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Pregnant and Need to Have a Tooth Pulled

Hello all,
I am pregnant and need to have a tooth pulled, my back teeth are in very bad shape and I always put off going to the dentist until I need to go. I know not good. Well now I am pregnant we just entered the second trimester and I was going to have a tooth pulled yesterday but I put it off for two more weeks to be sure we were really in the second trimester. Well of course now I am having a ton of pain in a tooth that I had a root canal in about 4 years ago. I mean a ton of pain tylenol dosn't even lessen the pain. Just want to know if anyone out there has had any kind of dental work while pregnant? What risks there really are with x-ray, and drugs?

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I was 8 months pregnant and had a really bad toothache like you are probably having, they did a root canal on it. I was scared but my baby came out fine. They said it's better if you have to have work done to do it in the 2nd vs. 1st or 3rd tri-mester.
The baby will probably be fine and it has to be better than taking all those Tylenol I know they don't work and they don't want you taking Advil. That was so hard on me...

God bless and I pray you feel better soon!

PS - I put off going to the dentist too until I have too

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I had to have a root canel when I was pregnant with my first child. You should have no worries. The dentist office can call your OB and find our what medications are ok for pain (most likely vicoden you can take that after child birth for pain). The only thing different is you can't have gas.

Hi K.,

The exact thing happened to me in my 2nd trimester! The pain was excruciating, so my dentist did a local anesthetic with a few shots in my gum (they numb it first), so no medication would get to my baby. After he pulled it, I felt a lot better, and it did not affect my daughter at all! She is a completely healthy 21 month old now! As far as x-rays, they just loaded me up with a few lead aprons (layered around my belly especially). :) Private message me if you have any other questions/concerns.


I had tooth pain with my back teeth when was preg and had to get a letter from my doctor saying it ok for the dentist to do the work before he would even touch me. He gave a very low dose anistia and they cover your stomach with a very thick sheild so the x-rays don't harm the baby. My lil monster is 8 months old now and he's just fine. Oh yea if u have more than one tooth that needs to be pull he or she probably want pull them all in the same day maybe 2 weeks later. They dentist really know how to protect your fetus. So don't be scared its a peace of cake.

I totally understand how you feel, but do get your teeth fixed!

When I was younger my father was supposed to pay child support, medical, and dental on my sibs and me, but he never did. Now I have lots of dental work needed and I put it off like you have.

Through my first pregnancy I hurt constantly and had a VERY BAD abcess. My oldest now has no enamel on her back teeth due to the constant high fever I had while they were developing en utero! She and I are so lucky that this is the only issue! (You have a very high chance of going into preterm labor, fortunately I did not...she was actually late). I had a root canal when the baby was 3 months old.

Nowadays the x-rays at most dentists are digital so you're only getting 30% of the x-ray and they cover you with a lead apron. Novacaine is a local anesthetic and will not touch the baby. Get as much dental work started ASAP! You and your baby will be healthier and happier for it!

I have only had regular cleanings, but my dentist has told me that the 2nd trimester is the HEALTHIEST trimester and that is the time she prefers to work on anyone during pregnancy

call your Dentist and talk to them. In the meantime for the pain-go to your pharmacy and get a small bottle of "Oil of Cloves" apply it to the painful area with a q-tip. It is natural and safe. It is just the oil from the seasoning called cloves like you put i pumpkin pie. It is a natural anasthetic. Hope I spelled that right. good luck

Hi K.,
I had major dental work while I was pregnant. They can do x-rays and will put something over your stomach to protect the pregnancy. Just make sure to let your dentist know that you're pregnant, obviously.
Also when Tylenol doesn't help use liquor! Don't drink it but swish around in your mouth on the side that hurts and it will numb it. Good luck!

I'm sorry but you need a another dentist, any pain, infection is not good for you or the baby. That dentist shouldn't put if off (that was old school), now is more important that the mother stay healthy and out of pain for the good of the baby.

At home the only thing you can take is tylenol nothing else, but you can also call your obgy, maybe she can prescribe you something stronger and safe for the baby.

More info at:

American Dental Association- Pregnancy http://www.ada.org/public/topics/pregnancy_faq.asp

March of Dimes - Tooth pain (inmediate action)

Pregnancy Recommendations

Hope this help to you and all of us mothers while we going through pregnancy!

Hello, I had to have 2 molars pulled in my second trimester. Same issue always put myself last. I know , I've learned otherwise now. I had 2 very high risk pregnancies. I had to take pain meds daily the whole time with both. My babies turned out fine. Anyways, when I went in they gave me pain med, Valium ,& during the pulling of tooth quick laughing gas, then plain O2 after. I was in pain , won't lie, but it wasnt as bad as the tooth before. Good luck,& God bless.

Hello, I am pregnant and just had a wisdom tooth pulled and a tooth that i had cracked and chiped at the same time. Well I had both of them pulled at the same time since there both on the same side and I'm glad I did.. I got the x-ray but had them to cover me with two lead-vest's, which i'm glad I did.. After they pulled my teeth I was prescribed Loritabs for the pain.. Ask alot of questions before and after you get your teeth/tooth pulled. hope this helped.

Hello..I myself was very worried I had had 2 pregnancy losses so I was very worried about get my tooth pulled.I had dental work done at 13weeks just into my 2nd trimester.My dr gave me a note of what was ok to give me at the dentist for pain and numbing.I had no problems at all.I healed very well.They basically told me if I got an infection then I was at risk for pre-term labor and the infection could get into my blood.I decedided to take my chances and have the work done.All worked out fine.The dentist was very careful and I made sure everyone that came into contact with me at the office knew I was pregnant to avoid any mistakes with meds or ex rays.I am now 21 weeks along doing just fine.Hope this helps.Good luck

Yes - novocaine is a local anesthetic, doesn't touch the baby. They use a lead apron over the baby for x-rays, same thing. Suck it up and get your teeth fixed - inflammed gums have been linked to preterm labor, and an infected tooth can lead to a bone infection - both of which are very bad for the baby.


I had one pulled a few years ago while pregnant. My dentist just called my OB's office to find out their guidelines and that was it. I had an x-ray with 2 lead aprons on and all they used was Novacaine which is totally safe in pregnancy. I also got 2 scripts for antibiotics and pain killers which you CAN take in pregnancy. There is NO reason whatsover that you should have to suffer. Other than childbirth there is nothing worse than tooth pain, in my opinion. Best of luck!

I don't have experience, but my nurse told me at my last ob appointment that dental work is just fine. You might want to call and talk to a nurse at your ob's office just to make sure, or if there are any special things to consider, especially with any medications and xrays. I know you shouldn't have xrays, but I don't know if dental xrays are ok or not. My husband is going through the same thing with the horrible teeth pains! It's terrible, especially when you're limited on what you can take! Hope you feel better soon!

They put the lead apron on for X-ray so don't worry about that. You will need a letter from you OB saying it is alright for you to have dental work. As long as the dentist knows you are pregnant than he should prescribe medication that is on the low end (I can't remember what the name of that scale is). Just be sure you are in the 2nd trimester for "what if" reasons. You should be alright and you will have much relied when they yank that sucker out (the tooth)!

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