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Pregnant at 42

I'm 42 years old and just found out I'm pregnant (this was not planned). I had my first child at 32 and my second at 40. I was nervous enough having a child at 40 and worried the entire pregnancy. Even after all the necessary testing was done and my doctor assured us everything was perfect, I continued to be concerned till my daughter was born and it clear that she was fine. Now at 42 the risk for problems is even greater. I've stayed fit throughout life, I eat healthy - cooking with fresh ingredients and drinking lots of water. I exercise, don't smoke and don't drink. This time, hovever, I am even more nervous than I was at 40. I personaly don't know anyone who has had a baby at this age. I read that it would be near impossible for a woman of 42 to even conceive with her own eggs. So I'm shocked and curious if there is anyone else who has had a child this late in life.... If so, how was it?

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Wow! Thanks so much for the kind words and support! My doctor frowned at me for having a child at my age, but all of the responses I received have tremendously helped to override his negativity. I'll take the advice, work on relaxing and just letting it be....

Thanks again

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Well, now you know someone who's had a baby at 36, 39, 43 and happily became pregnant again at 44. total now of 4 boys: all beautiful, healthy, and straight from heaven. I was a lucky women indeed.

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I had my first (and probably only) baby at 42. My pregnancy was completely uneventful and my baby was healthy. I have not completely ruled out another baby, though it's getting pretty late. I have a friend who had a baby at 46. Two others who each had one at 43. Elizabeth Edwards had hers (twins, maybe?) at 48. If you're healthy, don't worry. You're in plentiful company. Good luck.

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Hi M.,

My twin sister had her first baby at age 39 and her second at age 41.

She and baby are doing fine. She did have a C-section with both pregnancies.

My grandparents had 11 children. Lots of moms had a "lot" of kids back then and everything was fine.

Now a days there is so much more medical help and knowledge out there for moms who want to have children. Just keep thinking positive thoughts.

My co-worker & friend's sister is a dula in Arizona and she swears by our pre-natal vitamins. She will not accept any patients unless they are taking our Pre-natal supplements becasue of the 95% absorbtion rate into the body. Her patients that take our supplenments have little to no problems with their pregnancies because of the level of absorption of the minerals & vistamins and antioxidents into the system.

If you want to learn more about them, let me know. Clara's sister also did blood work to prove that the vitamins worked. It's pretty incredible evidence!

The one thing that I have found that attitude is everything!

God Bless

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M., I can understand your concern and I wish you all the best in this pregnancy. It is true, older moms can have more problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and birth complications. I have had two babies, my first at 41 and my second just shy of my 43rd birthday. I just turned 45 and am hoping to have another before it's "too late". Since you are healthy, exercise, don't smoke or drink and are conscious of what you eat, it sounds like you are well on your way to having a perfectly fine baby! Every mother has concerns about her baby and can't quite believe everything is all right until you hold them in your arms. I'd say, enjoy the pregnancy, listen to your doctor and take joy in the experience of bringing another new life into your family! As for myself, I can tell you there is hardly anything I've enjoyed more than the experience of being pregnant. I did have some problems in my first pregnancy, I had gestational diabetes which was controlled by taking a pill-form of insulin. I also found out after an amnio at 28 weeks that my first daughter has Down syndrome (DS). This was news we were hoping we wouldn't hear, but after educating ourselves and meeting other families in the Twin Cities that already had children with DS, we soon learned that she would be just like other babies in most ways, and the resources for helping her, or any child with disabilities achieve all they can are plentiful in the Twin Cities. My second daughter is what we call "typical" but in many ways I can tell you the worries I have about her are greater than those I have for her sister. You see, I know we can deal with Maeve's challenges, with help from teachers and the wonderful DS community we are now a part of - but I really don't know what challenges her sister will face as time goes on. Good luck with everything and if you want to talk to me privately feel free to get in touch.

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Congratulations M.! Please don't worry so much about being 42 and pregnant. Last year I became pregnant at 43, and I was afraid, too. Not only had it been 17 years since the birth of my son, I was in not-as-good shape this time around, plus I was taking a strong medication that is *not* advisable to take during pregnancy, a med I cannot live without. For that reason alone I "knew" I shouldn't have any more children. Well, I got a blessed *surprise* and I was scared witless for the first couple of months, until I started having tests (ultrasound, etc.) that showed everything was normal. Normal pregnancy, normal and uncomplicated delivery. Fast-forward to today, and here I am with a beautiful and very healthy 11-week-old little girl! So I'm here to say, if *I* can do it (have a healthy baby at 43) I know you can have a healthy baby as well! *Peace*! ~M. :)

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Well, now you know someone who's had a baby at 36, 39, 43 and happily became pregnant again at 44. total now of 4 boys: all beautiful, healthy, and straight from heaven. I was a lucky women indeed.

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Hi M.-
Welcome to the late motherhood club- although it keeps you younger!!
I had healthy twins at 41 years old- full term, no bedrest.
You'll want to eat a higher protein diet.
You'll want to supplement with an omega3 fatty acid.
Yes- your risks are higher for several things: preterm, bedrest, diabetes and of course things we all hope none of us experience.
You have to decide what you need to be comfortable with those risks.

You're as young as you think in your mind. You said you're healthy. 42 now is like 32 15 years ago!!
Enjoy the journey- you can appreciate it more.

About me-
Med. Prof., wellness coach after twins, wife, 47 yo, mom of super almost 7yo frat. twin girls and staying young every day.

B. J

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Congratulations! No need to fret. You're joining what seems to be a select crowd and growing trend. I personally know mostly moms having their first babies in their late 30's to early 40's! It must be the age group I'm in, but everyone around me had careers first, and now that they're "established" are deciding just now to have children. Everyone I know is doing fine...no problems for neither mom nor child.

The other moms I know are women who started having children when they were young, but have big families and had children well into their 40's. Everyone seems okay in those cases too.

If you have no diagnosed complications, you should be right as rain. As my OB has just told me..."things may slow down a bit for some, but you can still have a baby until you go through menopause." Take those prenatal vitamins! That's really a good way to help your baby's development and eat lots of vegetables, fruit and drink plenty of milk for your bones and the baby's bones.

Most important, enjoy your wonderful surprise and experience childhood again through the wonder and joy of another child! :)

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My sister had her first child at age 41--no problems.

My doula has attended many births where the mom was in her 40s, with usually very good outcomes.

A friend had her two children at ages 40 and 42--both are healthy.

A different friend just had a baby at age 42. He is perfectly healthy, although she was on bed rest for part of her pregnancy (not sure if that had anything to do with her age).

Cherie Blair, the wife of the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, had an unplanned pregnancy at age 45, but delivered a healthy baby boy.

If you are healthy, I encourage you not to focus on your age.

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My father was an "oops baby" that my grandmother had at the age of 44...and that was nearly 60 years ago. He was perfectly healthy. I used to work with two women who had "oops babies"; one at 41 and the other at 45. Both had healthy children with no medical problems at all. There are always risks with pregnancy, no matter what the age of the mom is. Being in your 40s and being pregnant is getting more and more common and the majority of the babies are born healthy and happy. There's no reason why you couldn't have a perfectly normal and healthy pregnancy.

I don't have personal experience to share with you, but if you're interested in meeting other moms who are closer to your age and still have young ones, I know there's a group on www.meetup.com for moms over the age of 35 who live in the Twin Cities area.

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