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Pregnant AFTER Husband's Vasectomy

Okay, I'm going to reveal some info about my sex life that I wouldn't normally even tell my friends, ha- But I want to see if it is at all possible for me to be pregnant...

My husband had a vasectomy almost 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my fourth. We are VERY lucky in the fact that I have gotten pregnant on the first try EVERY time. First day of trying (while knowing I was ovulating, of course...) boom, I'm pregnant! So I KNOW how fertile we are. Having said that, The vasectomy has been great for our sex life. There's a lot more freedom, if you know what I mean. However, we have always had VERY frequent "intimate" times. I don't need to say how many times a week, but from what I've gathered, it is WAY more than the average married couple... (especially considering we have four kids). Having said that as well, I would figure that IF I was going to be pregnant after my husband had the vasectomy, it would have totally already happened- like 400 times ago- not exaggerating on the number (okay, I mentioned a number, but really, I'm trying to make a point here).

Soooo, wouldn't you say that given our very blessed fertile selves, the vasectomy, and how frequent we are intimate, that I'm NOT pregnant right now?

Yes, yes, I skipped my last period and I've been feeling nauseous- that is where this is coming from...

By the way, although we had the vasectomy, there's no way I would ever consider NOT having the baby (if there is one)- just to make things clear. And also, we are like permanent newlyweds, there is nothing "wrong" with us...

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WOW- it is amazing how many vasectomy babies are out there! I did say however, that IF I got pregnant afterward, it MUST be God's will! Took the home test, it's negative... I'll wait it out for a while for another one. Thanks for all the responses- and also thank you for the comments about my husband and I. We've known each other for 14 years, and married for over 7 years... Yes, it IS a good thing that was are so "loving", and many of you were right when you assumed all else is great, too. We as a married couple and family are so very happy and work together so nicely, and it IS fabulous bringing up children in a great environment, as we are trying our best to do.

Also, I'm turning 29 soon so there is no possibility of pre-menopause... but I know my hormones are messed up from something (I'm also moody for no reason), so I've made myself an appointment. Thanks again for the responses and kind words!

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There is no birth control that is 100% effective. Not even tubal ligation or vasectomy. Take a test. Good luck!

Sounds like you are a very lucky woman. Why keep sweating this? In the time you took to write this post, you could have taken a pregnancy test. Take a test and find out. Best wishes either way!

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We too have vasectomy babies 2 of them in fact! When I was pregnant with number 7 my husband had a vasectomy. My #7 child was about 18 months old when we found out that I was pregnant. Having 9 kids we too have a very active sex life when DH is not deployed with the army somewhere, we are still newlyweds after 17 years of marriage. Well #9 was born while he has been away in Afghanistan and he is coming home at the end of the month. Not sure at this point what we are going to do to not have more children. But we have come to the conclusion God has his will in all things! We would not have it any different way. Hope you the best.

A. Mom of 9
17,15,14,13,11,9,7,6,3, and 5 months. :)

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I am somewhat late responding to this having seen this the first time today. I am glad you are talking about God's will and seeing the possibility of new life as a gift.
My husband and I also had a vasectomy back in 2002. Unfortunately it was not the right decision. It seemed to be the right idea at the time and the consequences of it were not fully realized for years to come...about four years later. I know I am against the "cultural" tide here in giving this perspective but it is so important to let others know the other side to all of this. My husband and I do share a great love for each other. Our sexual love is only a part of our whole selves. I used to think that having the vasectomy was the greatest gift but now I realize that in holding back I had completly left God out of the picture.
When we were considering having the vasectomy only one of our friends discouraged it. After spending more time in prayer, doing spiritual reading and going through a trial, I realized that is was harmful. It cut ourselves off from fully relating to each other as true gifts of ourselves.
We have now both undergone strong spiritual conversions and share in all aspects of our lives. We are in renewal and more in love with each other everyday. We realize that our love has required sacrifice. My husband has since gone through a reversal surgery (which was extremely complicated and not without risks). We sought the help of a group called "One More Soul" who found a physician who would do this for a fraction of the cost.
Our chances of the surgery being successful were only 50%. We were blessed with another child and he has been another true "joy" in our lives.
I no longer see children as financial liablities and see theirs and every life as a gift from our creator.
One secular book I have read that spoke to me was "The Traveler's Gift" by Andy Andrews. It mentions how fear ruling our lives prevents God's plan for us. It really spoke to me.
Another book I would recommend is "Amazing Grace for Married Couples" (It is a compilation of short stories and testimonies of 12 couples who have experienced a conversion in their lives, hearts and marriages)
One More Soul.com offers a CD talk by Janet Smith which was helpful in gaining an understanding of the effects of sterilization as well.
My husband now speaks at men's groups in our church to give testimony to our experience and discourage others from having vasectomies.
We are now fully enjoying a sacramental marriage...mind, body and soul.
I wish you and your family all the best. Thank you for allowing me to give another perspective on all of this.
God Bless!

