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Pregnant. Do I Need to Get Blood Test?

Hi there!
I took a urine test yesterday and found out I'm pregnant with my second baby. Yay! We are currently self pay when it comes to any doctor appointments until my husband's insurance starts in November or December. Do I need to get a blood test right away or should I wait until the insurance starts? I might be 12 weeks along or more by then (I have an appt for Nov 15). Or should I do self pay this week and get my pregnancy blood test done? Does anyone know how vital it is to get the blood test done or is it just a matter of preference?

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I think it is just a matter or preference. I have never had a blood test for any of my pregnancies. But I know some people who only get blood tests, my OB does not do them.

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Blood tests for pregnancy (quantitative hcg test) are helpful when a woman is having symptoms like bleeding, cramping, or abdominal pain to determine if she is at risk for a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. So if you are feeling fine and not experiencing any of the above symptoms, there's no need to rush in to see the Dr or Midwife until 10-12 weeks. Please take your vitamins, eat a balanced diet, and avoid all toxic substances. Congrats and best wishes on your growing family! Nurse Midwife Mom of 3

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I think it is just a matter or preference. I have never had a blood test for any of my pregnancies. But I know some people who only get blood tests, my OB does not do them.

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I did not get a blood test to confirm this pregnancy (I'm 21 weeks.) I don't think it's standard procedure... if the urine test shows positive, I don't think they need a blood test...

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With my second pregnancy I didn't go to the dr until 10 weeks although I knew I was pregnant much earlier. I did that because with my first pregnancy I went in the minute I knew (which was very early) and my OB back then said all he could do was get me started on prenatals and then see me again around 10 weeks. So, if you haven't already, go to the pharmacy and get some prenatals over the counter and then just wait until your insurance kicks in. Really, there isn't much else your doctor can do for you in the first trimester.


I am just wondering why do you need a blood test when you already took the urine test? I hope everything works out with your insurance because it didn't for me. I got pregnant 3 months into my new job. The kicker was the insurance we had considered any pregnancy within the first year of employment a pre-existing condition and wouldn't pay for it!!!

Hopefully your husband's insurance won't consider your pregnany pre-existing since you are pregnant prior to coverage.

Enjoy your preganacy.

The blood work has nothing to do with confirming your pregnancy. In fact, the doctor will test your urine to confirm the pregnancy and then send you for blood work to check blood and hormonal levels as well as sugards and other "things".

Mine didn't think blood work was necessary until 10-12 weeks, so my suggestion is to get some OTC prenatals and go when you have insurance! Congratulations.

I would say as long as you aren't having any problems or had any previous pregnancies with problems...then you could wait.

I unfortunately need to be seen asap as I need to be put on progesterone to carry a baby to term. And I end up with about 8 vials of blood drawn.

We did private pay with our last child and it was expensive.


With my first baby , I never had a blood test done. I asked for it because I wanted to be very sure before announcing news to everyone, but I was told that the pregnancy tests(I had used ClearBlue) are very accurate , so they don't test again at the office.

Congrats to you!

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