was I sore! But baby was fine... think about what the force it would take for the shockwave to get to the baby. The force would have to go through your fatty tissue and muscles... plus all that amniotic fluid. That fluid flows everything down. As long as baby is bumping around and you're not leaking, baby is okay (but sorry about your butt!) Call your doc so you feel better, and stay off the ice :)

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Anytime you have a fall while pregnant it's a good idea to let your doctor know and let them decide what needs to be done, if anything.

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Your baby is protected by an amazing cushion of amniotic fluid and your abdominal tissues. Babies in the womb survive astounding accidents - and as long as your fluids and blood supply are fine, and you didn't fall on your abdomen - I'm sure nothing's wrong with baby. Check YOURSELF out and if the bruise gets more serious or if you begin to have weird pain then you need to see your primary doctor for you. But I'm sure baby is fine

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You could ask, but I'm sure you are fine... especially if it's only your butt that hurts, not your stomach, and baby is moving. My cousin landed hard on her stomach when she was 5 months prego, freaked us all out, but she was fine. Your body is made to protect that baby. :)

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Call the nurse's desk or whoever they have for call-ins and check. Most of the time babies are just fine (they have a lot more padding and support than we do!), but you will feel better if you ask. Take it easy just for your own movement though if you can. You might get a bit more sore. Ice stinks.

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I would just mention it on my next visit to the OB. My sister fell down some subway steps very hard when she was 8mths pregnant! She landed on her side. She was bruised but the baby came out okay. If you start to experience any pain in your stomach or sides, then I think you should go to the Dr. If you really nervous about the fall, call the doc just to be certain.
Good Luck.

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I think you'll be fine baby has more cushion inside there than your butt has,if landed on your tummy call right away.If you have any cramping spotting or bleeding call right away you maybe sore for a day or two take some Tylenol if it is ok to take during your pregnancy take a warm bath put your feet up call it a day.
I fell down the stairs with all 3 pregnancies only because I couldn't see my feet or where the next step was lol.It did hurt but I was fine so was baby

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