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I have read alot of these comments and I am a little shocked. I had one very bad pregnancy and ended up with HELLP syndrome with my first. My second was a risk but well worth it. I had decided that if anything went wrong again then I should have MY tubes tied. I just thought I would mention this is as possibility ladies for those that think it is the man's place. I found in my decision that if my body was at risk then no husbands tubal is 100%. I had the tubal done after a c-section with no problems and it was just fine. Please if this helps one woman with a fear of complications of pregnancy, please think about reversing the role of protection. It can be the woman having the procedure just as well. I realize this does not match the original comment, but hope it helps. By the way my husband and I too have a great life together after 12 yrs. I am very grateful for my tubal. It is 5 yrs now and no extra surprises!! We can always adopt later or be foster parents. Thanks for posting

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Let me begin by saying that yes it is possible that you are pregnant. I do have a short story that might help. I had a friend that her husband had a vasectomy and she was on 2 (I'm not joking) types of birth control because they were also very fertile. They also used another protection during intercourse and she also had her tubes tied. Guess what? She got pregnant. No Joke. It is possible that the tubes became untied and pregnancy happens. I'm glad you are willing to have another and my advice to you is to ask your doctor.
On the other hand, how old are you (If you don't mind)? Depending on your age, I've also heard that pre-menopause can feel like pregnancy. Just a thought, so I'd definitely say talk to your doctor. Hope this helps.

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i don't have any advice. i just wanted to tell you that you remind me of my husband and i. we have been together since 1994 (junior year of highschool) and have 4 kids. we are debating him getting a vasectomy. you have just showed me that it is not a given... i learn something new everyday :)

ps... there are still a select few of us couples that are in the honeymoon stage (after all of these years). dont get me wrong, there are still the occasional fights but on the other end of the spectrum it is great. i LOVE having a couple glasses of wine and random amazing nights!

do you guys go back to highschool? just curious...

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M. B:

You are SOOO RIGHT!! There is NOTHING wrong with your marriage!! You are setting such a great example for your children!! How great to show your children that a marriage means happiness, closeness and attraction! YOU GO!!!

Now, on to your issue - you didn't state your age - without knowing that, I can venture to say it's possible you could be experiencing menopausal symptoms.

OR, it's entirely possible that your husband's vasectomy "healed" itself. Our bodies have remarkable healing powers and since his is used so regularly - it's entirely possible that the vas deferens reconnected after the procedure.

Take a home pregnancy chef to verify this. If it's negative, set up an appointment with your OB/GYN to see if you are starting menopause.

I love that fact that you are permanent newlyweds!! That is SOOO GREAT!!!

Best regards!


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Is it likely to become pregnant if the vasectomy was 15 years ago?

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Well if you are pregnant post-vasectomy, welcome to the club!! That's how I had my 3rd child. I got pregnant a year after my husband's vasectomy. It seemed to take that long for the Vas to heal itself inside my husband and get up and running again. So, it may simply have taken that long for your hubby's equipment to get going again. However, it is pretty rare to become pregnant after a V, so it may simply be your hormones are off.

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